The clock is ticking…

A major event should take place in June. There are only four days left.

Cobra says:

“Yes it can happen in a few days. But no guarantees. I have been given intel years ago that the deadline is April 2012. Now it is June. The only thing I know 100% is that it WILL happen. I will report the events as they unfold.”

Valiant says:

“Please catch up fast, will you? And where’s your contribution? Public disclosure of alien interaction should occur by July 1st…deadlines deadlines…You’re losing points by the day now.”

2 thoughts on “4…3…2…1…

  1. angelicview says:

    As I always say, “I hope so!”

    But alas, my breath is not hold-en. 😉

    • mike0v says:

      Yeah, I think that’s one of the first lessons to be learned by lightworkers; don’t hold your breath cause you’re just gonna pass out while you’re waiting.

      Beckow wrote a good column on waiting and the word “soon” several months ago, which I enjoyed. Being patient is a very large part of being awakened, you know?

      I’m almost out of gas, Shannon. This was my 99th post and I’m hard pressed to conjure up more stuff to write about. I never intended to continue with this blog after a major event takes place because we’ll start to see the truth on TV.

      I think the time for the major event is here. Something HAS to happen in June, like Valiant said. The angels are not happy with how long it has taken for the good ETs to present themselves. They are most definitely on a deadline now. Besides, we’re running out of time.

      Plus, I’m tired. I’ve had enough. Almost everything I come across now holds no interest for me. I’m burned out on channeled messages, blogs, predictions, spiritual teachings and the parade of lies we live in. I’ve even cut back on my meditations. My spirit guides are showing me past life scenes and that’s it. The novelty of seeing where I’ve been before has worn off. I’d like to have these memories in my conscious state instead of having to meditate to find them.

      When something happens, I know my mood and outlook will get much brighter and I’m very much looking forward to it. But until then it feels like I’m just treading water. I have no idea how Yvonne has endured for so many years.

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