Ascension, Again

Recurring dreams are a way for our spiritual self to deliver messages to our incarnated self. Sometimes, like in my own case, the incarnated self isn’t too terribly bright and therefore needs a few reruns in order to get the hint.

For many years a dream that has manifested itself for me, over and over, is one in which I return to college to earn an advanced degree.

This dream is vivid, presents itself in a variety of ways and in the past had me baffled as to its meaning.

It wasn’t until my awakening and with a little help from my teenagers that I finally understood what Spirit was trying to tell me.

I’ve done this ascension thing before. This isn’t my first time.

Earth as a place for advanced soulful experience and accelerated learning resonates with me like a bell smacked with a hammer.

If it’s true that I’ve done this before, and it certainly feels like it, then my sense of burn-out is understandable.

Almost everything I come across now holds no interest for me. I’m soured on channeled messages, blogs, predictions, spiritual teachings and the parade of lies we live in.

I hope I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Anybody else ready for something to happen?

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