The Truth Will Hurt

From several reputable sources comes information that a major event is soon to take place which will remove evil from the highest offices and that all countries on our little blue planet will finally be freed from tyrannical control and nightmarish subjugation.

I wish I could say I’m excited, but I’m not.

Do not misunderstand; the removal of the dark forces from our human community is a long held dream for me and many, many others and I will celebrate with great enthusiasm after the horrible bastards who have controlled our world are apprehended and put away.

But after the initial shock of such an enormous revelation, what will follow can only be anticipated with dread.

If the good ETs are to be believed, the true history of humanity will be released for all to know, which will reopen deep and lasting wounds for countless families who have been victimized in horrendous ways over centuries of time.

Rivers of tears will be shed from hundreds of millions of our brothers and sisters, all across our beautiful Gaia.

Even for lightworkers, who are very much aware that we live in an illusion of majestic proportions, these revelations will present a deeply emotional challenge.

This part of our journey to ascension is not going to be easy.

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