Clues to the Puzzle

I have become a dedicated and earnest student of the messages that Valiant has shared with humanity. In the thick cloud of dense information raining down on us from the internet, I’ve found that his voice and knowledge are crystal clear.

On May 17, Valiant gives some telling clues that bind together events that are taking place around our world.

Three tips are given which reveal how humans can protect themselves from the reptilian bad guys.

From Valiant:

“Something they won’t tell you, because some of these beings, our secret citizens, choose to blend into our society so that they can work under-cover…”

“Bullets won’t hurt them, not unless you have a machine gun…However, SMOKE, especially intensified, like wood burning, is very toxic to these creature-beings…Particularly for those Chameleons, those hunters as they are also known, lurking in the shadows out there…”

From Reuters:

“A fierce Colorado wildfire that has forced the evacuation of some 35,000 people while raging for six days at the edge of the state’s second-most populous city has destroyed 346 homes, Mayor Steve Bach said on Thursday, citing preliminary damage reports.”


“Though many have been contained, wildfires continue to rage throughout many parts of Russia. In a new twist to the situation, officials have confirmed that some forests that were contaminated with radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster have now burned, but it was unclear what danger the smoke from such wildfires could pose.”

Is it possible that these world-wide fires have been created by the good guys to destroy the reptilians? As Valiant says, smoke is very toxic to them.

From Valiant:

“And just for the sake of knowing…it’s a strange fact, but…IF it hurts the birds, then it also hurts the aliens…Interesting, isn’t it?”

From the Atlantic:

“The story out of Arkansas late last week that 5,000 blackbirds had fallen out of the sky over Beebe, a small town in the northwest part of the state, had people scratching their heads. What caused the mysterious deaths?”

From global animal:

“Like the mysterious deaths in the US and around the world, the dozens of bird deaths in Sweden have mystified wildlife experts. Recently, some explanations have surfaced, ranging anywhere from fear of fireworks and storms, to the coming apocalypse.”

Is it possible that thousands of birds around the world are being killed as a way to neutralize the reptilian bad guys?

From Valiant:

“Knowledge is Power. Faith is a Powerful weapon. Regardless of religion…or beliefs…Will them away. You are stronger than you know.”

This third tip is self-evident in the awakened community. Each of us is a powerful, multidimensional spirit having a human experience and the reptilians are very well aware of this fact.

On May 9, Valiant mentions an unusual climatic event for those of us experiencing summer in the northern hemisphere: snow.

From Valiant:

“And another clue…I’m not sure what this one is…But I do keep dreaming of snow…Who knows?”

From Gaia Portal, June 29:

“Warming crystal snows follow pattern of Golden Age grids. These snows dissolve anharmonic resonances in all Crystal Children entering at this time. Lightworker fatigue duly noted. Crystal snows form protective energetic cocoon for all Lightworkers. Healings commence now.”

Valiant’s clues and hints have become so intriguing that I find myself reading and rereading his posts. I learn something new each time. He is painting the picture of our journey in a most rewarding and clever way.

Best of all, his messages make you think.

3 thoughts on “Clues to the Puzzle

  1. (came back here to re-read)

    “Three tips are given which reveal how humans can protect themselves from the reptilian bad guys.”

    Yeahhhhhh! See! I’m smokin’ the American Spirits for protection! (lol — maybe. Not so sure on that one, ha! But it’s comforting as I am jonesing and yet refusing to go buy more. For the next couple of hours anyway! *grimace* I hate that I am paying The Man and supporting Big Brother with their purchase, but with what’s been going on with it and how the addiction manifests after multiple “quits” I keep thinking something is up with it. If it’s an implant, I sure hope that I get to experience something where either I or someone else removes it!)

    Thanks, Mike. I have had a good time catching up with your posts. You know, I follow your blog, but I still can’t get the hang of WP Reader. Mostly I keep forgetting to check it! Would you be willing to add the “subscribe by email” widget so that when you post something new I’m alerted by email?

    Take care & hope that this weekend, and the start of July is a positive one for you and yours!

    • mike0v says:

      Hey, CtM,

      Look at it this way: if you’re ever confronted by a reptilian, you’ve got a deadly weapon right at your fingertips!

      I’m working on the email subscription thing. Didn’t realize it’s a long process to get started.


    • I think the email widget is just a drag and drop from the widget menu, if I remember correctly. LOL about the “deadly weapon.”

      I’ll reply to the other comment there — had an interesting afternoon reading!

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