Valiant’s Archived Posts

Because I feel so strongly about Valiant and his messages for humanity, and because, in visions, I was instructed to do so, I’ve collected all of his posts, converted them to PDF format, uploaded them to my blog and then created links to each one.

These posts are most definitely worth the time to read. They elucidate so much detail about what’s going on in the angelic realm as Earth and humanity move closer to our transition.

Some of the posts mention artwork that Valiant has created that he would like to share with humanity. The images are not attached to the PDF files. They can be found here.

When reading this story, place yourself in a very high perspective. In other words, imagine you are an angel who is watching the events unfold on Earth. Raise yourself above humanity, the good ETs, the bad ETs and all of the dimensional beings.

It’s from this angelic plane that Valiant receives his instruction.

His words can be cryptic, mysterious and baffling, but after reading all of his posts, one thing will become deeply clear; he communicates with angels.

I’ll add to this archive each time a new post is published.

1. Valiant 17 March.pdf

2. Valiant 20 March.pdf

3. Valiant 22 March.pdf

4. Valiant 27 March.pdf

5. Valiant 31 March.pdf

6. Valiant 04 April.pdf

7. Valiant 06 April.pdf

8. Valiant 09 April.pdf

8a. Valiant 11 April.pdf

9. Valiant 14 April.pdf

10. Valiant 17 April.pdf

11. Valiant 20 April.pdf

12. Valiant 22 April.pdf

13. Valiant 24 April.pdf

14. Valiant 27 April.pdf

15. Valiant 30 April.pdf

16. Valiant 05 May.pdf

17. Valiant 09 May.pdf

18. Valiant 12 May.pdf

19. Valiant 17 May.pdf

20. Valiant 20 May.pdf

21. Valiant 22 May.pdf

22. Valiant 27 May.pdf

23. Valiant 02 June.pdf

24. Valiant 09 June.pdf

25. Valiant 14 June.pdf

26. Valiant 17 June.pdf

27. Valiant 20 June.pdf

28. Valiant 24 June.pdf

29. Valiant 27 June.pdf

30. Valiant 01 July.pdf

31. Valiant 05 July.pdf

32. Valiant 08 July.pdf

33. Valiant 12 July.pdf

34. Valiant 15 July.pdf

35. Valiant 17 July.pdf

36. Valiant 22 July.pdf

37. Valiant 25 July.pdf

38. Valiant 29 July.pdf

39. Valiant 02 August.pdf

40. Valiant 05 August.pdf

41. Valiant 08 August.pdf

42. Valiant 12 August.pdf

43. Valiant 16 August.pdf

44. Valiant 21 August.pdf

45. Valiant 26 August.pdf

46. Valiant 01 September.pdf

47. Valiant 21 September.pdf

48. Valiant 04 October.pdf

49. Valiant 11 November.pdf

50. Valiant 18 November.pdf

51. Valiant 05 January.pdf

52. Valiant 05 February.pdf

53. Valiant 23 February.pdf

54. Valiant 25 April.pdf

55. Valiant 12 May.pdf

56. Valiant 29 July.pdf

57. Valiant 08 Aug.pdf

58. Valiant 16 Aug.pdf

59. Valiant 24 Aug.pdf

60. Valiant 03 September.pdf

61. Valiant 07 September.pdf

62. Valiant 13 September.pdf

63. Valiant 21 September.pdf

64. Valiant 01 October.pdf

65. Valiant 09 October.pdf

66. Valiant 28 October.pdf

67. Valiant 11 November.pdf

68. Valiant 22 November.pdf

69. Valiant 30 December.pdf

70. Valiant 14 January.pdf

71. Valiant 25 January.pdf

72. Valiant 08 February.pdf

73. Valiant 21 February.pdf

74. Valiant 01 March.pdf

75. Valiant 08 March.pdf

76. Valiant 17 March.pdf

77. Valiant 26 March.pdf

78. Valiant 04 April.pdf

79. Valiant 10 April.pdf

80. Valiant 17 April.pdf

81. Valiant 24 April.pdf

82. Valiant 01 May.pdf

83. Valiant 08 May.pdf

84. Valiant 15 May.pdf

85. Valiant 22 May.pdf

86. Valiant 29 May.pdf

87. Valiant 05 June.pdf

88. Valiant 12 June.pdf

89. Valiant 19 June.pdf

90. Valiant 26 June.pdf

91. Valiant 03 July.pdf

92. Valiant 10 July.pdf

93. Valiant 17 July.pdf

94. Valiant 24 July.pdf

95. Valiant 31 July.pdf

96. Valiant 07 August.pdf

97. Valiant 14 August.pdf

98. Valiant 21 August.pdf

99. Valiant 28 August.pdf

100. Valiant 04 September.pdf

101. Valiant 11 September.pdf

102. Valiant 18 September.pdf

103. Valiant 25 September.pdf

104. Valiant 02 October.pdf

105. Valiant 09 October.pdf

106. Valiant 16 October.pdf

107. Valiant 23 October.pdf

108. Valiant 30 October.pdf

109. Valiant 06 November.pdf

110. Valiant 13 November.pdf

111. Valiant 20 November.pdf

112. Valiant 27 November.pdf

113. Valiant 04 December.pdf

114. Valiant 11 December.pdf

115. Valiant 18 December.pdf

116. Valiant 25 December.pdf

117. Valiant 01 January.pdf

118. Valiant 08 January.pdf

119. Valiant 15 January.pdf

120. Valiant 22 January.pdf

121. Valiant 29 January.pdf

122. Valiant 05 February.pdf

123. Valiant 12 February.pdf

124. Valiant 19 February.pdf

125. Valiant 26 February.pdf

126. Valiant 05 March.pdf

127. Valiant 12 March.pdf

128. Valiant 19 March.pdf

129. Valiant 26 March.pdf

130. Valiant 02 April.pdf

131. Valiant 09 April.pdf

132. Valiant 16 April.pdf

133. Valiant 23 April.pdf

134. Valiant 30 April.pdf

135. Valiant 07 May.pdf

14 thoughts on “Valiant’s Archived Posts

  1. Claudia says:

    You read my mind!! With love and gratitude.

    • mike0v says:

      Your comment was the poke in the ribs I needed to put all this together.
      Valiant’s story is the most wonderful stuff I’ve come across since my awakening.
      I know I don’t have to tell you, but read and reread his posts. The enlightenment is a joy.

  2. Thank you for the message about these! I really appreciate it. It’s not the first time I have been directed to the Valiant materials, so I look forward to checking them out.

    One cool thing: I’ve got a Kindle and I can send PDF files to it with a java-based app called “Kindle It” from It’s a great application. I’ll send them there first, but it is not a bad idea to print them up.

    Thanks, Mike!

    • Wow! I’m so impressed.

      I got them all sent to the Kindle, but as I was doing so, I realized this was quite a labor of love. I will share with whom it seems appropriate, but just know my gratitude. I had read most of these earlier, but not the recent couple. I just read the June 27 one. Encouraging. :) I kinda needed that today.

      P.S. I read in one of your earlier posts that Lizzies don’t like smoke. Maybe that’s one reason I am having a helluva time staying away from cigarettes this summer!! Oy! I swear, in the past couple of years, I have quit smoking about 6 or 7 times, at least. I’m really smoking much less than I did from 2006-2009, but still…. Either that or it is an implant. :( I know, could be just garden variety addiction (if there is such a thing), but quitting is a bitch. I felt a little better than perhaps it was about smoking out the lizards, lol. Nice rationalization, haha!

      It’s interesting about the fires in Colorado…… I will be going back there a month from today. Maybe more on that later in my own blog.

    • mike0v says:


      If you can slow down enough, I want you to read all of the posts in order. Like a short book. Valiant’s latest posts have much, much deeper meaning when you’ve kept up with all of them.
      When you’re done reading the whole enchilada, post something about how you’ve interpreted his insight.

      I’ve studied and studied his messages, but I have many questions, so if someone else gets up to speed, I’ll have a sounding board.

      I personally emailed him and got a reply, but nothing of substance was discussed. Gotta see how it goes.

      I’ll add the email widget, like you said.


  3. Did you add the picture later or was it there all along? I don’t remember… I like it. When I saw this one, I thought, “I think he’d make a kickass tattoo artist!!” :D Oh and heeyyyyyyyyy!!! Melpomene is one of the Nine Muses! Calliope is another — the one about writing, where Melpomene is the muse of Tragedy. Interesting, that!

    Okay, so I downloaded them and read them all in order this afternoon in the park. It’s the second time I have read them all the way through (with the exception of the final two, which were new since I had read them through the last time).

    Mostly what I have been getting from V’s info so far is confirmation from the other learning I have integrated thus far. What he’s been writing lines up with what I have read in Bringers of the Dawn, the Law of One (although I am only partway through book two of four or five… But it lines up with the first book). It’s also quite resonant with the stuff from Lisa Renee at Energetic Synthesis, someone I really tune into and who has helped me understand quite a lot.

    I guess what I feel from them, reading a second time through, is that his voice is another hearkening to say, “Hey, everybody wake up! The shit’s gonna hit the fan because Prime Creator is NOT enthused!”

    Is his knowledge from an angelic source? Sure. I think it could be, truly.

    What I also get is that there are so many layers of what is really going on. There’s something I posted on my blog today, a reblog, about how I am dealing with the level of info.

    In many ways, V is communicating that things are really going to get rocking and rolling if things don’t change soon on the parts of the various powers to change their tune. The earth is unhappy, and she will let her displeasure be known.

    So, do you know that guy who blogs, Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative? So here’s the thing. I think that the guy is kind of a douchebag, but I also like his twisted humor, lol. Also, I think that there is about 25-50% truth that he is posting in and amongst the craziness that is alarmist. But there is something down in the bottom and between the lines of which he writes that I think is right, and that is the same displeasure of the earth and other beings who are ready to revolt against TPTB. So I pay attention to what goes on there, and some of it is parallel with what V is saying. FWH is a pretty big turnoff in a lot of ways, so I am not recommending him, per se. But I do find his site really interesting, and I almost always laugh when I am there! (I guess you kind of have to like a little bit of crazy and some dark humor to appreciate it.)

    So those are some of my thoughts off-the-cuff so far from a second re-read. I also love how the artwork integrates into his story. And how he likes those 7 sisters, and also that he includes Africa in the picture, a place that many seem to ignore or forget about in this “whole business.” Africa is very important, I really believe. And yet no one is talking about it there… Sometimes silence screams, right?

    Okay, that’s all for now, but I hope that gives some food for thought about my initial reactions to all 29 posts so far.

    Take care,

    • mike0v says:


      Valiant posted today and along with his message, he attached Melpomene, so I updated my blog with his latest entry and added the image. I’m gonna keep doing that with all his stuff.

      I’m very glad you picked up on the vibe that Divinity is not enthused. Others have said that it’s impossible for Heaven to become irate, but I disagree. Heaven IS mad and I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that!

      I’ve spent hours thinking about Valiant’s messages and his depth of knowledge and it’s become clear to me that he definitely is in touch with angels. Remember his description of being visited by an angel who placed his hand inside Valiant’s head for 33 minutes? That really happened. It must have.

      There’s so much more to his writing and depth of understanding. I’ve never read anyone else like him.

      I truly believe Valiant is Heaven’s representative here on earth. One of only a few remaining. I also believe he has angelic authority to make something happen, if need be. Remember the trigger in his artwork. Remember the hints he gives the bad guys when he says he can make critical decisions. Remember how he offers his help to all sides and does so in every post.

      The numerous hints and clues he gives sets him apart. Valiant’s messages are coming straight from Heaven. Maybe I’m deluded, but I very much believe it.

      As for FWH? Yes, I’ve read his stuff and I agree with you; there is a percentage of information coming from him that’s truthful, but certainly not 100%. I like his humor, also.

      Now, go to the 2012 Scenario and listen to Ellie Miser’s phone call with Beckow.

      The audio link is in the middle of the article and goes about 40 minutes. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you will be glad you did.

      Ellie tells us what kind of “event” is coming.


    • Thanks, Mike! I’ll check out that link/audio.

      FWH actually wrote something that really stuck with me, and that is to “triangulate” from many sources to try to tap into the resonance of the truth — okay, so I am paraphrasing a little there, lol, but he did use the word “triangulate.” That’s what I really try to do while also being spiritually shielded (think of putting on a spiritual condom so as not to “catch” anything negative, lol). If stuff starts to get too negative for me, or draining my energy, I stop, re-set, tap back into the knowing that I have that I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free (to set a boundary) and then rejuvenate via that which makes my heart sing. So far, it’s working. I really make a concentrated effort to tap into and “channel” for myself, something that I have been able to do for about five+ years now.

      So yeah, of course things are “afoot.” I’ve seen this in my personal life for several years (after my conscious awakening) but only in the past six months did I really start to understand the global nature of what is happening.

      As I keep writing, and as I have seen others write, too, I follow the advice from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (I think maybe I wrote that here, too, lol — I forget where I have all been and read stuff):

      DON’T PANIC.


      Always know where your towel is.

      I’ve got those covered. :)

      Thanks for the additional info, and I hope that my energy levels and time constraints will allow me to post more. Lately, it has been all about info intake and processing/discerning, almost like being in Discernment Bootcamp. Maybe it will taper off a little. Maybe. I have a feeling the next five months are going to speed right by…

      Live long and prosper, Mike.

  4. Julia says:

    Wow! I love the art work. It’s amazing and so beautiful. Please pass on to Valiant my admiration and joy at seeing what he draws. I’ve printed a few that just caught me. After seeing one I had to find them all and look again. Beautiful! Thanks for posting these.

    • mike0v says:


      Please, print them all and share them. Show them to others. Hang them on your refrigerator.

      What you’re seeing is artwork from angels, Julia. And I’m not kidding. Valiant’s story goes way beyond what most lightworkers understand.

      How my blog and all this came together is another story, too.

      Spread it around!

  5. […] To access Valiant’s posts quickly and easily, click here: Valiant’s Archived Posts. […]

  6. Elisa Mora says:

    Hello Mr. Valiant,
    I don’t know how to really come across, since I’ve never really asked anyone for help, but, it’s urgent. Ever since I was little, I have seen and experienced alot of spiritual/ unexplainable things that have had a negative and positive impact on my life. For starters, I had a troubled childhood, especially with all of the spiritual stuff I didn’t really understand as a kid, in fact, I still don’t understand alot of things I experience. I was abused and molested for years by my family. It’s been really hard staying in the light, a darkness has always wanted something from me. I’ve come across some dark forces. Including a drug problem I had for a year. There’s always been a good force that’s always watched over me throughout my life, and during my dark night of the soul, I believe I met her. She was like gold energy, in the shape of an angel. I’ve always seen the akashic pulse, or the energy of the earth as well as the energy that comes off people, wind and animals. It’s almost like a transparent smoke or flame. I also have a tendency to use my hands for the energy as well. I’ve healed a couple of minor injuries/ headaches. But I feel so lost, like I need to know something that I’m not quite getting. Recently, I’ve realized that birds play a big part in my life. They tend to fly in circles over my head, or swarm whatever tree I’m under and chirp uncontrollably. Ive also seen a huge red bird thing in the sky on a couple of occasions. I feel that it wasn’t a normal bird whatever it was. Anyway, I would really appreciate a response. My name is Elisa by the way. :)

    Thanks so much!

    • lidavg48 says:

      Hello Elisa,
      I am Valiant’s Mom….but you probably know that already.
      I was sent your comment, so I printed it out, and showed it to my son for his response.
      Standard operating procedure. He stays away from computers as much as possible.

      He did personally read the whole thing and made these comments….hope they help!
      to paraphrase him:

      He was sorry to hear of your difficult life, but he is VERY familiar with what you have been through. The fact that
      you have recognized the battle between the light and the dark FOR ‘you’ is a very good sign. Most people don’t even recognize or acknowledge it. But YOU did.

      NO one can really “save” you….you have to do that for yourself. The decision must be yours, or you would be violated again….your right to free choice, that is!
      But since you have decided to choose the light, it will stay with you. The darkness will always try to reclaim you! They want you because they can’t have you! You have chosen the light side, and they really hate when you do that!!
      Probably why you feel that good presence, even during your dark nights.

      Bill/Valiant has many friends who have experienced what you have gone through. One decided to choose the dark side. Very sad to say! A lovely, special young woman, he has known for years…was lured to the dark
      He doesn’t speak to her anymore. They no longer see things the same way.
      But it happens, and he respected her wishes, with remorse, I must say!

      The rest of the unusual experiences, he didn’t comment on, but was compelled to reply to your light vs dark battle.
      If it is working for you….saving you…then please remember that YOU are doing that. You’ve made the right choice for you.
      He wishes you well in your continued effort.
      It isn’t easy….but it IS do-able!!
      And it IS worth it.

      aka:Valiant’s Mom

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