Deciphering the Clues

Valiant’s posts are filled with clues and I’m no detective, so deciphering the meaning of his messages can be tricky and difficult.

Even though I have no idea what I’m doing, I’ve made an attempt at uncovering the meaning of some information in his latest post.

Feel free to say that my interpretation sounds about right or that I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. I need all the help I can get.

“Be grateful for each day, for each day is a gift…

Understand the difference between peace and boredom, because there is great wisdom there.”

I think Valiant is addressing the dark forces and telling them, basically, that in a peaceful world we can live in a carefree way, move about as we wish, enjoy our lives without fear and know that conflict is a thing of the past.

Boredom, however, which is what the dark forces will encounter in prison, ain’t as nice.

“Nice job Big Brother, neutralizing that mega-quake…It was due to be a record breaker you know.

That tinkering…The Earth has it’s own plans, and you’re only making things worse…”

Perhaps Valiant is speaking of Project Blue Beam, which is more than just a holographic, theatrical production of evil aliens from space attacking humanity.

The first part of Blue Beam involves artificially created earthquakes being induced at certain locations around the world in an effort to destroy archeological knowledge and replace it with “new” discoveries.

If the dark forces are gonna fire up Blue Beam, now is the time.

“The crystals know what you are doing and are changing their tune to accommodate your toying around…They’re onto you too…

Control will not be in your hands much longer.”

Valiant has explained this before in more detail. Earth is networked by crystals and this network is immensely powerful and sentient.

“I said watch The Waters in June…In July, watch The Weather…It will definitely surprise you, if it hasn’t started to already.”

Simple. Take a look at what just happened to Washington, DC and the surrounding area. Lights out.

“So many Promises out there…Promises of help from groups, and aliens…Are they plans of help, or coups? I hate to tell you this, for although the intentions are truly there…Some have been generously nodding their heads to noble ideas to appease those wanting change…rather than commit to anything serious. Why? Those secret agendas…Don’t worry, they’ll be blown apart this summer too…”

This is another wake up call for those who think that all ETs are here to help us. They’re not. Yes, we have good ETs on our side, but do we really know which ET races are the good guys and which ET races are the bad guys?

I can tell you, without hesitation, that I sure as hell don’t know. (Reminder: there are almost 150 “interested parties” here right now.)

“And BIGGER powers are stepping in now…”

Divinity herself. The angels.

“My artwork with this post is the gracious and magical Muse, Melpomene…

Consider her carefully….A Shield? Inspiration? Or something more?”

Melpomene. The Muse of Tragedy. Hint, hint.

“Dear Mr. Spacemen, So FEW races with sincere intentions…You will learn…Those hidden agendas, what a shame, that’s about to end…

And this time…

Maybe it’s YOU who should watch out for those LIGHTS.”

Once again, a wake up call for everyone involved. Out of 150 races buzzing around our beautiful mother earth, how many can we trust?

Stay tuned…

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