I Got It!

Today, while driving home from work, it hit me, like a conk on the head by a frying pan!

We have reached a point of divine intervention, a promise by Divinity that will be kept this month.

Valiant’s latest post was the final clue I needed to piece together this fascinating puzzle and come to some sort of reasonable conclusion.

Follow along with my logic and see if I’m simply brilliant or just another garbanzo bean.

Let’s say December 21 is written in stone.

Is it? I sincerely don’t know.

But let’s say it is.

That leaves us with less than six months to prepare an entire world for the singularity.

Now, I have no idea how many souls are supposed to ascend, but if it’s only the awakened community that will make it, then that’s not a very large number.

The awakened community is a tiny fraction of the population.

Let’s go a step further and say that Creator wants more than just awakened humans to go.

Okay. That’s great. Seems reasonable.

But how are we gonna do that?

Mass arrests of the bad guys will help but is this a certainty? Nope.

Overhaul of the financial system will help but is this, too, a certainty? Nope.

If they take place will these events “awaken” humanity?

I don’t think so.

It seems very obvious to me at this point that there’s gonna have to be a spiritual electroshock delivered to the sleeping masses.

A supernatural event.

Three sources give tantalizing clues about this supernatural event.

1. Ellie Miser. In a lengthy phone conversation with Steve Beckow, Ellie reveals that she is waiting on earth, incarnated in her human form, for an event to take place and she quite clearly states that this event for which she waits is “supernatural.”

2. Saul. John Smallman channels Saul and has been doing so for a long time. I don’t place much trust in channeled material, but Saul’s messages are always loving, caring, deeply spiritual and there is a tidbit of information that he shares in each post: our awakening is guaranteed by Creator and it is approaching.

3. Valiant. In his latest post, which came out today, Valiant makes it painfully obvious that Heaven is growing weary of the drawn out surrender of the dark forces, so it’s time to give humanity a boost from a magical metal; copper.

So, keywords are as follows:  supernatural, guarantee, approaching, copper.

Remember the moment in time when you awakened? For some people it was gradual and for others it was like flipping a switch.

Well, I think what will happen this month is the awakening of huge numbers of humans.

Ellie is waiting to report the outcome of a supernatural event. Saul says that our awakening is guaranteed and fast approaching. Valiant says it’s time to give a boost to humanity using copper.


I’m not an expert in mysticism and magic, but after looking on the internet, it’s easy to find out that copper is a healing metal and has so many beneficial properties that it would be silly to list them here.

The bottom line is that copper would be an excellent tool to use in the healing and awakening of humanity.

Using copper literally or symbolically? Hell, I don’t know and don’t really care.

As long as my family has that captivating experience of awakening to the reality of this world and finally realizes that I’m not completely out of my mind, Spirit can use whatever they want!

What I see taking place in July is the mass awakening of millions, if not billions, of people, aided by copper and guaranteed by Divinity. A supernatural event.

Mass arrests of the bad guys wouldn’t be necessary. A financial reset of our global economy wouldn’t be necessary. ETs, good or bad, showing up in our skies wouldn’t be necessary.

With the balance between dark and light clearly in favor of the light after such an event, what direction would our weary civilization and dear mother earth take?

With millions, and perhaps billions, of souls newly awakened and aware, what group would find themselves in deep horse manure and very willing to surrender?

What tired, impatient, frustrated, exasperated and mentally drained community of people around the world would suddenly be pressed into service to help others get ready for the monumental changes ahead?


Brilliant or boneheaded?


Copper. Artwork by Valiant.
A mystical, magical and healing metal for humanity?

29 thoughts on “I Got It!

  1. Copper is a metal that is an excellent ‘conductor of energy.’

    We used to use it decades ago to create miniature pyramids. The pyramids were used to energize objects, or the human body (if large enough to sit under). Not sheets of copper, just the plain copper tubing used for plumbing purposes.

    • mike0v says:

      Well, does any of this make sense?
      You know Ellie. She did say “supernatural.”
      Our awakening has been promised, like Saul says.
      Would copper be a proper choice for healing or awakening humanity?
      Valiant said watch the weather in July and something in the skies will appear in July.
      I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb with this logic.
      What do you think?
      Yvonne, you’re my oracle. Tell me the secrets!

    • I don’t have the answers… Only sometimes am I able to decipher ‘clues.’

      Just got back from Wikipedia reading about copper and found out it is used to discourage bacterial growth; and hospitals use it in the form of doorknobs because it keeps transference of germs down. It is also used in wire form on roofs to discourage the growth of moss. If the human body lacks copper there are diseases that will occur. If the body has too much copper, problems with the liver will result.

      Copper can be “used” by those who know how to use it to ‘start’ some “shit.”

      Also just remembered we used copper tubing to make crystal wands…… you know; the kind that Merlin used when concentrating energy (the Magic Wands, etc spoken about in fairy tales). The copper was supposed to conduct electrical energy from our body and mind into the single-terminated crystal fixed at the end of the copper tube. It’s a super conductor.

    • ksense says:

      It seems obvious that Valiant is referring to a shielding quality. Imagine being guarded by a polished copper shield. It would reflect back.

    • mike0v says:

      And I agree completely. We humans would definitely benefit from shielding from the dark forces. Any negative energy sent by them would be reflected right back to them, causing their powers to decay rapidly.

      Excellent thought.

  2. Hold the Phone…….. Just got a ‘clue.’

    I re-read Valiant’s copper clue and ‘saw’ in my mind’s eye that if indeed humanity would be getting a boost from ‘copper’ it will be done thru the bloodstream.

    Everyone’s body contains copper, and since copper is an excellent conductor of energy, the “adjusters” can attach something to the copper element in the bloodstream and infuse an upgrade into the human body….

    Hope that makes sense!

    • mike0v says:


      Now, that is amazing. It’s my turn to start reading about copper.

      Your explanation of how copper could be used for an upgrade is very logical.

      But what about starting some “shit?”

      Do you mean creating havoc or causing trouble? Like picking a fight?


  3. What I meant was if you know how to use copper, it can be used to cause upsets in the ‘status quo.’ And something needs a ‘shake up’ during this time (2012).

    • mike0v says:

      You never cease to amaze me, you realize that, don’t you?

      You ARE the oracle from “The Matrix.” It’s as simple as that.

      I will now start educating myself about copper.

  4. Type in ‘copper pyramids’ on Goggle and explore… Look at the websites and photos. I have a copper pyramid about 6 inches tall. Had it about 25 years. I have a ‘magic wand’ a friend made for me about 20 years ago.

    I come from the Age when crystals were the new rage (back in the 80’s). My spiritual friends and I used to go to Gem and Mineral shows and purchase crystals and stones. We slept with them in our beds, under our beds, wore them around our neck, kept them on our desk at work, etc. We were level One of the lightworkers. We were the ‘oddballs.’

    On a trip to Hawaii, I started a conversation with a woman at our hotel when I saw a crystal on her desk and found out there was a very special crystal housed in a Monastery protected by monks there. I asked permission to visit and saw the largest crystal I have ever seen (stands about 3 feet tall). They performed a ceremony while we were there and I was given milk to drink that was poured over this crystal…. from then on, the crystal and I were connected whenever I needed it. I have had a ‘strange’ life.

    I always thought of myself as boring because I wasn’t like everyone else and I wasn’t interested in the things that excited the majority. However; there are times when I’ve had to sit and review what I’ve done; where I’ve been, whom I’ve met, and I become amazed. I don’t recognize “that” person. I sit back and say: “Who was that person; was she crazy??”

    I am most fortunate and very blessed…

    • mike0v says:

      You’re fortunate and blessed and absolutely wonderful!

      Every time you tell me more stuff, I’m just enthralled. You’re gonna be a leader in the new earth, or during the transition, aren’t you?

      I have crystals on my fireplace mantle but nothing like a 3 footer! What an incredible story.

    • Are your crystals clean? You have to clean them when they are dirty. If not, it is the same as not cleaning your air conditioner filters, or your furnace filter, etc.

      To clean them you can use several methods. I’ll give you the quickest one: take your crystal to the sink, put a tiny drop of dishwashing or liquid soap on it, add water and simply wash them in your hand. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a paper towel. Your crystal should now feel sleek and squeaky clean.

      You can tell they need cleaning because they develop a kind of greasy feel on the surface.

      You can also set them in the sun for a few hours; but I prefer the soap and water method. It’s quick. You can also put them in the freezer for an hour or more after washing; but it’s not necessary.

      Crystals absorb negative energy in the atmosphere. That’s why they get ‘dirty.’ Play around with them….. If you have one that suits your fancy, place it on your crown chakra when you meditate or in the palms of your hands. You might just ‘feel something.’

      If you lie down to meditate, place one over your third eye and over your solar plexus (naval area).

      Double-terminated crystals are more powerful, so do not wear one on your body when you are upset or angry. It will reflect those emotions back into your energy field.

    • mike0v says:

      Thanks for this. I’m gonna pay more attention to them now.

  5. Claudia says:

    Thank you to you both, Yvonne and Mike for your much thoughtout deductions on what is transpiring amidst this madness being played out. Supernatural sounds good to me..

    • mike0v says:

      And thank you, Claudia. Your suggestion to archive Valiant’s posts was the jump start that I needed.

      With all of them in one place and sorted, it makes it much easier to find details. I’m hoping that the posts are getting wider attention throughout the world.

      I’m in touch with Valiant, by the way. He fully supports having his material put together in one place.

      So, we did good. All of us.


    • mike0v says:

      Hey Paula,

      Amen, sister! I’ll bet you’re a lot like me: I absolutely hate that I gave away my memories and abilities. What a load of crap.

      And now we get to relearn everything that we already know. I don’t like that small feature, either.

      Cobra on the 2012 Portal said the veil is a device that was set up by the dark forces to keep us in amnesia. From everything I’ve read, I believe this to be true.

      Others will disagree, but there is a great deal of information out there that says we’re living on a prison planet. Well, that’s my feeling.

      How can a soul develop and become more spiritual and learn lessons and gain experience if that soul is not allowed to remember anything?

      Makes no sense. We need our collected knowledge to move ahead.

      Be at peace, my sister.

  7. From what has been brought before me, the Beings who created the 3d human body disconnected all but 2 strands of our DNA. This created ‘amnesia’ and/or our built-in ‘connection’ to the Infinite Mind or “Home.” The 2 strands of DNA are connected to the first two chakras in the etheric body that are utilized for the basic survival of the species.

    This placed the 3D body into a base state of primative-ness (monkey-mind) and is the unfortunate state the majority of those on this planet suffer from at the moment.

    A system was set up that gradually would begin to restore the other strands of DNA using ritualistic methods to re-pattern the human brain, and the ‘enlightened ones’ tried to teach it to the masses but they were found, murdered, or imprisoned.

    From what I understand, the Pleiadians returned to help rectify the restoration of DNA strands. They saw what it did in their world and returned in our ‘time frame’ to make necessary adjustments.

    The human brain is 90% unused, wasted, empty, space. Had the 12 strands of DNA been allowed to remain, the brain would have been utilized to its full capacity.

    Some of the children born in the past 15 or so years have more than 2 DNA strands connected. Haven’t you all seen how intelligent these young ones are? Brilliant minds and extremely clear thinking in so many of them.

    From what I understand; every time a lightworker was discovered throughout the ages they were destroyed. So another plan was devised.

    Lightworkers were placed by the hundreds of thousands throughout the ‘civilized’ world and instead of having them verbally teach others as they had always done, they would gradually take on more light until their frequency increased, and their bodies would affect and quicken the bodies around them quietly and secretly.

    A sneaky little plan; but it worked. The majority of lightworkers I know are non-descript, quiet, many are hermitized until very recently. We work undercover, and many haven’t been aware of the real work they’ve been doing. They know they are here for something, but what exactly it is; they aren’t clear. Our bodies have been broadcasting a frequency, a signal for miles around us……

    • mike0v says:


      Weren’t the Pleiadians involved in disconnecting DNA strands? I thought Semjase was a part of that. Maybe I’m mistaken. My memory of her story is very rusty. I seem to remember that her services were purchased by the Annunaki for the purpose of DNA manipulation. Maybe I’m wrong.

      Your comment about children is very accurate. My two teenagers have developed their psychic abilities very quickly. Kids are amazing. Once I was awakened and we started talking about the reality of our world, their dreams became vivid, synchronicities started piling up for them and they’re even “seeing” things now. I don’t know if their DNA has been rebuilt somewhat, but I can tell you that kids learn this stuff very, very fast.

      Your lightworker observation is entirely correct. There is no doubt in my mind that I’ve been attacked all throughout my life. When I was five years old, I had so many accidents that could easily have killed me, my parents thought I was cursed.

      As I look back on it, the dark forces have tried to take me out several times.

      As recently as five years ago, too. Long story, too boring, but they almost got me with an acute, powerful, very nasty virus. The doc in the emergency room told me if I hadn’t called 911 and got transported to a hospital, I would have died in my sleep that night.

  8. I also meant to add that when the strands of DNA were disconnected the brain was divided into left and right lobes. In the beginning it was one. We now have left-brain activity and right-brain activity. Those who are right-brain oriented look at the world thru spiritual eyes. Left-brainers look at the world thru materialistic-survival eyes. When the brain-activity is joined to operate as one, enlightenment occurs and you have a different mindset.

    The human brain is now in the process of rejoining.

    • mike0v says:

      And this little tidbit makes me mad.

      After awakening, I was naive and believed all the channeled crap I was reading. In one post, from whom I don’t remember, this spiritual being said we would have our lobes reconnected within a few weeks.

      I waited and waited and…nothing. That’s when I started to learn what “discernment” means.

  9. angelicview says:

    Whoa! Mind Blown!

    Mike, I think you are a fantastic detective, picking out clues and then passing them on to more people to expand on them. Bravo!

    Yvonne, your story of the history of Lightworkers is one take that I’ve never heard before. But I have to say that it does resonate with me! It makes sense.

    Thank you all for your input. I’m afraid I’m not much help with this, as you are all talking over my head, or about subjects that are not my specialty. However, carry on! I am Loving it :)

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you, sweetie, but tell me; does this argument seem reasonable?

      I’m hoping to have others see something wrong or inaccurate with this stuff so I can keep digging.

      You know, Yvonne knows Ellie Miser, which warms my heart because I have always trusted Ellie’s words and now we have Yvonne on our side, and these two know each other!

      So, when our two earth-bound angels speak, I listen. Oh, boy, do I listen!

    • angelicview says:

      Yeah, me too Mike!

      The information you have does sound like a possibility to me. But that is no reason for you to stop digging! Always search for truth. There is always more than meets the eye. :)

    • I’ve never not been on the side of light…….

      It’s been so long since I have “been in deep touch” with the Pleiadian side of the story, and I am not in my home where my library resources are housed, so I cannot grab a reference; but in the 90’s Barbara Marciniak brought the Pleiadians into the lightworkers lives up close and personal. I learned a lot thru her sources and her ‘source’ began to drop hints…

      We were led to believe the Pleiadians are a benevolent group of Beings; but there are two factors of Pleiadians. Benevolent and not-so-benevolent. The Marciniak source is from the benevolent side. They were also trying to get us to mend fences with the not-so-benevolent Reptilians and vice-versa. By healing the past we can change our future.

      We were taught to distrust and not like the Reptilians, yet all Reptilians are not alike. They have their “service to self” and “service to others” side just as the humanoids do.

      The Pleiadians were one of many who contributed DNA to create the 3D humanoid. The Reptilians contributed as well.

      I had great problems ‘accepting’ Reptiles (I don’t like snakes, etc in this life) until something very strange happened to me one day. I was sitting at my kitchen table quietly reading a book, and out the corner of my eye the skin on my left hand changed from my natural color of tan to a silvery gray and it was the texture of a lizard, fingernails and all. Talk about “panic!!”

      Something told me to touch it. I did, and the texture was very soft and warm, not cold and scaley as I thought it would. I think my Spirit was trying to show me that we have all spent time in a variety of physical forms on a variety of physical planets and to accept our multidimensionality.

      It was about a year later I arranged to have a ‘Reading’ done via phone by Jelaila Starr http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/counselor_training.html who was supposed to be able to put me in touch with my Guides in other dimensions and help with recoding my DNA.

      The Guide she was able to put me in touch with was (drum roll) a Reptillian warrioress. She asked me how I felt about that, and I told her I could accept it because of the experience I had with my hand..

      The reason I am putting all of these little things ‘out there’ is to share we live in a complex creation and there are a multitude of reasons why this planet exists and the creatures living on this planet exist. Every little moment of experience is absorbed into the Library of All That Exists. For what reason?? Among other things; we are learning to become conscious gods with a capital “G.”

      No one is going to let us go out and create without some serious experience, wisdom and knowledge. It would be like giving a toddler a bowl of nitroglycerin and expecting it to know how to use it.

  10. angelicview says:

    Okay. I have something to add.

    Spirit has lead me here: http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=2011-04-27-Reflectivation

    This is an excerpt from an (article??/Book??) Anyway, it’s the “Reflectivation” part of it that I am being led to.

    Read and see what you think. In the last paragraph it says something about later this year. ;)

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