More Clues

I’d like to add a few more logical steps to my argument that July will be a significant month.

After much research and many long hours of reading, it has become clear to me that December 21 is most definitely a hard and solid date for the singularity event.

There are just too many highly reliable sources that declare that the 21st is our day.

Ascension as a process that takes years of time? I agree wholeheartedly, but a miraculous thing is gonna happen on December 21 to get it all started.

With that in mind, read a quote from Cobra’s recent interview. I believe Cobra to be trustworthy, but not as forthright as he should be.

“…the critical mass for awakened population is much less than 51%. When the critical mass happens, there will be a break through on the planet.”

So, put the two together and we have some credible observations.

December 21, 2012 is a guaranteed, Heavenly promised date. Nothing can prevent the singularity from taking place on that day.

And, the percentage of awakened humans is much too low for a breakthrough to get rolling.

With only five months left, is it possible to awaken enough people to eclipse the 51% barrier?

Not at the rate we’re going right now!

Look around. My family is as deeply asleep as ever. They ain’t gonna wake up, no matter how many emails I send to them.

Same at work. Nobody is even close to seeing the light. Everybody wants to read “People” magazine and watch reruns of “Gomer Pyle, USMC.”

We will need a divine boost to make it over the 51% hurdle in order to get ready for the 21st of December.

It’s plainly obvious to me. Reread Valiant’s later posts to find the answer.

“An event will grab everyone’s attention this July and Truly OPEN some EYES…expose lies…and reveal The TRUTH like it or not….It’s all about those changes…”


“OPEN some EYES…”

Do you mean “awaken many humans?” In July?

I certainly think so. July is the month. No more screwing around. It’s time for action.

And now some proof, written in a delightful post, that tells of our glorious victory.

Click on the link below to read Professor Argonza’s most recent blog entry of 05 July.

It will put a smile on your face.

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