As ludicrous as it may sound, the dark forces who are present on earth and are making most of humanity’s existence a struggle are just doing their jobs.

Numerous references exist that elucidate the role of the bad guys, who they are and why they’re here. It doesn’t take a detective as brilliant as Sherlock Holmes to figure this out.

What fascinates me, however, is the number of souls that chose to undertake such a mission.

In October 2008, a question and answer session was hosted on Above Top Secret which featured an Illuminati insider who used the name “Hidden Hand.”

These posts and the vast information that Hidden Hand revealed were compiled and archived by Wes Penre in December of that year. It is easily found on the internet.

In addition to explaining the intricacies and complex architecture of the spiritual realms, and his explanations reveal a deep scholarly understanding, I might add, he tells us just how numerous the souls are who have incarnated here as part of the dark agenda.

A person who doubts the existence of dark forces comments below:

“ATS: You see, if this really existed there would be countless thousands of people involved, and any one person could leak.”

“HH: Thousands? Try Millions. And you have no possible comprehension of the rigorous training and the harshness of the conditioning we undergo from an early age. No one dares to go against the Family.”

“We know what would happen if we did. But that is not the prime motivator. The motivator is unbridled Loyalty to the Family, and our Creator. We understand the importance of what we are doing here, even though most of humanity does not.”

If you let that sink in for a moment, it becomes obvious that removing the souls who have chosen a dark role will not be easy.

The number of people involved is in the millions.

Not just simply a million, but millions!

Try to imagine the logistics of rounding up millions of people, hauling them off to a detention center of some sort and then dealing with the care and feeding of them as they await due process of law.

It is a nightmare in the making.

For this reason, I think mass arrests of the bad guys has a low probability of taking place.

I also think this supports the argument that a supernatural event will be used to tip the balance in favor of the light.

As for the dark forces just doing their jobs as decreed by Creator?

Unsettling it may seem, but very true.

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