Crystalline Earth

I was one who didn’t get involved in the New Age movement years ago. I don’t know why, maybe I found all that stuff silly or slightly off balance.

Whatever the reason for ignoring some of the lessons of the New Age movement, I now wish I had paid attention.

Crystals that exist on earth are part of a mysterious, magical science and art; a spiritual science, I believe it’s called.

What’s amazing to me is finding out that crystals are so much more than pretty rocks and that they form a vast network inside Gaia.

Valiant has spoken about crystals many times in his posts and after reading the compilation of his messages, it’s easy to realize that these networks are very much beyond what we think they are.

Well, beyond what sleeping humans can envision. New Agers know all this stuff already, I’m sure.

“Imagine all those crystals in the planet, maybe just maybe they have more special qualities than for just the token on some fancy jewelry. I mean, what if they were in fact a precious commodity for the planet, like say a network of nerves that carried information, carried stability”

“It’s possible. To upset it, would just hurt, wouldn’t it?”

“The Earth sure is shaking a lot lately, isn’t it?”

“Ah, if we could only communicate with crystals, then maybe we could communicate with the planet itself. That would be great, that would be like a miracle, wouldn’t it.”

“To talk to a crystal, that structure that shape, those dimensions…maybe they have their own language. They almost seem to glow with life don’t they? With life? With sound?”

“Color and light, music and light…Let’s say if you used the right colors, the right melody, then maybe you could get a message across. One that might carry across a plane we don’t really understand…”

From all of this, and many other posts by Valiant, I’ve come to understand that crystals are a nervous system, a communication system and a stability system for our planet.

This network is extremely powerful and we can communicate with it.

How something like that is done, I haven’t the foggiest idea.

But I know someone who might have the answers.


Enlighten me, please.

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  1. Boy Mike, You’ve opened up a can of worms with this subject! It runs deep.

    The elder lightworkers were the original crystal “nuts.” We re-opened the crystal energies that were shut down since the good ol Atlantis days. Here is what I’ll say about crystals:

    Crystals are vibration (or energy) slowed down into physical form.

    When you see a crystal, you are actually looking at a form that in its originality was sound (or a vibration..all sound is vibration) that has become a ‘solid’ because of the density found within 3rd dimension.

    Think of it this way: put your lips together and whistle. You can’t see the sound you created in 3rd dimension, but if you could, it would form a solid shape in a 2nd or 1st dimensional world.

    Crystals are transmitters.

    Crystals are enhancers of whatever they come into contact with.
    Crystals are absorbers of whatever they come into contact with.

    Crystals can be given a program to emit.

    Crystals can be infused with information.
    Crystals can store information indefinitely.

    Crystals can be used as Libraries; and as a Library, one can extract the information the crystal has been given.

    A Crystal can become the core energy around which a planet is created. It is the way this planet came into existence.

    For each point made above, I can go into more detail if questions arise.

    • mike0v says:

      When all this is over, I’m gonna see to it that you get a gold star award!

      I have to say that the question that has bugged me the most is how you became connected to the very large crystal you visited in Hawaii. The one where you drank the milk that was also poured over the 3 foot crystal.

      You said you have a connection to that crystal.

      How does that work? Do you communicate with the crystal? Does it share information with you?

      Can you see or hear its unique vibratory pattern?

      Remember what Valiant said? Crystals can be calmed by a combination of color and sound and if tuned just right, messages can be transmitted to different dimensions.

      Does that sound right?

      Valiant says that whale song is vital to keeping the crystalline structure of earth in a benign state and as more whales are murdered, the crystals become more anxious.

      Does that sound right?

      Wow. You’re right. This will be a can of worms.

  2. I kind of thought that remark would catch your attention (about the crystal in Hawaii). I had to search the internet earlier today to find the website for this crystal. It weighs 700 pounds, is 39 inches tall, and is a perfected pointed six-sided specimen. It was discovered in 1975 in Arkansas 65 feet below the surface and it has not been polished or cut. I believe at the time it was purchased by the head of the monastery in Kauai he paid $40,000 for it. It was housed in the monastery temple for years until recent years when it was moved to its new outdoor home which is still being created as funds travel in.

    The crystal itself (you are not allowed to touch it) is ‘cloudy.’ This means that it is loaded with information. This isn’t something the monks conveyed. I don’t even know if they know the significance of the crystal they hold dear; but one thing is certain: they know it is sacred and they know it is special. You do not spend millions of dollars to build an outdoor temple for an ordinary crystal.

    Why the existence of this crystal was brought to my attention is a mystery. It wasn’t advertised in any tour guide book. In the late 80’s as my husband and I sat waiting to book a helicopter ride I spotted a small crystal sitting on the desk. Me; being a crystal nut at that time acknowledged to its owner: “Oh! I see you have a crystal!” She asked me if I had seen the crystal at the monastery. I didn’t even know they had one in the islands. She told me that I had to see it and it was open for public viewing on Sunday. Well; we were leaving in two days. She gave me the phone number and told me to call and ask could I see the crystal the next day. I phoned. Spoke to an answering machine and thought no one would get back to me in time. I was wrong. That evening they phoned and told me I could come up, gave me the directions, etc.

    Next day we drove up into the mountains, parked the car. We were the only outside people there. We were given a brief tour by a monk and before you knew it, it was time for their daily prayer ceremony. My husband and I were going to step outside (cause we didn’t know anything about Hindu ceremonies), but we were asked to stay, be seated on the floor, write any requests we had for assistance on paper and they would burn them in the fire. They went about their prayers, burning the requests, etc, then a monk comes over and motions for us to cup our palms. He poured some milk into them and told us to drink…. Well, I’m a little uneasy. He explained that the milk was poured over the crystal, and I don’t know if they give it to all visitors or what; but I did not wish to offend, so I drank it.

    The crystal did something to the milk because my body buzzed for a short time after I swallowed it. My husband didn’t feel anything to speak of. Plus they put the red dot on our foreheads (which I found out represents the third eye and spiritual insight).

    I took some photos while there and left. Approximately two years went by and it was time for me to have a ‘past life reading’ by another person who mysteriously appeared into my life in 1974. His name was Elwood Babbitt (you can google him; there are several books and Youtube videos on him). That “milk” incident still puzzled me. Why did my body vibrate after drinking it? What really went on??

    Well; I was told that the crystal was the core crystal from which the planet grew. I am not into ‘science’ per se in this life, but I do have a curiosity at times. He told me when the milk passed over the crystal, the milk became energized with the properties of the crystal and I can now connect to the crystal whenever I desire for communication purposes.

    This crystal contains a lot of information. I would think it contains a record of just about everything that has occured on this planet. I tried connecting to it twice and it is easy to do. I don’t abuse or misuse any of my priviledges. To do so would be to have access cut off.

    As far as crystal programming is concerned; you would have to learn the vibration of colors (there are books on this and can also be googled). You also should have clear intent. Crystals are very sensitive. They will reflect your intent back to you, and to the environment. So you have to be careful.

    If programmed to absorb negative energies they will. You will know when they are ‘full’ and need to be cleansed because the crystal will feel ‘greasy’ and have a ‘drag’ to it when you run your fingertips over its surface.

    If you want to buy a quartz crystal for healing purposes, make sure the crystal is clear and not cloudy. A cloudy crystal is full of stored information. There are crystals that are “record keepers.” They will have a triangle inclusion on one of its sides. You may not see it unless you go out of you way to look for it. And sometimes, the inclusion will materialize out of the blue.

    The website for the Iraivan Crystal is here:

    I believe there was a Star Trek movie about the whales. (1986) “The Voyage Home.” Earth was going to be destroyed by an alien probe that visited planets to see if they were vibrating positively. If they weren’t; the probe destroyed them. The humpback whales were the only ones who could save the earth by singing their song, and if I remember correctly, the whales had become an extinct species on earth and the Star Trek crew had to find some whales quickly.

    Many truths are hidden in science fiction and fairy tales. Many…………..

    • mike0v says:


      Why have you not written a book? Or, have you, already?

      I’m sitting here speechless. And that’s very rare for me.

      In just a few minutes, I’ve come up with about two dozen questions about this stuff. I’ll wait and let it sink in, however, before I start bugging you.

      I’d like to make this comment a post on my blog. Is that okay? If not, I understand.

      You are a gift to humanity, you know that, don’t you?

    • Post away Mike…

      I was told to journal years ago because one day what I write would be used to inform those who wished to learn; but I never did. No one was the least bit interested in what I knew. And quite frankly, I thought I knew very little. But I am learning you don’t realize how much you have picked up along the way until someone asks you a question.

    • angelicview says:

      Yvonne, that’s what I thought, too, about myself! Until Mike started asking me questions, I thought I really didn’t know anything that would be of interest to anyone.

      Frankly girl, I love your stories! I think you should start up a blog and tell the world about them!

      When I started my blog on May 27th, I didn’t think I’d have very many readers. Now my readership is about 200 people per day! So at least 200 people think I have something interesting to say! lol :)

    • mike0v says:

      Ya know, YOU could write a book, too.

      I hope you two realize how impressed I am with your lives and pluckiness.

      We’re gonna have fun at the party, aye?

    • angelicview says:

      I am going to have to Google “pluckiness”… lol!

      Thanks Mike! Looking forward to the partay! :)

    • mike0v says:

      And it has been a heaven-sent gift that you stumbled across my blog.

      If only you had time to write that book…

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