Crystalline Earth

I was one who didn’t get involved in the New Age movement years ago. I don’t know why, maybe I found all that stuff silly or slightly off balance.

Whatever the reason for ignoring some of the lessons of the New Age movement, I now wish I had paid attention.

Crystals that exist on earth are part of a mysterious, magical science and art; a spiritual science, I believe it’s called.

What’s amazing to me is finding out that crystals are so much more than pretty rocks and that they form a vast network inside Gaia.

Valiant has spoken about crystals many times in his posts and after reading the compilation of his messages, it’s easy to realize that these networks are very much beyond what we think they are.

Well, beyond what sleeping humans can envision. New Agers know all this stuff already, I’m sure.

“Imagine all those crystals in the planet, maybe just maybe they have more special qualities than for just the token on some fancy jewelry. I mean, what if they were in fact a precious commodity for the planet, like say a network of nerves that carried information, carried stability”

“It’s possible. To upset it, would just hurt, wouldn’t it?”

“The Earth sure is shaking a lot lately, isn’t it?”

“Ah, if we could only communicate with crystals, then maybe we could communicate with the planet itself. That would be great, that would be like a miracle, wouldn’t it.”

“To talk to a crystal, that structure that shape, those dimensions…maybe they have their own language. They almost seem to glow with life don’t they? With life? With sound?”

“Color and light, music and light…Let’s say if you used the right colors, the right melody, then maybe you could get a message across. One that might carry across a plane we don’t really understand…”

From all of this, and many other posts by Valiant, I’ve come to understand that crystals are a nervous system, a communication system and a stability system for our planet.

This network is extremely powerful and we can communicate with it.

How something like that is done, I haven’t the foggiest idea.

But I know someone who might have the answers.


Enlighten me, please.

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