Welcome to the Party

It would be so nice to know that all of the ET races visiting our little blue planet have humanity’s best interests at heart. Unfortunately, many of our galactic neighbors do not.

Discovering the details of this revelation has been one of the greater insights from Valiant’s posts, in my opinion.

“Dear Mr. Spacemen, Do you remember that whole thing where I talked about The Hand of God? See, here’s the thing. Well, it applies to you too. Those kids must just really notice you, among others…”

Here Valiant’s angel speaks again of the Hand of God, the five fingers, the five children incarnated on earth and their powers of perception and knowing. The ET races are watching us, but we are watching them.

“You waited, you watched, you saw, even tinkered with things on this planet. And that makes you a part of it. Through the ages you’ve been there, and well that’s makes you a part of this planet’s fate.”

Maybe the ET races rationalized that visiting earth, observing human life, fiddling with a few items here and there and collecting interesting samples wouldn’t burden them with any karmic debt.

Oops. They were wrong.

“All those deals and promises you made, I guess someone upstairs must have been watching beyond your knowledge. So many secrets, so many lies. I sure hope you didn’t just come to watch a show, to experience spiritual enrichment at others’ expenses…Or to wait to loot a failing planet in its dire hour. No, you wouldn’t do that would you?”

Valiant mentions the secret plans of not-so-nice ETs several times throughout his posts. Well, these less-than-forthright visitors have been watched by angels upstairs.

The Eyes of Truth are always watching. All souls. Everywhere.

“I mean, you really can not toy with a planet, manipulate its people through tempting technology, abductions, experiments…and not suffer the fate right along with it. It almost makes you wonder who the culprit behind devastations might be. An advanced race of beings would surely be able to surpass anything little like managing a holocaust if they could travel clear across space…”

Is it possible that an advanced race of beings with technology and knowledge so far superior to humanity could also be so naive? Is it possible these ET races thought they could fly away without so much as a simple apology?


That’s why the next few sentences make my heart soar.

“I just wanted to say, welcome to the party Mr. Spacemen. I guess we’re all in it…together. Let’s just hope some don’t go down like the dinosaurs…that there is a great deal of sincerity and good choices to be made. Maybe someone upstairs, far upstairs, just leveled the playing field…Isn’t equality great?”

And so the spacemen will share our fate. All of the spacemen. The good, the bad, the in-between. I believe a most powerful motivator was just delivered to the advanced beings who are buzzing around our little planet right now.

Whatever happens here on Earth, good or bad, is gonna happen on your world.

Like Valiant says, “Isn’t equality great?”

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Party

  1. claudia says:

    I guess even ET’s have to accept that We are All One?? Now that could be a tough call for them to accept?

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