Crunching Time

This post won’t make sense. Sort of like a stream of consciousness.

Take a look at Valiant’s latest post.

Star that went supernova in Sagittarius? How about stars!

Four novae (and maybe a fifth) have blasted into existence in Sagittarius over the last few months. Sagittarius the Archer. December’s astrological sign. Very bright light.

Hint, hint.

So many clues in our world: bad finances, bad laws, bad people, bad decisions.

Most of humanity imprisoned, treading water. Time to reach the shore.

The Wheels. The Fates.

They say seven rings. The Pleiades?

Pleiades will sparkle on July 15 along with the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. A time that will change everything?

The Ring of Fire, the Pacific Ocean orb of earthquakes, the crystal network. Will the crystals sing with vibration or sing with hope?

The light, coming from Sagittarius.

The Olympic torch, the Olympic games, the weather, the Olympic rings, always the rings. Clever timing?

Another window of opportunity offered by an angel. But timing is everything.

Reptiles can change sides, fix a lot of broken things which might have an effect on the weather.

Reptiles, spacemen; all are encouraged to help but you have to have your hearts in it.

The clock ticks on and on. December is coming. Nothing will stop the clock.

Waiting until August will be bad. For whom? Who knows?

The Spacemen, the ones who get their asses kissed by gullible humans, the ones who impress with glowing shows but no landings, the ones who are here to help but rain empty promises down on earth, time is up.

Any help from you can’t be in secret anymore. Gotta be for all to see. Are we not equals in every way? Does not Creator consider all of us His children? Or do you hold a special, elite place in His eyes?

How hard is it to land a damn space craft?

The Olympics get going on July 27. Champions from around the world gather.

What about champions from around the galaxy? Will they show up? Do they even exist?

As Valiant says, and his declaration is shared by millions of humble humans, you are WAY PAST DUE, Spacemen.

When an angel says “this is not a request…”, I, for one, would pay heed.

The Fates are watching.

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