Things that Hurt

As Valiant continues to bring messages to us, I very much enjoy learning the truths he shares, particularly the stuff about Earth and what it’s like for her to deal with this massive mess.

Below are some things that cause pain for our dear Gaia and I must admit, even with a global perspective firmly embedded in my mind, I had no idea these technologies would be harmful to her.

  • Space craft propulsion systems. One hurts bad. Dozens hurt much worse. Hundreds? Imagine.
  • Space craft sharp trajectories. Low and slow is the way to go, but do spacemen fly like that?
  • Cloaking devices. Nauseating for Earth as well as humans.
  • Particle colliders and inter-dimensional experiments. They create vortices that disturb the crystals.

And then there are the whales. These magnificent, sentient, benevolent, gentle beings are so much more than citizens of the deep oceans.

They are here to help us.

Their songs soothe and ease the crystal network around our world, ensuring a quiet, hidden peace far below the clamor of unsuspecting humanity.

In what way do we thank them for their devoted service to Gaia?

We hunt them and kill them.

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