Yvonne in Resonance

Yvonne, I’m stealing another one of your brilliant comments for a post. Can’t help it. This is too good to stay buried.

From Yvonne:

I am truly learning that “there are none so blind as those who will not see.”

The problem on this planet is: 99% of the humans here now had their origins on this planet. This was the first place they ever inhabited a human body. They are the ones truly imprisoned and programmed to follow the cabals’ desires.

The remaining 1% are those who have tried over and over again to set up a system to free their minds and bust the programming. They (we) have come from other star systems. We did not originate here.

As I was told long ago: “You are in the world; NOT of it.” And I didn’t understand exactly what that meant until recently.

It is why we feel as if we don’t fit in. It is why we feel uncomfortable here. It is why what excites the majority is boring to us…. It is why we each have our own individual ‘extra-sensory perception abilities’ that allows us to connect to ‘home.’

I think some of us got caught up in the ‘programming’ and experienced what they term “the Fall” and had to fight our way back. Most of those who ‘fell’ did an excellent job of restoring their frequency and vibration.

Because of what we do and are expected to do, we are what I call members of “Mission Impossible” (the old TV version, not the new movies produced based on the TV series).

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