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Yvonne, I’m stealing another one of your brilliant comments for a post. Can’t help it. This is too good to stay buried.

From Yvonne:

I am truly learning that “there are none so blind as those who will not see.”

The problem on this planet is: 99% of the humans here now had their origins on this planet. This was the first place they ever inhabited a human body. They are the ones truly imprisoned and programmed to follow the cabals’ desires.

The remaining 1% are those who have tried over and over again to set up a system to free their minds and bust the programming. They (we) have come from other star systems. We did not originate here.

As I was told long ago: “You are in the world; NOT of it.” And I didn’t understand exactly what that meant until recently.

It is why we feel as if we don’t fit in. It is why we feel uncomfortable here. It is why what excites the majority is boring to us…. It is why we each have our own individual ‘extra-sensory perception abilities’ that allows us to connect to ‘home.’

I think some of us got caught up in the ‘programming’ and experienced what they term “the Fall” and had to fight our way back. Most of those who ‘fell’ did an excellent job of restoring their frequency and vibration.

Because of what we do and are expected to do, we are what I call members of “Mission Impossible” (the old TV version, not the new movies produced based on the TV series).

6 thoughts on “Yvonne in Resonance

  1. claudia says:

    I only dusted off and started using my bs detecting antenna less than 20 years ago..oh well the slow turtle just plods away…

    • mike0v says:


      You’re a high timer, too? When was your awakening?

      I’m very glad my awakening has had a short span. Any longer and I’d be living in a cardboard box somewhere.

  2. ksense says:

    There’s a bad 1% and a good 1%….. everyone else are just sad ignorant tools, eh? That comes across as somewhat arrogant.

    • mike0v says:

      But she’s not arrogant, ksense. Not at all.

      The written word has limitations and I’m sure you know this.

      Without facial expressions, inflections, gestures and tones of voice, written words can be badly misinterpreted.

      Yvonne is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever come across in this lifetime.

      I posted her thoughts because her descriptions of how lightworkers feel while on earth are meaningful to me.

      All of us are sovereign souls of the universe, but it is true that some have more experience than others.

      And that’s why we’re here.

      To bring our experience and light to Earth during this time.

      Are we perfect? Maybe other lightworkers are, but I certainly am not.

      That’s why I sometimes get angry and frustrated at this crazy mess, but I’m not going to pass judgement on myself because of these emotions.

      I’m just doing the best I can.

    • Sorry if my thoughts came across as arrogant. The meaning of arrogant is: Having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride. I don’t think of myself as being “important,” nor do I possess overbearing pride.

      What I do feel at this point in time is a frustration, and I feel this because after looking at civilization for thousands of years I see very little progress that has taken place. Material things that we use have changed or been upgraded. These things have no problem being upgraded on this planet (and the motive behind this is money for the corporate world); but the thinking process in the minds of the majority of humanity has not changed; and this is why we have the ongoing problems on our planet today. Civilization keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. It is like we are stuck in a rut and can’t get out.

      I use the term “civilization” because those who live within it are supposed to display a level of refinement in opposition to those who live in tribal indigenous cultures. We were programed to look down upon the indigenous cultures, but as I am observing now, they are the more advanced. They never lost touch with the Creator; and if you look back into their histories, the aliens communicated with, and left them as caretakers of vast areas on this planet. Wise decision. They have no need or desire to be swayed by illusion and glamour. They ‘know who they are,’ they are at peace and have harmony amongst themselves. They didn’t fall prey to the manipulations of the cabal.

      The cabal didn’t just show up on this planet a few years ago. They have been skulking about since the times of Atlantis. They drove the Lemurians into hiding. Many of the lightworkers today have had incarnations as Lemurians and have come in influx to make a giant attempt to balance the energies and set humanity on a more harmonious course. We’re holding everybody else up. This universe is ready to take a step forward and can’t because earth humans are still living in a darkened state of attitude and awareness.

    • mike0v says:


      Your writing sparked a remembered passage from James of the WingMakers:

      “The ominous situations of our world are very real. It is impossible to look at the policies of governments around the world and see coherence, benevolence, enlightened action, or, in general, behavioral intelligence as an outflow of equality and oneness.”

      “The human family has been bound up over thousands of generations and each time returning to our home planet Earth for the sake of upgrading the previous generation’s dominion, creature comforts, lifestyle, and technology, while the emotional maturity remains burrowed in the substrate of rape, abuse, enslavement, war, dishonesty, greed, government fraud, and a hundred other vices of weak and disillusioned humans programmed to see only the out-picturing of the human mind and its systems of limitation.”

      “The human family is building a pyramid of manifested life across thousands of generations and each new generation builds another layer – an upgrade of technology and lifestyle. We are nearing the apex of this pyramid where there is nothing left to add. The pyramid is completed and we – each of us – must look at the pyramid we have constructed and ask ourselves how it exemplifies our transcendence, our true Self.”

      What you wrote and what James wrote are almost identical.

      Once again, I am amazed. You have your finger on the pulse of this world, Yvonne.

      And you’re right about Lemuria. One of my most vivid visions during meditation was as a man living in Lemuria.

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