Seeing Things

Lately, maybe because of increasing energies reaching us, I’ve started to see visions very easily when I close my eyes and the imagery is so full of detail and life that I can’t possibly remember everything I’m seeing.

I don’t even know what the hell most of it is.

At night, when I go to bed, I do some simple breathing exercises with my eyes closed and then drop off into sleep. That’s how it goes, usually.

Not anymore.

Now, whether I like it or not, I’m gonna see something after the breathing and closing of the eyes.

Visions of all kinds rush through my mind; anything from people working in an office, answering telephones and shuffling paperwork to landscapes of foreign places with undulating hills, trees and sweeping open spaces.

I can foresee this vision thing becoming a problem. Some of what I see is very interesting and keeps my attention.

At times, it feels as if I can communicate with the imagery as I lay awake in bed.

Maybe this is the beginning of my return to having telepathic ability. I don’t know. I get a sensation of stepping into myself, sort of like putting on coveralls for cold weather.

I ride an employee bus every day, very early in the morning, and while riding along I listen to music on my iPod and close my eyes.

I see visions that are similar to what I see at bedtime during these short  trips.

Lately, however, the imagery synchronizes with travels I’ve taken elsewhere, in other places and other times.

As I sit on the bus with the pleasant sensation of vibration and movement, I start to see visions of other planets I’ve visited and traveled on, instead of the routine scenery while going to work.

With my eyes closed and in a quiet stupor, I watch alien landscapes pass by, as if I’m on that planet instead of earth.

In one vision I saw cars that are very much like the ones we use, but the design would be considered extremely eccentric by our standards. Bizarre, actually.

While cruising on a dirt road on some distant planet I noticed electrical power lines that are nothing like ours threading their way through some hills and valleys.

Wires as thin as a toothpick were hanging between support poles that were no more than an inch in diameter.

In an urban area were many buildings with architecture and construction that was definitely alien but also very similar to what we have in our cities.

The best part, however, is seeing the vastly different trees, shrubs, foliage and geography of our neighboring worlds.

I’m ready for a road trip.

5 thoughts on “Seeing Things

  1. I think what you are calling ‘visions’ are you in your multi-dimensional lives. We usually experience this while the physical body sleeps and the soul departs for various locations. The soul is always busy and never sleeps or tires. When we awake from sleeping, we think that we have been dreaming. But it has been my experience I am visiting another existence. I often go back to the same places; I know the scenery, etc.

    I’ve had visions such as you. Scenes out of the blue blur past my inner eye in rapid succession and I cannot keep track of every place I see. You’re doing well in re-capturing your capabilities. Now: when you can get that elevator to pause allowing you to step off at locations of your desire, then…….

    I haven’t reached that yet. But you will, and it won’t be long.

    • mike0v says:


      A few things: I wish I had enough artistic talent to draw well. I’d love to sketch some pictures of what I’m seeing but do it well enough to make out the details and bring it to life.

      I agree with the multidimensional explanation. I believe I’ve told you already, but I’ve had conscious dreams, lucid dreams, an out of body experience, goofed around in the astral realms and viewed many planes of existence in a meditation.

      I’ve even had sex in the higher dimensions, which is wonderful. That’s what my post “Visions of Sex” is about.

      Being reacquainted with our abilities is so much fun and it’s a good thing, because I can’t escape them anymore. Just closing my eyes for a few minutes and relaxing brings a shower of imagery.

      And something deeper is happening to me which is hard to describe. It’s like I said, I feel like I’m stepping back into myself. Like I’ve been watching from the sidelines but now I’m putting on my uniform to get in the game.

      Plus, I think I know what Obi Wan Kenobi was talking about when he speaks of the “Force.” The universal connectedness exists but we have to plug back into it. It feels like I’m plugging back in.

      When I wake up in the morning and go about my daily routine, I feel like I’m in a higher vibratory plane for the first half hour or so. By the time I get to work, I’ve trickled back down to 3D.

      It’s all so incredible.

      Does this mean I get to go home soon?

  2. Fraid not….. I think you are dressing yourself for work; your REAL WORK while wearing this particular “costume of flesh.”

    Sort of like Superman: Superman always had his superman costume on under his business suit. Sure; he had his ‘regular job’ working as a reporter; but his real work began when he shed that suit and used his super powers to help humanity.

    I don’t know what you will be doing, but whatever it is, you will have to have the ability to jump back and forth between the dimensions in the blinking of an eye in order to do it. If not, you would not be in the process of rapidly opening your ability to do so.

    This is not a new skill for you. You are bringing it in to commence your work.

    • mike0v says:

      I hope you realize how stupendously grateful I am that you showed up in my life. Really. No kidding. I wish we were next-door neighbors.

      This may sound bananas, but over the past few days a momentary thought has swept through my mind which surprises the crap out of me.

      The thought is fleeting, thankfully.

      I miss this place. Earth. The experiment. Almost like I’m looking back from the future and remembering the things I did here. Feeling this is completely bizarre. There is a slight longing that passes through me. Even with all the pain and suffering, I’m feeling a very strong attachment to Earth.

      With it comes a sensation of “wow, that was quick.” Like my incarnations here lasted for only moments. Like it all happened so fast.

      Does that make any sense? Am I nuts, or what?

  3. Lots for you to unfold about yourself………

    You might discover some surprising facts……

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