Seeing Things

Lately, maybe because of increasing energies reaching us, I’ve started to see visions very easily when I close my eyes and the imagery is so full of detail and life that I can’t possibly remember everything I’m seeing.

I don’t even know what the hell most of it is.

At night, when I go to bed, I do some simple breathing exercises with my eyes closed and then drop off into sleep. That’s how it goes, usually.

Not anymore.

Now, whether I like it or not, I’m gonna see something after the breathing and closing of the eyes.

Visions of all kinds rush through my mind; anything from people working in an office, answering telephones and shuffling paperwork to landscapes of foreign places with undulating hills, trees and sweeping open spaces.

I can foresee this vision thing becoming a problem. Some of what I see is very interesting and keeps my attention.

At times, it feels as if I can communicate with the imagery as I lay awake in bed.

Maybe this is the beginning of my return to having telepathic ability. I don’t know. I get a sensation of stepping into myself, sort of like putting on coveralls for cold weather.

I ride an employee bus every day, very early in the morning, and while riding along I listen to music on my iPod and close my eyes.

I see visions that are similar to what I see at bedtime during these short  trips.

Lately, however, the imagery synchronizes with travels I’ve taken elsewhere, in other places and other times.

As I sit on the bus with the pleasant sensation of vibration and movement, I start to see visions of other planets I’ve visited and traveled on, instead of the routine scenery while going to work.

With my eyes closed and in a quiet stupor, I watch alien landscapes pass by, as if I’m on that planet instead of earth.

In one vision I saw cars that are very much like the ones we use, but the design would be considered extremely eccentric by our standards. Bizarre, actually.

While cruising on a dirt road on some distant planet I noticed electrical power lines that are nothing like ours threading their way through some hills and valleys.

Wires as thin as a toothpick were hanging between support poles that were no more than an inch in diameter.

In an urban area were many buildings with architecture and construction that was definitely alien but also very similar to what we have in our cities.

The best part, however, is seeing the vastly different trees, shrubs, foliage and geography of our neighboring worlds.

I’m ready for a road trip.

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