The Magic Box, Revisited

Throughout Valiant’s posts are references to the “Magic Box.” From what I can decipher, it seems the Magic Box is the human brain or our latent DNA that needs a jolt to fire it back to life.

Or, most likely, as my colleague Yvonne pointed out because I was not paying attention at all and I can use all the help I can get because I’m flopping around like a fish, the Magic Box is our pineal gland. (Thank you, dearest.)

Unlocking the Magic Box is a necessary and vital part of our journey to the end of 2012.

I believe that unlocking the Magic Box is a metaphor for awakening sleeping humans. It might also mean the thawing of other frozen abilities we all have, such as telepathy and telekinesis.

Restoring full functioning of our pineal glands would do the trick. (Thank you again, dearest.)

From Valiant:

“The human brain, all brains really, it’s such a miraculous thing…It has this marvelous little box in it…inside each person this little box of miracles. If only there were some key that could unlock that box…
Hmm…A key, didn’t I mention something about that already?
Oh wait, that’s right…Back to those magical lines and light again. Wink.”

The little box of miracles needs to opened in us. Somewhere there exists a key to do this. Lines and light will do the trick. Lines and light from artwork, perhaps?

“But for here, for now…Our place in the stars, we’ve had visitors, and more to come. A ray of hope there seems to be cascading from a point in the heavens, from the 7 sisters…The point, the place the time, it’s always about the timing. For they too have their things to do, and need. Maybe something special there…a mystery yet to come…A lock? A key? Who knows…for what. But perhaps there is some salvation there, something awesome and yet unknown…maybe some magic lines could unlock that magic box, and save us all a lot of trouble.”

The seven sisters. The Pleiadians. They can unlock the Magic Box. A lock and key figures prominently in artwork by Valiant that is not shown on my blog.

But the Magic Box can be opened before the Pleiadians arrive. Magic lines would work and reduce the workload on our stelan family.

“Alchemy, lead to gold…A magic box, some magic lines…I guess let’s see what happens with that painting I donated to the site to help with Raye. It’s just a start. And also, a last chance.:

Alchemy process like this: pencil lead (graphite) rendered into magnificent drawings. Drawings with value greater than gold. Magical lines within the drawings help to unlock the Magic Box.

“To Do This is to find Tranquility.
To Unlock the Magic Box (I know I mentioned this before, didn’t I?)
Let the Eyes follow the lines…
With music…
Wish and Dream…
Sincerely now, from the Heart…Completely, Utterly, Totally.
Watch what happens…
Lines, light, music unlocks the magic box.”

Our return to full consciousness, the unlocking of the Magic Box, will bring infinite tranquility to humanity. Lines and light from artwork unlock the box. Music unlocks the box.

Valiant mentions the lines and light in TVs, computer monitors, iPads, cell phones and all the other electronic junk we use, have been manipulated by the dark forces to brainwash humans.

He goes on to say that the dark forces can begin the healing of souls by turning off this underhanded technology. Valiant himself has already started the process of shutting it down.

“The Will…to Flow…
The Magic Box will Unlock…And The Changes will come. You’ll see.
Opening the magic box awakens us. Changes us.”

“The Dark Forces that puppet you…We really need to discuss those ‘little’ things that you see out of the corner of your eyes…Also known as ‘Corner of The Eye Phenomena.’ Our eyes can see things from the corner of our eyes that we normally can’t straight on…So watch what you see there, will you…Such marvelous wonders are eyes are, The Optic Nerve…A doorway to The Brain…A Magic Box… But you knew that already, didn’t you, Big Brother?”

Our eyes are so important, such monumental gifts to use every day. The pathway is simple: what we see to the optic nerve to the brain to the Magic Box, waiting to be opened.

5 thoughts on “The Magic Box, Revisited

  1. I have a feeling the Magic Box refers to the Pineal Gland…….

    • mike0v says:

      Oh, for Pete’s sake! How could I have missed that?

      You know, you should’ve reminded me! I need all the help I can get.

      Why doesn’t he call it the “Magic Bulb?” Or the “Magic Pine Cone?”

      It’s certainly not shaped like a box.

      Well, crap. Now I’m gonna have to do some editing…

  2. angelicview says:

    I see little lights out of the corners of my eyes all the time! Lately, they have been coming more and more to the center of my vision. Like, not right out of the corner of my eye – but not straight full-on either.

    Perhaps he is saying that those little lights are the key to opening our Pineal Gland?

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