Highlights from Valiant

Reading, studying, puzzling over and trying to decipher clues in Valiant’s posts is time consuming, which, I know, is quite the obvious observation.

With that in mind, because I know that other lightworkers may not have the time or the motivation to pore over this fascinating narrative, I’ve selected what I believe to be very important revelations from Valiant’s messages and listed them below.

These selected quotes represent the easy stuff to understand. There is a great deal of material that is NOT easy to understand.

I’ll post  the NOT easy to understand stuff later.

“People always blame the government for the problems of the world and in some part that’s true…but they have been manipulated by higher powers for years. There has always been a higher force behind every power, most just never recognized it.”

“Secret groups, ‘secret powers’ conduct experiments, all so bent on becoming something more powerful.Just one question, seriously ask this…Do you honestly think that the higher powers (both good and bad) would ALLOW this to happen unless they wanted it to?”

“Our governments covet the aliens’ technology like kids in a candy store, like teenagers with cell phones, when it all means so little to them.”

“The real reason the aliens came here, their secret agenda, was to observe and absorb divine intervention. That’s the only reason they’re here, that’s the only reason they have been coming here, staying here…and why they stay so hidden and cloaked. They didn’t come to save us, they came to watch and learn and observe a civilization as it slowly undergoes a transformation and cataclysm…”

“The higher powers have been manipulating the aliens…dark forces lured them here. Aliens manipulated the government, and in turn the government controls us.”

“Did you think we were the only planet being visited, observed, tampered with? How many alien races are there? And yet Earth is supposed to be a single great find, a primitive civilization, yet still so important.
I mean you didn’t buy that, ‘you’re so special’ thing, did you? Like how many times has that been said on a date…You’re so special, you’re the best, the first, etc, etc. Not at all.”

“There are several planets just like Earth, just like us, being watched, maneuvered and manipulated by various forces.”

“Imagine all those crystals in the planet, maybe just maybe they have more special qualities than for just the token on some fancy jewelry. I mean, what if they were in fact a precious commodity for the planet, like say a network of nerves that carried information, carried stability.”

“I swear it seems like everyone’s been yanked around like puppets on a string for far too long. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel free of that? To feel like you don’t have your hands tied behind your back while you try to work?”

“But for here, for now…Our place in the stars, we’ve had visitors, and more to come. A ray of hope there seems to be cascading from a point in the heavens, from the 7 sisters…”

“Crystals are networked, although different they still get along so well…in their natural state. Well, usually…Unless someone comes along and messes with things.
I mean could you imagine if a giant crystal network existed beneath secret research stations? What a conduit of information for the planet, for the higher powers…”

“There’s a timeline you know, December 12th…why, that might even be like a deadline…judgement day, who knows…Changes need to be made.”

“Whale song, that magic melody…Who would have thought that for all those years, perhaps the whales were giving us a gift greater than we knew.”

“But the lies, so many puppets, everyone…The disinformation, the aliens lies to the secret agencies and governments, the governments to the peoples…what a roller-coaster…Whew.”

“So many illusions, deceptions…playing with peoples’ minds…creating fantasies, fantastic views to feed off their psyches like some sort of vampire…or succubus. What a riddle there, the puppeteer and the puppet…on so many levels. There really are higher forces at work, even above aliens…who knew…”

“Dear Mr. Spacemen, I apologize. Some of you truly are good souls…But some…some are such liars. And rotten communicators I would like to add. We’re all equal believe it or not. Treat us that way now. I mean, you good guys shouldn’t have any trouble going public soon, now should you?”

“7, like the 7 Sisters…Again that string of stars keeps coming up…Something really important there…something really special, or someone.”

“…or like 9 days of wrath following December 12th if the world hasn’t truly gotten it’s act together.”

“The Forces of Heaven and Earth remember…All those crystals beneath the ground, just rocks? Maybe more? Imagine what they could do when aligned…they might just render all technology useless if you keep pushing the planet’s buttons…It does have it’s own defense system, as you should know.”

“Wait, let me just say for the readers that most aliens are just like us…They don’t make the orders, like a workforce they just follow orders and go where they are told and do what they are told…much like we do. They don’t all have the answers, only their ‘bosses’ do…They don’t all possess the knowledge that we think they do.”

“Why even our alien friends above, in secret and in hiding have their prejudices too. Some civilizations are ruled by females (I won’t mention reptiles)…While others (I won’t mention those big fore-headed guys) have men that don’t even let women leave their planet. Sexism, in advanced civilizations? Who would have guessed that one? Now that one REALLY MAKES you question the integrity of an advanced race, of the occupants of any UFO…hmm.”

“Did you know that crystals, especially those like emeralds, rubies and sapphires…as well as most others, will turn black in the presence of evil?”

“In the 1990s there were about 119 alien races visiting the Earth. Now mind you races vary with each planet, so that doesn’t necessarily mean 119 visitors from different planets…Think about it. Diversity. There may be as many as 17 different Reptilians, but lucky us…only the bad ones come here.
But now there are nearly 150…Hmm. So many races. Where did they all come from? And WHY? To see the show, that you know…and the divine intervention…but perhaps the real question is…for one and all…Do you, do they, think they know them ALL?
Could possibly have a new race arrive on the scene…with a big surprise for everybody?”

“But I plea that our alien friends, the good guys…such as the Seven Sisters, not be afraid any longer to intervene…It’s time to get involved now, before things get really ugly. The summer could be a real mess…Whether they like it or not, those who want to keep it the same, it’s not going to stay that way at all…And believe me their predecessors aren’t escaping clean and easy either…Those HIGHER FORCES up there have been watching, remember…”

“I will say…WATCH OUT research bases, she isn’t very fond of those…particularly those big machines that disturb space and time, creating vortices that disturb the crystals…Pay close attention and be good now.”

“Dear Mr. Spacemen, I sure wish you would appear. It would sure be nice to see you…Here…There…Everywhere…On the news. You keep saying that you’re here to help. Well, it’s time to prove that through and through, sincerely, honestly and openly. After all, if you keep hiding…What is everyone to think? That you have some secrets to hide, some other agenda? Don’t think that will last. Come out come out where ever you are. It’s time for that Honest Appearance…as soon as possible.”

“Turn OFF the Colliders, they are her first targets…And turn of all inter-dimensional experiments and operations NOW…Those are her second targets…The Earth is going to ROCK…And believe me you won’t see it coming…She’ll make history for you to remember…All this for your dabbling with powers you shouldn’t have toyed with, and messing with the planet when you should have been more respectful.”

“So many Promises out there…Promises of help from groups, and aliens…Are they plans of help, or coups? I hate to tell you this, for although the intentions are truly there…Some have been generously nodding their heads to noble ideas to appease those wanting change…rather than commit to anything serious. Why? Those secret agendas…Don’t worry, they’ll be blown apart this summer too…”

“So instead of screwing around with peoples’ eyes, their minds, moods…through TV, the media, computers….Why, it’s time to use your skills to heal instead of harm… The Lines and Light can undo A LOT of your damage… You know I started that already, right? Please Keep Up.”

“Hmm…So did anyone hear about That Star that went Supernova in the constellation of Sagittarius? Sagittarius…The Astrological sign of December…Think it could be a Sign?”

“Dear Mr. Spacemen, although you offer to help from the shadows…secretly….That won’t work anymore. No, I’m afraid you’ll have to do it OUT IN THE OPEN NOW… After all, The Olympics start soon….A time for Champions…Hint Hint… And You are WAY PAST DUE… And this is not a request… The Timing, The Obstacles, The Work, The Miracles needed….It’s Time to Reach for The Best…”

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