I Dream of Reptiles

In a particularly lucid dream last night it seemed like I was in a basement of a huge museum or a warehouse filled with ancient artifacts when I came across one of those reptilian Annunaki leaders.

Thankfully, the dude was in a coffin or sarcophagus of some kind.

The box he was in was exquisite. It was adorned with jewels and gold trim and cryptic symbols and was fitted exactly to his body shape. Custom made, no doubt.

Being curious, someone in our group (I wasn’t alone) had the brilliant idea to open the damn thing. This decision was not unanimous.

The hinged lid opened very easily and swung completely over, giving us a great view of the enormous reptile.

He was stunning.

His skin was a green color that I have never seen before. Everything about him was powerful and muscular. His garments were made of a material that rivaled the very best silk and were sewn and decorated with meticulous precision.

His huge arms and hands were crossed over his chest. Around his head was wrapped some kind of bandana that consisted of golden balls stitched together on a fabric base.

The colors that made up his clothing ranged across the spectrum: blues, greens, yellows, oranges, reds, purples, blacks; all of them so rich and vibrant.

He was a sight to behold, most definitely a high ranking official or military leader, but I gotta tell ya, he was ugly.

No, I can’t find any beauty in a reptilian.

After a short time, his body began to vibrate and move, which surprised the group and I must admit that I considered running like hell out of that place.

We stayed, however, and as we watched, the reptilian’s body started to morph into something else.

Slowly, all of the color drained from his garments and jewelry and became a dull grey. His skin lost its luster and became dried and cracked.

His body contorted itself into a long, slender, tubular shape with no arms, head or legs and ended up a shade of dirt brown.

Please excuse me, but that majestic creature had transformed into a gigantic dog turd.

So much for the reptilians.

Good riddance.

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