Highlights from Valiant, II

As I mentioned before, I decided to post highlights from Valiant’s NOT easy to understand stuff later. Well, here it is.

Numbers play an important role in all of these messages and two things work against me here: I’m no mathematician or numerologist.

In his second post, Valiant describes “The Paradigm of Nine Worlds.” I’ve read this part at least a dozen times and I’m still scratching my head over its meaning.

I’ve taken all the references from his posts that mention this paradigm and listed them below.

And I need help. I’m actively seeking counsel here. Anybody who reads this (Bill, LidaV, Yvonne, Shannon, Claudia, ksense, et al.) is encouraged to speak up and make comments!

This part of Valiant’s narrative is so compelling and intriguing to me that I would rejoice in figuring out its meaning.

“There are several planets just like Earth, just like us, being watched, maneuvered and manipulated by various forces…As I have worded it before, for a very long time. It makes sense really when it comes to time, for beings that live so long to find so many similar places to visit.”

“But…there is so much more to it than that. Let’s just say for the sake of it, to give it a number. The number 9. 9 planets just like Earth. 9 is divine, 9 breaks the sign. 9 planets all experiencing similar cataclysmic events all at the same time…Transformations, divine interventions, being watched by higher powers via spaceships or heavenly eyes. 9 planets all falling apart at the same time. Coincidence?”

Okay. We’re not alone in this ascension, transformation, plastic surgery, whatever you want to call it. Nine planets at the same time. Which nine planets?

“If there were say, 9 planets, all doomed to undergo a cataclysm at the same time….with say, 8-10 billion people on each planet…and they were to suffer casualties of say 90% or more at the same time, that would be…unthinkable. That would be horrible. That would be catastrophic on so many levels, that whether you were religious, spiritual or not, would cause such chaos that it would seem beyond diabolical. Something evil would surely have to be behind it all.”

I agree completely. A scheme such as this would be infinitely evil, but the big W questions are pestering me. Who? Why?

“9 planets doomed at the same time. Can you imagine if over 100 billion souls suddenly ‘ascended’ unto a higher plane all at once? The higher realms would be overwhelmed, well for a little while. For them a little while, but for us, in our time, maybe say for 1,000 years?”

I’m assuming Valiant is painting a nasty picture of nine planets being destroyed at the same time and a whole bunch of souls ascending, which causes a little overcrowding in the higher realms. But 1,000 years?

“1,000 years…a time when both sides, the light and the dark would be preoccupied…with an overwhelming amount of new order, and the dark with this shiny new toy given unto them by a fellow planet with slightly more advanced science than we have…A shiny toy in the form of a super being they could play with, shape and spread across the universe.”

I’m lost here. Any ideas anyone? Super beings?

“1,000 years as an entirely new order was established…Old empires would crumble, new worlds would rise out of the ashes of old ones…and Ancient superior federations would find themselves stuck with a dilemma of unparalleled proportions as a new race stomps into existence and possibly threatens to wipe them out of the picture…for good. Let alone, when that new race reaches here in say just over 1,000 years…Would we be ready for that?”

So for 1,000 years there would chaotic action in the heavens, the rising and falling of civilizations and then a new and huge problem would appear: a race of beings emerges that could give the ancient federations serious heartburn when they get here in 1K years.

“The craziness of it all, it’s an impossible idea, story, plot. I mean if it were true, it’s enough to make you rethink your whole existence. It’s not like suddenly these alien powers would suddenly be so interested in intervening in the affairs and well-being of lesser worlds. That suddenly they in their fancy ships would be offering helping hands, or perhaps reprimanding some for some unknown reason. It’s enough to make some switch sides…fast. Its enough to make some powers hoard their money and cover their butts to find as safe a hiding place as can be…Because they sensed something was up, something was going on that they weren’t being told about…as things were definitely ultimately showing signs of falling apart.”

Hoarding money and finding a safe hiding place sounds a lot like stealing all the world’s riches and then hiding away in deep underground cities. Sound familiar? Something was tingling their senses which prodded them to prepare. Our ascension?

Now put away your bibles now, this isn’t in any book…It’s not like the bible would reveal that anyway, it clearly says on the first page how it’s been edited…
A trumpet, for every two thousand years The Hand of God touches the Earth, and any primitive planet really…
To observe, to inspect, to judge, the mortal worlds that grow…just checking in.
And The Hand of God has 5 fingers. There are 5, there were always 5, and always will be. 5 to lead, 5 to heed, and 7 chosen to do their deeds.
From the 5 fingers, 1 child of Africa, with a voice of thunder. I sure hope it’s calm and quiet in that country.
1 child of Asia, a prince of peace. Thank God everyone gets along there, I mean if they didn’t can you imagine what trouble that might bring?
1 child of Olive Skin born into the arms of Saints with a heart of Gold.
1 child of the Celts, a daughter, born in a land of lore and Ancient Stones with a sight that sees far and wide. As if she can see right through you…
And 1 child of North America, born to the Native Americans…a future ruler, a king or queen?”

I’ve mentioned these children before. I believe they are alive today on earth and the dark forces have been searching for them, hence all the missing children around the world.

“5 to lead, 5 to heed and 7 chosen to do their deeds.” What this means I have no idea.

“Imagine 9 worlds all sharing the same turning point…5 to each 9…Something cosmic, something celestial, something divine could be going on…”

So, five fingers to each of nine planets. Five divine children to each of nine worlds. But what is going on?

“5. So many secrets, those agendas well they just hide them, see. But the secrets all seem to point to the next 1,000 years. If you think this is the end, think again…Maybe it’s only the beginning…Only the end for being alone, but the beginning for working together. There’s a seven in there somewhere…”

The next 1K years are the beginning, the end of the loneliness, important for us because we start working together with other civilizations. The seven that Valiant mentions must be the Pleiades. Right?

“I’m just here to help, and it’s about helping everyone. You know how hard that is? And now the fact that there’s not just trouble here, but everywhere…and more to come. Like that isn’t a headache for
you. Can’t get enough sleep to help with that. And I don’t even know how long that light will shine or offer anything…in time, for time.
It’s not just the Earth that will move, but many worlds…and Empires will crumble. A serpent’s seed will turn and swallow it’s parents and then spread across the universe and then end up at our doorstep in just over 1,000 years…how many world’s will it smash in that time I wonder. And what could possibly stop that?”

This part scares me. Any child that eats its own parents gives me the willies. And then this friendly race knocks on our door in 1,000 years? Well, I’m not looking forward to that!

“First, for the man in Black…You asked about the 9 planets, why 9? Why 9 when so many are falling apart…what’s so special about those? Well, look carefully through my posts, I believe the clues are there…and more to come if I’m allowed…But to put it plainly for you, The Hand of God touches these 9 planets in particular…That is what makes them special…5 fingers to each, just imagine if they were all networked…WOW…”

I need more clues but it sounds as if these nine planets will be networked together, maybe forming some kind of super civilization. One of Valiant’s drawings, “Ancient Prophecies 8, A Paradigm of 9 Worlds,” depicts this network, I believe. Click here.

“The number 9…Like I said before, 9 is divine. 9 breaks the sign…but to have it under dire circumstances, uh oh…Like 9 planets in peril at the same time (or a lot more)…9 triangles of mystery…or like 9 days of wrath following December 12th if the world hasn’t truly gotten it’s act together. You just don’t want to mess around when it comes to 9…”

I most definitely do not like the sound of “9 days of wrath following December 12th.”

December 12 represents what Metatron calls the True Ascension (thanks to Yvonne for the reference):

“Dear Ones, that you term the Ascension can be defined as the transition to Crystalline dimensional expansion.   The final completions of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas are extremely important to the Crystalline Transition of the Earth. And the crystalline transition is tantamount to the 2012 Ascension. On the 12-12-12 the Crystallization of the planet will complete.”

If I have this right, when December 12 rolls around the crystallization of earth will be complete and if we don’t have our act together by that day, the next nine days ain’t gonna be any fun.

And so there ya have it. The NOT easy to understand stuff.

Any ideas?

30 thoughts on “Highlights from Valiant, II

  1. angelicview says:

    Mike, forgive me. It’s 0330 and I’m very tired. I only read the first third of your article and I’m going to have to get back with you tomorrow. However, I just wanted to point something out about the 1,000 years. Doesn’t the Bible say that (Christ?) will reign on Earth for 1,000 years? And in my interpretation, in that time the old world would crumble while the new world would be built. I don’t know. What do you think?

    • ksense says:

      To follow your path, Christ (consciousness) will reign for 1,000 years. That would mean that the ascended ones are the shiny new toys referred to as “super beings”. A cataclysm designed to preoccupy while the ascended ones develop over 1,000 years. I personally don’t put much stock in the cataclysmic scenario but am still open to any possibility. Remember also Valiant’s last post. Seems he was paid a visit and isn’t as cynical as before. I’d have to wait for the next one to get a read on the direction he goes.

    • mike0v says:


      Thank you. I’m not well-read in Biblical texts. So Christ consciousness reigns for 1,000 years and the ascended ones are new toys, but are we the ascended ones? In other words, those people who ascend become the super beings?

      Professor Argonza mentions on his blogs that there will be about 800 million souls to inhabit the new earth, which will be a mixture of starseeds, lightworkers and eligible humans. I’m assuming those 800 million will be the super beings.

      I agree that a cataclysmic scenario is unlikely. I don’t put much trust in channeled material, but Saul and Jesus, through John Smallman, always give uplifting, positive messages and assure us that all will be well. I tend to agree with them.

      Your observation of Valiant’s demeanor is quite good. I noticed the same thing. (You, too, Bill?) That visit seemed to help him a great deal and I believe the Pleiadians are offering him some healing and protection. (Does that sound about right, William?)

      Now that I’ve read your comments, along with Yvonne’s, I’m gonna spend some more time thinking.

      Thanks, ksense. Truly.

  2. Five (5) is the expansion of Man. There are 5 senses.

    Seven (7) is the Divinity in Man; or God exploring creation through the Human form using the five senses.

    Nine (9) is the Completion of Man. Man withdraws for the purpose of meditation upon life in order to gain wisdom and to teach. He then begins a new cycle. The Nine is the end of what was…

    You might also want to research what are called the “root races.” But I think these refer to the experimental models of humankind created using the variety of DNA donated by the creators of humans.

    I am one of those people (and I don’t know how many think as I do) that thinks “God” is not the one and only. There are many Gods. I feel the entity we are programmed to refer to as God is in charge of a small segment of space in the entirety of Creation. Whomever this Being is; this is his experiment. He has planted seeds (so to speak) and has been observing to see what is growing in his ‘garden’ (remember the Garden of Eden in Genesis?).

    Not only is this Being watching using an overview; but it has found a way to be totally interactive with what it has created using the 5 senses of the highly sensitive humanoid body.

    I believe that “God” resides in all bodies as a symbiont energy and uses the human body to experience and explore every possible situation a human can get itself into. God knows all?? I think not. God knows all that has been explored and experienced thus far, because it is the explorer. I feel each universe and each galaxy is assigned a “God.” And in my enlightenment moments it entered my thoughts that the Creator isn’t a Being; it is a device that allows thought to become a manifested form of one kind or another.

    Who “God” answers to I have no idea yet. Life is a riddle inside a riddle. The more you solve, the more there is to solve. But it’s the longest game in existence. It’s like playing a computer game. There are multiple levels. To get to the next level, you have to solve problems and survive all types of challenges. If you fail, your character dies, only to be reborn to start the game all over again; and you keep going at it until you are finally triumphant.

    I hope that helps a tiny bit Mike. But I have a feeling that I’ve opened another can of peas for you.

    • mike0v says:


      You know a lot more about this stuff than I do, so a few questions:

      Do you think the five children of God are real, that they really exist right now? From Valiant’s posts, it seems truthful to me.

      So, perhaps these young humans will be new leaders of our world? “Five to lead.” Could “five to heed” be these same leaders offering their wisdom that we should take to heart?

      “Seven chosen to do their deeds.” Lower ranking leaders of each continent on earth?

      Did you take a look at Valiant’s drawing, “Ancient Prophecies 8?” My son and I talked about it for an hour or more. I could go on and on, but in the drawing, one world is encased in a flowing, arterial-looking membrane. Does it seem like a symbol for earth trapped in the Veil?

      And when earth is released from the “membrane,” or veil, we will join the eight other planets in the network?

      Valiant says nine worlds sharing the same turning point. Something divine happening. Maybe that’s what is portrayed in the “Ancient Prophecies 8” drawing.

      Your observations of God and how the multi-verses are divided up fit perfectly with a lot of stuff I’ve read. Hidden Hand’s material is very good at describing this.

      Yes, my dear, I’ve opened another can of worms, but remember your reading of me: I used to be a scientist. I love digging into this stuff. You’ll notice that I chose not to pursue any more discussion of crystals because you were exactly correct. Way too much stuff to learn there.

      I await your answers…

  3. LidaV says:

    Mike, Yvonne, Shannon, ksense…and anyone else that wants to listen,
    There is so much more to this than you will ever know….you are, of course entitled to your own interpretations based on the resources you have available to you each…and there are so many, so diverse! Bill has read the Bible twice-at least, so he is aware of those prophecies…heavily edited by the ones in charge to suit their selfish purpose. He does NOT watch the news, read the conspiracy sits, or read others peoples theories. All his concepts are based on intuition and his own received messages. I do read all thos other things…for many years. So when relates something, I can verify what he has said is true, or has happened. Which is why I blieve him. I m almost 64. Can say I have heard this, seen that.
    I discussed this with Bill last night after I read him your post and are sorry you are missing some of the points. Just try not to over analyze, OK.

    There are 9 worlds…at least…going through the exact same thing we are. Facing catalysmic events and devastation if ‘things’ don’t change/are fixed before the time is up! (Hence the “Paradigm of Nine Worlds)They know this…the powers that are involved-watching-witnessing-actively manipulating…are well aware of what the consequnces are and are SCARED!!!! Because if it happens here…it will happen at the same time…to them too…on each and every planet that is experiencing this. The implications are overwhelming. The possible destruction too overwhelming to contemplate. So they are scrambling to find answers and solutions before we are all…and I do mean the Universe…completely destroyed. The energies Bill is feeling right now, this very minut, threaten to literally blow him to smithereens. Which is why his insides are in total chaos and he is in pain ALL THE TIME! He is terrified. You may see pessismism…but it fear!

    Whoever is controling this world…and there are those controling the others too…same mindset…and it is NOT good! They do not want to give up their control…they like being in charge. And when someone/something tries to change that, fix it (like Bill) they do anything and everything to stop it!! Well their time is up too…
    We are all pawns…including the alleged ‘powers that be’…and when we go down…TPTB go too…and the controllers don’t care. Except that they will also be GOING!

    When Bill naps for 15-30 minutes in the afternoon bcause he loses so much sleep at night…the visions and messages keep him awake…he completely collapses and passes out! He looks like death and this completely devastates me every single time.. He falls asleep in the living room recliner so I see this and it is heartwrenching, believe me! I live in fear daily for his life. What he has chosen to undertake, the amount of integrity he has toward this mission is beyond words and comprehension.

    He wants people to know what is going on …as above, so below…isn’t that how the Egyptians put it?
    The visit he had the other night by the Pleidians…yes it was them….was so urgent..an emergency to try and save him.
    Whether they were scanning, or reading him, or trying to heal his insides so that he can continue his work…we don’t know yet. He said he was starting to feel slightly better. I nnow that Earthly medical science will be complketely baffled if he ends up in the hospital. All they will be able to do is sedate him and give him massive pain meds to help him cope. And if he is unconscious…it will not help humanity…or our univeral counterparts/brothers & sisters. Relatives…that is what they all are.

    Before I forget….the ship that came the other night…it forced it’s way through. It was being blocked by the bad guys who did not want them to help Bill. They don’t want their evil plan upset, to lose their power, so they they have ben keeping the Pleidians out and away, but could not keep them away this time. And they will be back….Bill thinks, for all of us this time!
    And that is fine with me….but even if it is just for him, I can live with that.

    He still says that August is the ‘time’s up’ month….we all need to chose what sside we are on. There is no GRAY anymore….light or dark. We must chose….or else the Universe is at stake, not just our Earth.

    He continues to receive messages and will continue to post as long as he can… please God…let him go on! I don’t want to lose my son.

    And just so know….my BS degree was in Physics, equivalent in Math, minor in Chemistry. I wanted to go on to Astrophysics, but ‘life’ took me on another path. AND, I am a Field Investigator with MUFON…another passion of mine…another area I hve a lot of input into… So I can fill Bill in on the science stuff…including medical…cause that was my first interest. But Oh well…we are where we are supposed to be, aren’t we?

    Good wishes to everyone. Hope I’ve given you enough to think about!!

    • angelicview says:

      Wow LidaV! It sounds as if we were over-analyzing the words. I just don’t know what to say about Bill. I am glad he has family like the Pleiadians to help him.

      As far as everyone making a decision – 98% of people don’t even know there’s a decision to be made. When is this going to be broadcast to the people?


    • mike0v says:


      I can’t thank you enough for this comment. Really. With what you said, a great many missing puzzle pieces just appeared and put themselves into place.

      I very much appreciate your direction and correction concerning Bill’s posts. If I’ve gone a little too far with analyzing this stuff, please accept my apologies.

      It has become very clear to me that we will have to have a divine intervention in order to stop this craziness. I don’t see any other way around it.

      Naturally, a monumental concern is when the sleeping masses of humanity get to know what’s going on. Perhaps Saul, channeled through John Smallman, is correct when he says our collective awakening is very near.

      I believe the only way all of humanity will be prepared for December is to be given a gift of enlightening from Heaven. There isn’t enough time left for this responsibility to be handled by humans. Angels will have to take care of it.

      Bill, I’m glad you were visited by the Pleiadians. I want you to know that I was taken on board a ship last year during a vacation I took in the north Georgia mountains.

      What happened, I don’t know, but I can tell you that my outlook changed after that visit. It helped to make things better for me.

      I’ll take a different tack with my blog and leave the details to the angels.

      Get the rest you need, William. What you’re doing for us is a beautiful gift. Always remember you have support and love from many others and we will stand behind you no matter what.

  4. LidaV says:

    I am waiting for someone to pick up on Bill’s hint in his last post to put The Good Spirit on one of those flashing billboards on Times Square in New York….now that would be a big push…for people to decide!!!
    Whose side are you on? The Good or the Bad…time to chose!!!
    You are so right about that Shannon…!!!

  5. Oh Well; I guess this planet is truly in trouble then.

    I am not going to get myself twisted about it. I can’t afford to. It upsets and disrupts my cellular structure to the point where my blood pressure goes off the charts. Whatever Humanity decides to do as a collective is up to them. I have been trained to help either way the pendulum swings, and I have stood in readiness for about 22 years now.

    The worst that can happen is everything gets recycled.

    Actually people don’t realize that this planet almost got destroyed back in the mid-90’s and it took millions of souls throughout the universe to band together to divert the energies that would have blasted this planet to smitherens. This happened on a spur of the moment. I won’t tell you how I know; but trust me, it came from a reliable source who had to suddenly stop his normal activity and help form the protective energy to protect earth, and he was quite perturbed by the suddeness of it.

    I agree with Lida; there is are many more layers we are unaware of as we sit and live in these 3D ‘costumes of flesh.’

    August is the month of getting off our duffs because 2012 is the Universal Year of change on this planet and September is the month when major change will enact. It will be an intense energy month. What will change, I don’t know. I don’t know what form it will take. It might be invisible to the physical eye, but something will be adjusted. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    • mike0v says:

      Oh, so you’re gonna throw out some tasty tidbits just to tease me and then clam up?

      The 90’s thing? What happened? Reliable source?

      All of this sounds very interesting.

    • That ‘reliable source’ would be another one of my ‘stories.’ I shared a 27 year acquaintence with this person which began in 1974 and ended when he died. I was home alone one night and turned on the radio to listen to a well-respected phone-in talk show. The host had a guest for the entire hour who was a trance-channeler and psychic. This person prior to the show was featured in the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine; a prominent newspaper.

      At that time I was doing my own investigation about psychic phenomena, methods of divination, etc. They opened the phone lines for people to call in for a quickie ‘reading.’ I used to be painfully shy in those days and never would have dialed in; something pressed me to dial and I got through, but time ran out and my hopes were dashed. They gave this man’s address and told us to contact him if we wanted a reading. I wrote a letter asking for one, but I knew I would never get an answer. I was wrong. A week later I received a letter from him giving his phone number his address and to call to set an appointment. I was flabbergasted! He informed me he gets sacks of letters from the post office every week and he dumps the letters on his desk, runs his hand above the pile, and allows Spirit to choose who should get a reading.

      Prior to my tuning in the radio show I had gone to a psychic tea and a reader told me I would connect with a man who lives about 70 miles away and when I get an invitation to meet him, “go.” I already crossed that off my mind. I didn’t like long rides and who was this man?? I was having none of it.

      I called, set up the appointment and took the 2 hour drive to his home. He told me to bring a list of questions to ask. I asked him what his fee was, and he told me “nothing…..” He and his wife welcomed me and my husband, had us relax a bit before he took me into his study to begin. He had his tape recorder ready so I would have a copy of our session and he explained the process of vacating his body and another entity comes in: a Dr Fischer would converse with me and answer any questions I might have. I had a list of 18 questions, and only needed to refer to about 3. Dr Fischer knew what I was going to ask before I asked them and gave me information. I was shaken. I’d had readings before, but they were psychic readings. This was deeper. It was different because Dr Fischer was able to read my akashic record to provide answers to my questions. I left with my tape so I could transcribe and read it over and over again to gain deeper understanding. I didn’t ask for another Reading until 5 years later; and I was granted one, free of charge again.

      I was impressed because Dr Fischer addressed me first and then asked “How may I serve you??” Again I had my questions, and most were not needed. He knew what we had discussed in the original reading and made reference to reminding me of things he told me. One could say (if they doubt such abilities) that he kept a recording and reviewed it before I came; but that would have been impossible. Before Elwood Babbitt left his body he left me in charge of starting the tape recorder and it if the tape needed to be turned over, I had to do that as well. No one was in the room with us. My husband was in the kitchen laughing and talking with Elwood’s wife. I learned a lot from this man. I would always work with my readings to expand my awareness. He was very careful not to give me anything negative to dwell upon because they did not want me to create a thoughtform out of fear. And they only told you information that affected the current life. There have been a number of books written about this man, and in the beginning, he was tested by MIT for fakery. They found nothing. I have met two very influential men in this life: one was Elwood Babbitt and the other was Patrick Flanagan.

      If you go to Youtube and type in Elwood Babbitt, you can view videos of some of his talks about Spirit. He was a very simple man. He lived in the rural mountains of western Massachusetts in a cabin he built with his own hands. He drove a school bus for his bread and butter money, and was poor. He didn’t come to make money. He came to serve spirit. People would travel for miles to attend one of his lectures. Rarely wore a suit; his attire was always jeans and a flannel shirt with work boots. He was a Marine in WWII stationed in Hawaii when the Japanese attacked the Arizona. He was in hand to hand combat in the islands fighting the Japanese and led platoons. He was able to lead his men away from traps because his Guides helped him. Someone wrote a book about his days in combat and it was very interesting. What he saw and experienced.. from a spiritual aspect.

    • mike0v says:

      I have no idea how to respond to this, Yvonne.

      I certainly hope you think your life has been extraordinary because I sure do.

      In the spiritual section of all the bookstores should be several copies of books written by you.

      Now I have to do more reading. It’s getting hard to keep up!

    • This is so wise, Yvonne, and you are the second person to confirm (actually, I take that back, the third) person who has spoken of the events around 1996. For me, that was when my son was born. :) And I was not awake, yet (well, I thought I was, but in a different paradigm, lol).

      I sincerely hope you are right about September.

      I have to say that I have been receiving messages about the September Equinox and up through October 6/7 and then again on the 28th. The Equinox and Oct 6/7 date have been personally significant shifts and “anniversaries” to me, but I’m told inside that this is because they are windows of opportunity around which personal events in my life have aligned, but there is energy there for the entire planet.

      I sure hope something happens very soon this fall — big, dramatic, and something “setting to rights” of the balance of power. I am in a true pickle personally, and it would be really amazing to be released from this pickle along with so many others who are being pickled on the planet right now, lol! Actually, there are so many around the world that just need to be free and whole again. My heart is especially with Africa and Asia, but really, *everywhere* and *everyone* needs this freedom so badly. I know that with a part of us, we area already divine, sovereign and free, but we really need to wake up to it and claim our sovereignty and freedom!

      I have three very special people who also need to wake up fully. I’m hoping their internal alarm clocks go off very soon.

      Anyway, thank you everyone for the comments for this post. I have enjoyed reading them and they have helped me a lot!
      Calliope the Muse

  6. LidaV says:

    Mike, Yvonne & Shanon…

    Don’t ever feel the the need to apologize. Your insights have been very inspiring and sometimes eyeopening…even Bill has said that. It is good to see the picture through someone else’s eyes…just another perspective and always a valuable piece to any puzzle. And this one is at least a million piecer!!! (I do so love love my jigsaw puzzles!)
    …too bad they give me headaches sometimes…and MY blood pressure goes through the roof.

    Please keep your comments comng. It is wonderful to know there are people listenng and of the same mind. ike, your comments are usually right on, say 99%. Still a 4.0 in my book.

    Whatever happens we can be here for each other at last.

    NO I did not know about the ‘Event’ in the 90’s that almost took us out….and it had nothing to do with Bill C and Monica.
    Great distraction wasn’t it!!

    Which reminds me, I must get my copy of ET 101….for my Nook & Zoom readers! How did I miss that?
    That you all for your loving support…
    Godspeed to us all.

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you, dear LidaV.

      I’ll definitely keep up with the posts and throw my two cents in, but what is more important is Bill keeping his health and making it through this quagmire.

      In my meditations I’ve seen glimpses of the outcome of 2012 and all of the imagery has been beautiful. In one of my next posts I’m gonna describe them. I’ve had about four, if I remember correctly.

      Another interesting thing I’ve noticed, and I’m sure all of you know this already, is that the spiritual beings/ascended masters/ETs read all of these blogs on the internet and I believe, in some small way, our words have an effect on their operations.

      A very compelling reason to keep typing like a madman!

      Hey, you guys up there!

      Mind your pace! Chop, chop!

      Time to get rolling!

  7. LidaV says:

    Just love the way you think!

  8. ksense says:

    LidaV, thanks for the clarifications. That gives us much to ponder. I was discussing the matter with my wife and she, being the logical one said “why doesn’t he just come out and say it in a way we can understand?? Why does everything that has to do with spirituality always have to be a freakin’ riddle??” I had to admit that I don’t know. Why did Jesus speak in parables that obviously confused his disciples? Control, maybe? Anyway… thanks again and I look forward to the next post from Valiant.

    • mike0v says:


      Agreed. This clarification has helped me quite a bit. I’m still pondering.

      And your wife is right. Riddles, riddles, riddles…

  9. LidaV says:

    What is the fun in ‘just saying it’ ? When self-discovery is so much more fun and so fulfilling! (just kidding about the fun part…)
    He gets his info much like that…in riddles and has to deceifer it himself enough to post ..and sometimes it’s not clear until after it’s posted. Because of the urgency of those messages, he notes what he wants to say and then it just makes it’s way to the page ASAP….much like his artwork. Since the artwork takes so much longer….he worked on that years prior to it making it to canvas, not even realizing why he just drew or painted what he did. Just knew he had to do it then for some future use.

    …and then there was his book…Mike, did he tell you about his ‘published’ book. It was called “Higher Forces” and it was published in 2000. Cover art was his too. It was a fascinating work of Paranormal/thriller fiction then, based on his dreams from before (10 years worth)…that seem to be coming true now!!! Think the TV show “Heroes” and the movie “I Am Number Four”. The similarities are striking….
    Raye @ RMN interviewed him over that, locking on the chapter on the Anasasi. And this was pretty much how his journey with RMN started…many interviews later, he posts his visions now!

    He has the sequel already written and saved for many years now but did not like the way the publisher did not market the first one, so he opted out of the deal to publish the second one.

    I told there was more to Bill/Valiant than meets the eye…we have some really intersting discussions around here. And many ‘funny’ things happening.

    • mike0v says:

      I’m going to agree with you, dear LidaV. Reluctantly, yes, but agreeing all the same.

      My visions are just like this. Nothing ever comes to me during meditation or dreams in a neat, logical package. Everything is always so damn obscure and symbolic! Sometimes my spirit guides give me the same message over and over until I “get it.”

      But there are other times when I understand very easily what they’re saying to me, like the dream about the reptiles I wrote about. The magnificent, lordly reptilian morphs into a big, fat turd. See? Easy.

      And then there are the recurring visions and dreams that point to my mission. I’ve seen myself as a teacher so many times during meditation that it’s very obvious that I’ll be instructing someone about something after December.

      I’m curious. Has Bill been given insight into his mission? Not for now, but for in the near future?

      Finally, there is a neat little synchronicity going on here. Just today I was thinking about Bill’s book and what it might be about. I even wondered if it was available to buy. Very interesting.

      So, how about it? Any copies laying around? I’d love to escape into a good novel right about now. Price is no problem. I’ll pay whatever he wants. Let me know.

  10. LidaV says:

    I’ll have a look around…we had a few but they are misaid. Otherwise I’ll send you one myself…from the Publisher. My little gift!

    Funny, we must be on the same page. I asked him today what he sees or expects for 2013 and he said he didn’t know. He is more concerned bout his mission now, and: how extremely important it is for us AND the Universe!

    Clearly your ‘magic box’ is slowly being cracked open.

    • mike0v says:

      By the way, I just reread one of your comments about being a MUFON investigator. It’s uncanny. I was looking into becoming one myself, but never went through with it.

      Plus, have you gone all the way back to the beginning of my blog? I have photos and videos of space craft that have visited me throughout the posts.

      In total, I’ve seen at least 10 space craft. I even had one visit me right before I left for work on two consecutive mornings.

    • May I hop in here and say when I was reviewing Bill’s chart work I “got” that he is to work with children in the future. The advanced children that are coming in right now. These would be (I feel) in the neighborhood of 1 to 6 year olds. There will be more of a telepathic communication between them once they are introduced to one another. There is a lot of work to do, and these young ones are born to do it. How they will be working together, I have no idea. This will totally be up to them. It’s all been pre-arranged. And could I also say that the paintings have already been painted or created; every last one of them by Bill before he arranged to take physical form here. He is simply re-creating them in the 3rd dimensional plane. He knew they would be needed and manifested to make sure they ‘arrived.’

  11. Thank you, Mike, and thank you especially LidaV for the further explanation which strengthened what I was seeing at first reading. I’m really happy to have the information from Valiant/Bill and also the additional info from LidaV.

    Mike, sorry I have not been around more. I have only 10 more days in my city before changing countries again, back to Colorado (which kinda freaks me out now that I know all that I know about Colorado and with what just happened there, too). I know and understand at this point that the “team dark” forces completely know I am awake, and they are messing with me, more so in 3D than in 4D with passport issues, complications with air tickets, having to change dates, and so on. The interesting thing to me with what I read with this post and comments is that I was due to arrive in Colorado closer to Aug 4/5, but now I am actually going to be there on July 31!

    There is a huge part of me that is hoping something truly amazing happens in August. I know with my life as a microcosm of the greater process happening to all of humankind, I am in sore need of some more 3D verification of what has been going on for me in 4/5/6D for a long while now. I’m thankful for my Pleiadian presences as well as my other guides and higher self: I do absolutely feel them watching over me and assisting. But they wisely have me doing most of my own work still, lol, and I’m getting kinda pooped! I’m also in a situation that seems just plain unsolvable unless some of the stuff that is being predicted actually happens. Because of what is happening to me personally, I really do understand that perhaps there is something big and amazing just around the corner. I am about to become one of those Lightworkers & Starseeds that only has one suitcase full of stuff to her name, and thankfully due to a kind ex-husband, a room for a time in which to sleep. But that’s it. I’m feeling freaked and yet also have this sense of “Bring it on!” inside of me. It’s further verification of how radical things are and are to become.

    You wrote about this in another post I quickly read — about everyone knowing who and what they are except for those asleep, and those of us awakened are kinda petering out a little, eh? I’m still hanging on, but this dramatic change in my life right now has me just plain tired.

    Thank you, Mike, and as I can I will come back and visit! I like the stuff you post here a lot and I have learned a lot from your posts. I appreciate the work you do.

    Take care,
    Calliope the Muse

    • Calliope; do not always assume that the ‘dark forces’ are the reason why things are delayed in your life.

      You would be surprised how often the ‘good’ side will delay your intentions in order to help you.

      Perhaps it would not be to your benefit to be present in Colorado on the date you intended. There might be something energy-wise that would not be conducive to your well-being. Delays can be good………

    • Good point! I recognize this could be the case in this situation. I definitely know (because of the source of what is happening to me and why I am going to the US) that “team dark” is ultimately responsible for the situation, but I also sense that my team is in full control of it all, and while challenges may be there & allowed to test the communication and other systems in me, it’s all going to be okay. I am not afraid, just annoyed, lol.

      Some around blogs refer to them as “ankle biters” and that is just it, ha! Really annoying at times and when in quantity, but they can’t do any true harm when I know who and what they are and what they are up to.

      It’s true in this case that things worked out (so far) for this earlier date, which I do feel is a better one based on some things that I think could go on in the coming weeks. I’ll be glad to be settled in a little earlier than I first thought.

      Thank you. :)

    • “Some around blogs …”

      *giggle* I meant that to come out differently! I think it was supposed to be “Some blogs around the bloghood…” or something like that. :)

    • mike0v says:

      You and Yvonne are amazing. You know that, don’t you?

    • Thanks, Mike. :) I appreciate hearing that. I was having a bit of a meltdown this evening, freaking on all I need to do (I quit smoking, lololol. Lord maybe this was not the time to do that! On top of everything. But my body was insisting. Just need a couple more days to kick it out and I should be copacetic).

      So yeah, that was nice to read this evening, Euro Time. :)

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