For the Starseeds, the Lonely Minority

One of the most enjoyable pieces of literature I’ve read is “E.T. 101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual.” The book was published in July 1990 and I’m sure any long-awakened humans remember it.

I came across it in the last year, bought the eBook version and laughed from the beginning to end while reading it. (The book is still available here.)

Torrential downpours of information have soaked the lightworker starseed community and a great deal of it is complete malarkey, as far as I’m concerned. There’s only so much we can take before we start to cull the offerings.

Well, “E.T. 101” is a worthwhile expenditure of your time. It’s short, it’s funny and it’s like hitting a bulls-eye with a dart in its depiction of this wacky experiment we’re living in.

At the end of the book is an invitation, which is one of the most heartfelt bunch of words I’ve ever read about the loneliness and pain of being a lightworker starseed and what we can expect after all this is over.

“We know that this mission is not easy. We also know that many tears have been shed in the awesome process of its spiritual unfoldment. Be consoled in knowing that all tears are soon to be wiped from your eyes and all your pain dismissed and forgotten. The glory and joy of what is about to transpire will render all you have endured a minor expense, a price you would be more than willing to pay again.”

“You are all cordially invited to attend the birthday celebration that marks this mission’s successful end. This celebration will put all the combined feasts of every  earthly head of state to shame. Such feasts will seem pathetic gestures compared to the party that Spirit is about to throw in your name. The revelation of the nature of your presence on this plane will soon be announced. You will be known as the honored guests of the Spirit you came to serve, a disclosure that will lend an entirely new meaning to the saying ‘a star-studded cast.'”

(I have seen this party in a vision during meditation. Imagine a table hundreds of miles long with thousands of people sitting in chairs next to each other and as you look left and right, the table, which is adorned with all kinds of fine stuff, stretches to each horizon. Everyone sitting at the table, by the way, is laughing and grinning and having a hell of a good time.)

“The dress code is simple but mandatory. You must come clothed in your full presence, dressed in the spiritual light of the Lords that you are. Clothe yourselves in the finery that befits Spirit’s messengers to this plane. Come out of your hiding and come fully attired as the distinguished members of Spirit’s divine delivery system of the stars. Come, in short, as you truly are.”

(In my vision, everyone is wearing black gowns like you see at a graduation ceremony.)

“We bless you all for your courage and your commitment and we honor you for your accomplishments on this plane. Take heart in the knowledge that your task is almost over. This carbon-based planet will shortly burst into a diamond, a gem in the crown of this solar system’s skies. The celebration will then begin.”

“This is Mission Control – Over and out.”

10 thoughts on “For the Starseeds, the Lonely Minority

  1. Mike, I don’t have access to my library, but doesn’t that book have another invitation to become a member of something or other? If it does; I sent the request in and got a membership card back. I was taking great leaps of faith back in the 90’s…. Lightworkers were being introduced to our other connection (the so-called alien population).

    • mike0v says:


      Yeah, the book has an invitation to join a membership club of some sort, but I can’t remember anything about it. I’ve come across other lightworkers online who have cards, also.

      I’m glad you took leaps of faith in the 90’s. We needed somebody to get the juices flowing. The only thing I was working on in the 90’s was becoming a very unhappily married man.

      I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It’s pithy, quirky, offbeat and direct. Just the kind of stuff I like to read.

      And the love and compassion for us that fills the pages is most welcome. Maybe it’s time for me to reread it…

  2. Yes……. I know what you mean. There are times I forget that something and someone cares. It’s easy to get into that frame of mind during these times. And depending upon what your role is; your body and emotional levels get stressed out.

    I can only imagine what Bill is going thru. His body is being pushed and pulled to the max. If you don’t have protection it can kill you.

    The gentleman who used to give me individual “life readings” channeled a great variety of disembodied personalities along with High Energy Forces. One time he was channeling one of the Master Forces of Creation and almost died afterwards. He was in the bed for 2 weeks. As I understand it, in order for the Master Forces to contact us, it must be ‘filtered’ down quite a bit or the cells of the human body will totally disrupt, and death will occur due to an overload of amperage.

    There are souls (not in physical body) capable of adjusting the cellular structure so that it experiences the least amount of disruption while a human allows his or her body to be in contact with forces of that frequency.

    Let’s hope that Bill gets the additional help he requires. And if Lida is reading this; try not to leave your son alone while he is receiving his transmissions. His body will draw on your body’s energy to help balance his. Perhaps it is time to consider placing quartz crystals around his chair when this is going on. Crystals that have been programmed to keep a clear energy field; and consider placing one at the base of each corner of the house, perhaps along with a black tourmaline. They are good for deflecting negative energies. And I haven’t thought of this one in a long time: smudging and cleansing the surrounding energies using sage. Native tribes have used this for eons, and still do.

  3. LidaV says:

    Almost all of his transmissions come to him overnight…during sleep, or just before. He already uses crystals during that time and during meditation. Traditional medical help last year just gave him the around. Serious bed rest and pain meds for relief is the only thing that works…not even natural remedies such as herbs or supplements help.
    His Grandmother was a physical therapist and faithful practitioner of alternative medecine. But she  is gone now. Yes, it is a quandry he is in.
    …didn’t know about the black tourmaline, tho, but am sure he does!
    PS, he is also OCD….and it manifests in his need to maintain order in all physical placement of household objects…to keep the proper flow of energy. He is constantly rearranging things I set down . I know OCD is the wrong term…but holy cow…it is nerve racking.

    • So what he is doing is leaving the body and going to the dimension (I feel it is the 11th) where his Angelic Forces reside to retrieve what needs to manifest in 3D. I’m thinking ‘chi’ exercises to keep the energy freely flowing along his nervous system.
      I have found energy work to be painful. Part of my work is to absorb energy codes released thru the sun and pass them into what I call the ‘motherboard’ of the planet. Last year I had pain that made me wake up from a sound sleep and I could not get back to sleep until they resided which most times took 45 minutes. I’ve never had such discomfort. I am not a ‘pain tolerant’ person.

      Every time the sun releases a solar ‘anything’ my body instantly reacts long before the ‘usual sources’ announce it via newsletters, etc. I have another friend who does this type of energy work as well, but what he absorbs and passes into the earth is much more powerful than what I am assigned to do; and his body is torn up from it. He is in constant pain, but he keeps on moving and uses art work to divert his attention from the pain.

      Mike; Ellie is involved with this energy work as well. It’s doing a number on her body too. The thing is; none of us knew we signed up for this until the last few years when the sun started becoming extremely active with the flares and winds. Prior to these years if the sun had 2 solar flares a year it was something. Then when the energies stepped up to give people a kick in the behind the sun started giving off something every month, then multiple times a month.

      I could not take the constant discomfort anymore and had a talk with my work crew from home and told them they had to do something or else take me off this assignment. The pain instantly resided when the new year started. I still have zaps, zings and twinges; but nothing like I was (thank goodness). And a quick tai chi exercise helps to loosen up trapped energy when there is a need.

    • mike0v says:

      I’m a little familiar with Ellie’s story. I’ve read a few posts of hers. She gets help from her life partner, Plen, right? I know she’s been taken on board a ship several times.

      Your story and Denise LeFay’s story are similar. I’ve mentioned this before but she had to DEMAND help from above or she was gonna quit.

      Is this something that Bill should try?

      I have no idea. You guys are WAY ahead of me in this spiritual energy business. I just see things…

  4. Many years ago, my body began shifting and expanding. I was getting the electrical buzzing from head to toe when I relaxed in bed or on the sofa back in the late 80’s. I was getting tones in my ear as well.

    The tones increased sometimes to where it almost became painful because they were very high pitched.

    I had to ask what to do during my next “reading session” with Dr. Fischer. He told me (and I forget the exact wording) who was making adjustments in my physical ears, and to tell them to tone it down because it was too uncomfortable for me.

    He told me that they are not in human body, and have no idea they are making things uncomfortable for you unless you tell them. I verbally told them, and had no trouble from then on.

    You never know “who” is working on your body. The electrical buzzing was being performed by a master teacher from the “Temple of Disciples.” The ear tones were being performed by two East Indian entities. When I requested a body check-up Dr Fischer had a Dr Schultz and his fellow physicians look me over. (I miss this particular service)

    They would do a body scan and tell me if anything was physically out of balance, and if so, would tell me what herbs, minerals, etc to take and where to obtain them (sort of like the Edgar Cayce readings). They were able to see if something was ‘in the wind’ that would make a physical manifestation and cause illness.

    I was always amazed at what they knew. Dr Fischer was the first one to tell me I would lose my husband to the Alzheimer’s condition. I didn’t want to hear it, and I asked if there was something I could do to stop or delay it. He told me “no.” It was a karmic condition. I tried like heck. Gave my husband all sorts of supplements. Then found out he wasn’t taking them when my back was turned. I found the capsules hidden over the house after taking him to a nursing home. He knew…… and he knew why he had to go through this.

    They watch you when necessary and know your movements; what you do, who you talk to. I’ve seen proof of this.
    So just because you think you are alone in a room; you aren’t. Dr Fischer resided in the 5th dimension.
    When he was last in physical body, he was Dr Frederick Fischer in England in the 1800’s.

    So I give Bill advice: Tell them verbally that you are uncomfortable and to step down the energies. Don’t be a whimp about it. Firmly command they assist you.

    • mike0v says:


      Once again, I don’t know what to say.

      I’m gonna turn this into a post. I HAVE to turn this into a post.

      I will be forever grateful for meeting you, dear lady.

      We will have so much to talk about when this is over…

      When I have time today I’ll put this up as an entry on my blog.

  5. LidaV says:

    Yvonne…thank you so much!!!
    I will tell him this right away. I have alrady asked him to ease off on the postings because of the incredible strain it puts on his body. I know he is a receptor for a very high energy transmission and it is doing too much damage to him. I see it daily. It is awful.
    My science background has told me years ago what kind of damage the passage of intense energy does to physical matter…and human tissues and cells are no exception. My physics professor did her thesis on lasers and masers-light and sound of increased frequency-so we did a lot of studies and experiments on those. I am not an expert, but I know enough to tell me he must back off ..or ‘request relief’ , which would be best.

    I find your descriptions of the ear tones amazing. I have such a high pitched noise in my left ear, including buzzing…ALL THE TIME. Have they been trying to tell me something too and I am just not paying attention? If that would take some relief off of Bill, I would be open to it! I have had this for years though, so it may be just physical. Ear Dr has told me I have 60 % hearing loss in my left ear and would need surgery…which I am not open to. So I put up with that every day, but do wish it would stop or lessen.
    I have also seen movement out of the corners of my eyes, mostly quick flashes…once or twice I swore it was someone in a light blue jump suit!! Bill told me it was the Pleidians watching the house…which is possible. My husband literally got out of his chair to go to the window when he saw that! I have also been shaken awake, on my shoulder at night and my daughter, Bill’s sister, was caressed on her forearm while walking toward her car one afternoon recently…I was with her. She was also touched from above on her shoulder in her room.
    So I know someone is trying to communicate with us. Fortunately it is not the ‘scary’ type of contact, so I am hoping it is not an ‘evil entity’ for nothing bad follows such contact.

    Yikes, the veil is definitely thinning or else someone is trying to tell us something and we are not listning properly.
    …we must pay better attention I think!

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