If You Truly Want to Know…

I’m bringing back two references from the internet that can only be described as excellent. This material does such a good job of describing our existence here on earth that I can’t recommend them enough.

If I come across any newly awakened people, the first thing I’ll do is have them read and watch this stuff.

Text material:

In 2008, Kerry Cassidy interviewed James of the WingMakers website. This interview brought the WingMakers material up to date with our current global situation.

If you truly wish to know what is really going on here, read the transcript linked below. If you read it, you’ll understand why I highly recommend it.

It’s long but absolutely well worth your time.

James: The Sovereign Integral Interview

Video material:

Zingdad maintains an excellent website devoted to lightworkers and the issues revolving around the singularity in December.

His book, “The Ascension Papers” should be read by any awakened human. (Ask Shannon. She’ll tell ya.)

His few videos archived on his site are quite good, but the glowing, shining example of wisdom and truth is his selection called “The Disclosure Issue.”

Zingdad channels Adamu, and even though I hesitate to recommend channeled material, this video will resonate with anyone who watches it. Guaranteed.

“The Disclosure Issue” runs in two parts and lasts for a total of about 30 minutes. Watch the video, don’t read the transcript, and don’t be discouraged if you think the video concerns itself with only disclosure. It doesn’t. It’s wide-ranging and a masterpiece.

Adamu Speaks, The Disclosure Issue

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