Night Sighting

In 1957, at the Savannah River Nuclear Site, my dad had the quintessential UFO military encounter.

After graduating from college, he spent two years active duty as a Lieutenant in the Army. He became a general’s assistant somehow while he was stationed at Savannah.

A rough outline of the story is all I have, so details will be sketchy, but while he was working the midnight shift and overseeing operations, a UFO parked itself directly above the nuclear plant.

Two radar operators were working that night and phoned my dad to tell him about a crazy anomaly that was showing up on their displays. It was shaped like a diamond and was bright blue in color.

Naturally, orders were given to investigate, security patrols were dispatched and personnel on the night shift became busier than usual.

According to the old man, the craft just hovered there, maybe a few hundred feet above ground. What’s amazing is that it stayed there for about two hours without moving.

I’m assuming that the military can exercise good judgement from time to time because no shots were fired at the craft and no attempt to use high explosives to destroy it were used.

Makes sense, too. The site is in a suburban area. Any commotion like thunderous blasts from military hardware in the middle of the night would have drawn the attention of people. Maybe lots of people.

As quietly as the craft arrived, it also disappeared, well before sunrise.

As you can imagine, what to do next was an issue.

Simple details are all I have, but from what I understand, the radar operators were unsure of what to do with their nightly reports which had to be turned over to a commanding officer in the morning.

My dad was in charge of these reports, which included printed images of what was seen on the radar displays, and after some internal debate, he decided “what the hell?” and submitted them as they were. No changes. No deletions.

Naturally, when word started traveling upward in the military brass, phones started ringing and “debriefings” were scheduled.

The ending of this story isn’t spectacular or exciting in any way, which is probably for the best, as my dad and the radar operators were told to keep their mouths shut and never speak of the incident again.

The old man did pretty good, if you ask me. I didn’t know anything about this experience until 2011, 54 years after it happened.

And if anyone wants to know if ETs monitor our nuclear activities, tell them, “You betcha. They sure do.”

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