Day Sighting

My son and I went to an Atlanta Braves baseball game in the summer of 2011.

Our seats weren’t the greatest but the stadium wasn’t full, so we were able to move about to get a better view of the game.

It was hot and the sky was typical of Atlanta in the summertime; clear, a little hazy with some scattered clouds and a humidity level that caused sticky discomfort.

After maybe two innings of play, my son noticed an object in the sky that appeared from behind a large array of billboard signs which sit next to the field.

At first, we thought the thing was a balloon because it was drifting very slowly on a path over the stadium, at an altitude of around 300 feet.

When it got closer to us, however, we realized it was no balloon.

It was a probe or a craft of some kind and it was very obvious. There was no doubt at all.

The thing was black with a triangular shape but the three pointed ends were rounded off and bulbous.

It was about the size of a riding lawnmower and it was absolutely silent.

Naturally, we pointed out the unusual object to some people sitting nearby, and this should come as no surprise to lightworkers, but they showed no interest whatsoever in the craft.

It passed directly over our heads and continued on its trajectory until out of sight behind some stadium structure.

I wanted to keep observing the object, so I ran down the concrete steps and zipped through a breezeway in hopes of keeping it in sight, but by the time I made it into an open area, it was gone.

I gotta tell ya, fellow lightworkers, we have one hell of a tough job ahead of us.

In a stadium with several thousand fans, in crisp and broad daylight and with nothing to obscure our vision, only two people in that whole damn place noticed or were concerned with an alien craft passing right over us.

Even though they’re evil bastards, you have to be impressed with the dark forces.

They have done a brilliant job of brainwashing people.

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