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Sometimes I get lucky and I consider this one of those times.

Just for the hell of it, I asked one of the regular visitors to my blog to share his story of awakening and allow me to post it here.

I had no way of knowing that such a spectacular tale would end up in my inbox.

Brad, my brother, thank you for this. It’s an honor to put your words on my blog.

I’ve been “awake” for 2 1/2 years now. It seems to be a common time frame for many of us.

At age 13 (1974) I had an encounter with a craft no more than 75 feet away. It was impossible to get anyone to take a child seriously about such a thing back then. Nothing dramatic happened as far as being abducted but it was real and it scared the crap out of me.

My wife and I have seen 3 other ships over the years. As a child, we lived in a subdivision built on an old plantation. Encounters with spirits were common for many of the kids who lived there, myself included. It was pretty frightening for an 8 year old to see people walking through the house at night. Even with these experiences I was still very much asleep to the truth of this world we live in.

The awakening came late in 2009 in the form of a massive heart attack at age 48. I believe it came about in part as a result of my heart chakra beginning to open.

That along with my preconceived  notions of life, lifestyle and diet. Melissa helped very much in the long recovery as she had her own awakening just 6 months earlier. It was as though my heart just melted away as snippets of truth came in.

A change of lifestyle was in order and I turned to daily exercise, stopped smoking and diet became fish, chicken and fresh greens from the garden.

I suppose mental rehab came in the form of committing to a life free from debt which was recently achieved. That truly is a ton of stress off of your shoulders.

As much as anyone else, I spend a couple of hours per day reading updates and awaiting the event. I really enjoy reading most blogs of the “community” with only a few exceptions.

Now Melissa and I enjoy our life together here in N. Georgia growing produce and giving it to various soup kitchens in the area. Pretty boring to some but a wonderful dream come true for us. Garden, well water, home and old truck paid for.

Beats the heck out of that hamster wheel we all get on when we buy the lie. I don’t think the young folk are buying into it as much as we did and that’s a good thing.


“How do we expect to ascend spiritually when we can’t even get past our politics?”

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