More Psychic Notes

I’ve got it figured out. I think.

Valiant’s artwork in my home has been like an injection of B vitamins for my psychic abilities.

It’s not possible to describe what I’ve been doing in the astral realms while dreaming. It is simply mind-boggling.

This “conscious dreaming” stuff is real. It’s so real, it’s like having two different lives.

One life you have here in waking consciousness and another one you have in the higher dimensions.

(Yeah, I know, I know. This is elementary spiritual school stuff. Like you would learn in spiritual kindergarten. Well, it’s still very cool to experience, thank you very much.)

When you’re awake in a dream, you can talk to other people and move around in the scene that is playing out before you and even drive a car.

Last night, while dreaming, I was in Britain, fumbling my way through a weird scenario but I had control over my words and actions.

(And it is hard as hell to drive on the left side of the road!)

(Note: this is not a third eye experience, but I thought it was. My guru has straightened me out on this subject and I am forever grateful. What I thought was third eye vision is really my spirit leaving my physical body. And I’m too lazy to rewrite the post.)

Also last night, while sleeping, and this was even more amazing, I opened my third eye.

I’ve managed to open my third eye twice while meditating.

These events lasted for very short periods of time, maybe a few seconds each.

But this third time in the sleep state was far, far different.

Why this happened, I don’t know, but when it did, it lasted for quite some time and I kept saying “Don’t go away! Stay here! Let me see more!”

The third eye viewing perspective is 360 degrees around your head. Our binocular vision as humans can’t compare to it.

Just like before, when it opened, I was immediately in deep space with gazillions of stars around me, everywhere I looked.

The blackness is so pure and rich, you can almost scoop some of it up with your hands.

The brilliance of the stars is like seeing real diamonds sparkling in sunshine.

This time, I was careful not to hurry any requests, which I did before.

This time, I asked very gently, “can you take me to a planet?”

It worked.

I started flying through space like a rocket but it became obvious very quickly that my navigation skills are extremely rusty.

My trajectory started wobbling and spiraling, so whomever was in control stopped me and I hovered.

As I sat there in the inky blackness, stars appeared in front of me and started to come together in geometrical forms, like squares and triangles and variations of them.

I watched the patterns and then realized that some kind of coding or trigger was being given to me.

The geometrical forms morphed into a holographic image of a human, outlined in a vibrant red.

The human shape then started to rotate and turn, over and over, slowly, so I could see the image from all angles, top to bottom, left and right.

And then, poof, it was over. I woke up.

Just unbelievable.

I’m relearning, sort of like recurrent training at work.

5 thoughts on “More Psychic Notes

  1. LidaV says:

    Guess it is really bringing out what ever is in your “Magic Box”…little by little so as not to overwwhelm you…this was the intention, I believe! What all those lines do. Your psychic classroom.

    In college as an equivvalent math major (settled on Physics tho), I had a class in Projective Geometry….how lines extend, or project out to become all the figures and shapes in reality…Also had one in Topology. Torus, Moebious Band, Klein Bottle, ets…very intriguing stuff. More metaphysical than mathematical!!

    Long ago, I aready knew I would be using all of this in the future. Go figure.

    I guess the swirling, moving lines in the artwork are meant for metaphysical stuff…like awakening our psyches, or 3rd eyes, the spiritual connection we need a this point in our evolution!!

    A+ Mike!!!

  2. LidaV says:

    you’re so funny!
    Have a wonderful time!!! See some more UFO’s, OK!

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