I know that I can’t possibly be alone when I say that I’m starting to get angry at the numerous delays for events to begin in our wondrous year of 2012.

I consider this a fair and just emotion to be felt by lightworkers because we are all equals. From the highest dimensional beings down to the lowliest sleeping human, we are One in the eyes of Divinity. All are One.

Instead of screaming my head off, which is what I’d like to do, I will, instead, present some interesting tidbits from the internet.

If you read the highlighted sections below, you will see that there appears to be opposing views concerning “the plan” and how responsive our friendly ETs in the skies above should have been and are supposed to be.

From Wanderer of the Skies, 21 July:

While you may not believe so, there is much that is going on in your world toward the results that the divine plan has been anticipating for a long time. We are here to see you through these times of doubt and help you in your mission. We understand the hardship that your memory loss of who you are and where you came from have brought upon you. We care and we are here. While you may not understand all the actions and non-actions that have been played out on the world stage, we say to you that all is proceeding according to the plan that was put in place long ago and you are all on course.

From Valiant, recent posts:

Dear Mr. Spacemen, although you offer to help from the shadows…secretly….That won’t work anymore. No, I’m afraid you’ll have to do it OUT IN THE OPEN NOW… After all, The Olympics start soon….A time for Champions…Hint Hint… And You are WAY PAST DUE… And this is not a request… The Timing, The Obstacles, The Work, The Miracles needed….It’s Time to Reach for The Best…

Dear Mr. Spacemen, So FEW races with sincere intentions…You will learn…Those hidden agendas, what a shame, that’s about to end…
And this time…
Maybe it’s YOU who should watch out for those LIGHTS.

Dear Mr. Spacemen, don’t worry, you won’t be forgotten…near nor far…Remember, we all share the same fate…
I’ve said enough, warned enough…But I will keep trying to help as much as I can…But I’m still not well, remember…But I will try, I promise.
By the end of June it’s TOO LATE…
All good gestures, all cooperation from then on must be BIG, BOLD and GREAT.

Dear Mr. Spacemen, I’ve said I’m doing my part…Though you still have a long way to go…And you may be scratching your head at that.
So here’s my contribution this time…
You all aren’t moving fast enough…So here’s a little, ‘PUSH.’
Now you know I hope, there’s a lot more than artwork going on here.
Please catch up fast, will you? And where’s your contribution? Public disclosure of alien interaction should occur by July 1st…deadlines deadlines…You’re losing points by the day now.

From what I can surmise, Valiant’s relationship with the ETs has been prickly; sometimes good, sometimes bad.

What I know for certain, however, is that our dear Valiant has chided the ETs several times in his posts.

In his latest message, it’s revealed to Valiant that our world is too toxic for the ETs, who are pure of spirit and heart, to make an appearance on earth anytime soon.

Well, I gotta tell ya, my brothers and sisters from the stars, that sounds like a load of crap to me.

20 thoughts on “Vent!

  1. ksense says:

    I get angry sometimes but tend to rely on my own intuition and inner guidance as “salvation”. Either way we hear could be true but does it really matter? I see a post where the GFL says (paraphrased) “a new financial system, governed by us to bring equity”….. I say, F. U! I don’t need another governor. I need freedom! Then I see a post where we’re told “it’s all up to you, we just want to whisper sweet nothings in your ear” (again, paraphrased). I say, F.U! That’s another form of mind control, or religion! I know, I know, it sounds harsh but I don’t want to live under anyone’s idea of what’s best. If the energies have an intended outcome for humanity then we just have to live (or not) with it. If we get through it, hopefully everyone will be awakened to the sacredness of the freewill of others and actually like their lives. If the Galactics want to help with things, great. If not, that’s fine, too.

    • mike0v says:

      “If we get through it, hopefully everyone will be awakened to the sacredness of the freewill of others and actually like their lives. If the Galactics want to help with things, great. If not, that’s fine, too.”

      Brad, you realize how profound those words are, right? Those sentences speak volumes.

      How come you don’t have your own blog? Or do you?

  2. They have been saying for many years now that the earth’s Thoughtforms from the minds of humans are too negative for them to actually land and spend time with us; that we are too toxic for them to bear. I can understand that. I have trouble with it myself off and on.

    I would rather they go back to the original plan to let the earth flip on its’ axis and let the chips fall where they may. It’s been done more than once. Most humans re-cycle and come back, or go some place else to continue on their journey. Let the earth split into two versions and those who want to stay asleep can be on their own planet, and those who want to advance into something better can on the new planet. That way, everyone gets to enjoy what they want to enjoy.

    • mike0v says:


      You knew I had to post something like this after our email exchange, right? It’s been eating me up inside.

      And now my view on this is getting broader and less touchy because of your comment and ksense’s comment.

      If the Galactics don’t want to help us, that’s quite alright. And like you said, let the earth flip on its axis and we’ll all go to an appropriate place.

      Sounds like a great idea to me. A lot less hassle.

      Thanks, you two.

  3. angelicview says:

    Yes, Yvonne. I see what you are saying. They keep telling us we have a choice that needs to be made. However, that choice has only been presented to a very limited number of people on the Earth. Those who are “awake”. No one else knows the first thing about it.

    So I think they should come out with it to everyone else. If they don’t, then it’s going to go down just like you’ve said. The damage will have been done to physicality, but each soul would make their choice after their physical death.

    • mike0v says:

      And that’s the problem, Shannon, just what you said. Nobody knows what’s going on.

      Well, who’s job is it to inform the world? You guys know how much all of us have tried to get the word out but are laughed at.

      If the ETs are tasked with this job, then they’re not doing it very well, if you ask me.

      We have five months left to get this information to seven billion people. Wow. That’s walking a fine line. Somebody better pull a rabbit out of their hat and soon.

    • angelicview says:

      Well… I guess from what my inner guidance tells me… the choice to (or not to) awaken is made on a soul level. And so it’s our individual self’s job to awaken or not.

      The question may be – awaken to what exactly? Well, I am awake to the fact that I am a light being in a physical body. I am awake to the fact that this world is an illusion and it is run by people who didn’t have our best interests at heart. I am awake to notion of… and possibility of… a better world. I feel love in my heart for the Earth, the Universe, People, Animals, and more. There are a lot of people who haven’t come to the same conclusions as I have. Some people don’t even think about things like that. As frustrating as it is for us – we may have to just understand that a lot of people who are here right now are just not ready to do the work to make a better world. Sad, but true.

  4. claudia says:

    I honestly do not believe that any ETs are out there to save us. Each one of us on this planet has to save ourself, free ourself from the Lies, Illusions we have allowed to disempower us. Here is a link of someone who is helping to awaken 20 Million people by end of 2012. I hope we can shake the apathy out of those who are entrenched in their me-me-me existences.

    • mike0v says:


      And I couldn’t agree more. After thinking about this more and more, I believe what ksense says is right: if the galactics don’t want to help us, fine.

      As a matter of fact, why are they here? Valiant says a lot of them are not honorable beings and they are here to watch us ascend, not necessarily to help.

      So, who needs them? Divinity is in charge of this process, right?

      Maybe the galactics should go home.

      And thanks for the links. More reading for me.

  5. angelicview says:

    One thing that gives me a little sigh of relief is that fact that my parents (daily) watch things like “The Colbert Report”. They TIVO it every day and watch it. Thank goodness! It’s their only hope of keeping them awake to the world in which they live! Not that it does anything for the spiritual side of it – but at least they pretty much get the gist of what’s really going on. Check this one out – you’ll love it:

  6. Prior to the last 10 years ago, there was never any talk about aliens coming to save us. As a matter of fact, aliens were rarely talked about.

    What I was told was: alien ships would land and take us (the lightworkers) to the various colonies of humans who were still alive after the earth’s flip on its axis; and this ‘flip’ would be an instant thing causing earthquakes and the rising and sinking of land with huge tsunamies washing ashore reaching as far inland as 70 miles.

    ‘They’ are not supposed to save us from the cabal or anything else. This is “our” lesson to learn. This is our mess to actually solve. You can’t teach a baby to walk by letting it use your legs. Yes; they could wipe out the cabal quite easily; but what would that do for humanity as a whole? The only thing it definitely will do is to give the impression that they can fall into the same quagmire and big brother and sister will come to save them once again. No lessons will be learned.

    The only way (that I can see) to get people to wake up extremely quick is to let everything fall. Let the economies completely fall and let everything collapse. People don’t start paying attention unless they have their creature comforts taken away with no hope of getting it back anytime soon.

    If the middle class hadn’t lost their foothold in society, we wouldn’t be as far along as we are. Middle class people were programmed into thinking that they had a niche in society and they were financially safe and secure forever, and if they played their cards right, they could cross over into the millionaire class.

    It (as far as I am concerned) was all a trap. They got people to invest in the stock market to build nest eggs for a comfty retirement and made the stock market tumble down again and again. People lost tons of money they could never get back. It was the beginning of the end for the Middle….

    • mike0v says:

      You’re right, you know, about a collapse. A collapse like that would definitely wake people up.

      Actually, something like that would be like getting electrocuted with high voltage!

  7. Carol says:

    All that stories about ETs who will save us, simply are not true. They are coming from lower astral plane. We have to go out from matrix (of our thinking) ourselves If they would save us, we would no learn to become masters of our minds.

  8. ksense says:

    This is just a little off-topic but since it came up……. I’ve noticed there are a few in the so-called spiritual community of bloggers who aren’t comfortable with those of us who question things. They chastise others and say we’re not doing the light work correctly. It occurs to me that this blind faith is no different than any other religious fanatic. If we can’t question what we’re being told, how are we supposed to grow?

    One channeler of galactic beings, one blogger who says “use discernment, but only my discernment” and one who doesn’t channel but is building a following faster than Jimmy Swaggart by having sessions with a great angel through a channeler. All of them caution against questioning their sources. I caution against getting caught up in that kind of thing. It’s starting to look like another religion.

    Any time we look outside of ourselves for those types of answers we risk creating these situations. It’s the nature of the paradigm. Yes, it sounds great that ET comes to help mankind defeat the Emperor and set a new course of integrity in worldwide operating systems and teaches us how to become ascended beings. Sign me up for that scenario but if it involves suppression of my free will, I’m not down with it. Sorry to ramble but my eyes were opened a little more this morning.

    • ksense says:

      I look at it this way…. if comments are closed after an article is posted it speaks volumes about the bloggers confidence in what he/she says. Either that, or they know it’s untrue. If you are able to submit a comment but it never gets posted then it’s censorship. Some will go as far as calling you a bully for disagreeing. If the blogger expects you to read-only his/her thoughts and makes statements like “it’s my blog” then ask yourself why the hell they would think that anyone would be interested in following their blog for any substantial amount of time. “Follow what I say and don’t question it” is dangerous in that there are many who WILL do just that.

    • mike0v says:


      I couldn’t agree more. I remember what Terrance McKenna said: “There is nobody that knows more than you do.”

      When I come across a guru or blogger who makes such a claim, that they know more than I do, then a red flag goes up immediately.

      Maybe in this life I’m not too smart, but when we return to spirit things will be different.

      Your comments are most welcome here. Let ’em fly!

  9. I agree with you. If you don’t question you won’t learn a darned thing, and you will never discover your truth. Had I stuck with church I would never know what I know. Church never wants you to question anything; just listen to passages read from the bible. Never question God. Never question what is written in the bible. I did at age 9. And my world expanded so very much. I haven’t attended a church since age 11 and I am glad to be free of that shoebox way of thinking.

    Question everything! Ask for assistance in understanding! It will take you to places you never thought possible… When I get serious and fed up I sit down and have a talk with God. Nothing formal; I talk to God as if we are friends, not child and parent. Friends. After all, we’re in this together. One hand washes the other (so to speak). We’re all helping God to understand how and what it is to be human in 3D.

    • ksense says:

      I went through the Southern Baptist gauntlet. They sure do use alot of shame, guilt and fear to get you to conform. If we point it out to them, we’re closed-minded and doomed to the fiery pit. :-) I saw the latest GFL message this morning using shame and guilt.

    • mike0v says:

      I went through the Roman Catholic gauntlet. Kneeling and confessions.

      The GFL has been outed before as STS. Inelia Benz and others have provided this intel.

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