Yvonne’s Excellent Advice

As everyone knows, from time to time there are made comments on a blog that are as good or better than what the blog owner writes and deserve to be on the “front page.”

For me, this happens all the time. Case in point: Yvonne’s narrative below.

If you’re a lightworker and need advice about taking care of yourself, read on.

(You are Heaven-sent, dear Yvonne.)

Many years ago, my body began shifting and expanding.  I was getting the electrical buzzing from head to toe when I relaxed in bed or on the sofa back in the late 80’s.  I was getting tones in my ear as well.

The tones increased sometimes to where it almost became painful because they were very high pitched.

I had to ask what to do during my next “reading session” with Dr. Fischer.  He told me (and I forget the exact wording) who was making adjustments in my physical ears and to tell them to tone it down because it was too uncomfortable for me.

He told me that they are not in a human body and have no idea they are making things uncomfortable for you unless you tell them. I verbally told them and had no trouble from then on.

You never know “who” is working on your body. The electrical buzzing was being performed by a master teacher from the “Temple of Disciples.” The ear tones were being performed by two East Indian entities.

When I requested a body check-up, Dr. Fischer had a Dr. Schultz and his fellow physicians look me over.  (I miss this particular service.)

They would do a body scan and tell me if anything was physically out of balance, and if so, would tell me what herbs, minerals, etc. to take and where to obtain them (sort of like the Edgar Cayce readings). They were able to see if something was ‘in the wind’ that would make a physical manifestation and cause illness.

I was always amazed at what they knew.

Dr. Fischer was the first one to tell me I would lose my husband to the Alzheimer’s condition. I didn’t want to hear it and I asked if there was something I could do to stop or delay it. He told me “no.” It was a karmic condition. I tried like heck. Gave my husband all sorts of supplements. Then found out he wasn’t taking them when my back was turned. I found the capsules hidden all over the house after taking him to a nursing home. He knew……and he knew why he had to go through this.

They watch you when necessary and know your movements; what you do, who you talk to. I’ve seen proof of this.

So just because you think you are alone in a room; you aren’t.  Dr. Fischer resided in the 5th dimension.

When he was last in a physical body, he was Dr. Frederick Fischer in England in the 1800’s.

So I give Bill advice: Tell them verbally that you are uncomfortable and to step down the energies.

Don’t be a wimp about it. Firmly command they assist you.

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