Yvonne’s Excellent Advice

As everyone knows, from time to time there are made comments on a blog that are as good or better than what the blog owner writes and deserve to be on the “front page.”

For me, this happens all the time. Case in point: Yvonne’s narrative below.

If you’re a lightworker and need advice about taking care of yourself, read on.

(You are Heaven-sent, dear Yvonne.)

Many years ago, my body began shifting and expanding.  I was getting the electrical buzzing from head to toe when I relaxed in bed or on the sofa back in the late 80’s.  I was getting tones in my ear as well.

The tones increased sometimes to where it almost became painful because they were very high pitched.

I had to ask what to do during my next “reading session” with Dr. Fischer.  He told me (and I forget the exact wording) who was making adjustments in my physical ears and to tell them to tone it down because it was too uncomfortable for me.

He told me that they are not in a human body and have no idea they are making things uncomfortable for you unless you tell them. I verbally told them and had no trouble from then on.

You never know “who” is working on your body. The electrical buzzing was being performed by a master teacher from the “Temple of Disciples.” The ear tones were being performed by two East Indian entities.

When I requested a body check-up, Dr. Fischer had a Dr. Schultz and his fellow physicians look me over.  (I miss this particular service.)

They would do a body scan and tell me if anything was physically out of balance, and if so, would tell me what herbs, minerals, etc. to take and where to obtain them (sort of like the Edgar Cayce readings). They were able to see if something was ‘in the wind’ that would make a physical manifestation and cause illness.

I was always amazed at what they knew.

Dr. Fischer was the first one to tell me I would lose my husband to the Alzheimer’s condition. I didn’t want to hear it and I asked if there was something I could do to stop or delay it. He told me “no.” It was a karmic condition. I tried like heck. Gave my husband all sorts of supplements. Then found out he wasn’t taking them when my back was turned. I found the capsules hidden all over the house after taking him to a nursing home. He knew……and he knew why he had to go through this.

They watch you when necessary and know your movements; what you do, who you talk to. I’ve seen proof of this.

So just because you think you are alone in a room; you aren’t.  Dr. Fischer resided in the 5th dimension.

When he was last in a physical body, he was Dr. Frederick Fischer in England in the 1800’s.

So I give Bill advice: Tell them verbally that you are uncomfortable and to step down the energies.

Don’t be a wimp about it. Firmly command they assist you.

11 thoughts on “Yvonne’s Excellent Advice

  1. ksense says:

    Can we tell ’em to ease up on the heart palpitations a bit? 🙂

  2. angelicview says:

    I did this similar thing the day before yesterday. I had a little talk with “them” while I was in my car driving to work. I’m sure anyone who saw me would have thought I was out of my mind (talking to what looked like no one). My physical pain is what’s getting me right now. Well, for years it’s been one thing or another that has cause me great pain. My body is in so much pain, I have to overdose on pain medication to make it through the day (on days I work). The days I’m home I’m not in that much pain at all. Somedays I don’t even take any medication when I’m at home – even if I’m being physical and doing housework or yardwork. And so I asked them to either help me relieve my pain or else help me figure out how to do it myself. I am waiting for an answer or a conclusion to this. I’ll keep on ’em. 😉

    • mike0v says:

      Yell at ’em!

      Demand help.

      Denise LeFay had to yell at ’em with fury to get them to listen.

      I’m beginning to understand the reasons behind this problem, which will be a blog entry soon.

    • angelicview says:

      What problem? The problem of lightworkers having physical pain or the problem of them not seeming to be listening to us?

    • mike0v says:


      I’m talking about not being heard by higher dimensional beings.

      I came across a good question and answer session by a cosmic awareness. In it, the awareness says that the veil works in both directions. In other words, those in the higher realms have no idea what it’s like here in the lower realm, just like we have no idea what it’s like up there.

      Now I know this may seem obvious to a lot of people but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. It would explain a lot of troubles we have down here.

      I’m gonna pass on the information to Yvonne and see what she says before I post anything.

      For me, Shannon, these beings that have never lived on earth may have good advice, but I’d rather listen to someone who’s been here.

      Blossom Goodchild asked the spiritual being she channels if they ever lived on earth as humans. They reluctantly said no. Finding that out changed things for her.

    • angelicview says:

      Yes. I was reading some NDE’s last night and one person had a pre-birth memory. He said that the physical seems as unreal to them as “Heaven” seems to us. (Until they get here, of course).

    • Shannon, a clue as to why you have more pain when you go to work and have little to none when you are home:

      When you are in a hospital setting, you are most definitely surrounded by those who are not well in one form or another. The physical body in its survival mode will latch onto and harvest energies from those around it that will recharge them. It’s a natural thing for the body to do this. To put it quite bluntly, all of those individuals you walk past, are feeding off of you. Similar to a vampire sucking blood from another’s body in order to survive.

      This is done to everyone and by everyone. Have you ever spent time with an ill friend, or a person who is depressed? After talking with them, or listening to them, or just sitting in the same room with them, you will notice that you feel drained after you have parted company. This happens over the phone as well. And you will find that it takes you quite a bit of time to recharge yourself.

      If you go into an atmosphere where people aren’t feeling well and your body is also ‘under the weather’ you can imagine it will only make you feel worse.

      When you are home where the people in your surroundings are fully charged, you won’t have that energy drain and/or pain, and working in the yard is an ideal recharge spot for some people. You can always go in the yard (or woods) and hug a tree, and I am serious about that. Hug a tree, or align your spinal column against a tree to get recharged.

    • angelicview says:

      Yes! I always felt that somehow my environment at work had something to do with it. I will try the tree thing. I have one very mature tree in my back yard that I give love to all the time – that one will work well for me, I think. Thanks 🙂

    • mike0v says:

      Shannon, Yvonne,

      I can absolutely verify what Yvonne is saying is true.

      My extensive experience with mental illness in this life gave me all the evidence I needed to understand the energies that can be taken from you by others.

      My ex-wife suffers with psychotic depression; a mixture of clinical depression and schizophrenia. The DSM-IV manual official classification is “clinical depression with psychotic features.”

      Anyway, for 12 years she sucked the life right out of me while I tried like hell to help her get better. During her worst episodes, she drew so much energy from me, that I suffered with what’s called “situational depression.”

      In her periods of remission, when the illness lifted, we would even talk about this phenomena. She knew she could grab energy from me when the depression was bad and that’s why there were some days when she would follow me around, just to stay close and suck me dry.

      After our divorce, I literally felt my energy returning, or at least not being depleted to nothing. I will never forget that sensation for the rest of my life here. Slowly, over time, it was like a glass being filled up with water. I’m not kidding. It was amazing.

      My two kids live with her primarily and I have them on my off days. I can always tell when they’ve been drained of their life force and need detoxifying. Especially my daughter. It hits her worse than my son. Many, many times over the past few years I’ve told my kids, “okay, you two need some serious detoxifying.”

      When they stay with me, their energy reserves are built back up. Good thing dad is a lightworker.

  3. Mike, You could experiment with this: Teach the kids to visualize and project a cube of white light encasing their mother, then visually change the color of the cube to one that will give her positive healing energy such as green, yellow, and turquoise blue. While she is napping or sleeping visualize and project a deep violet or purple cube encasing her body.

    Eventually get to the stage where you can visualize the cube of light encasing her body and also having the white light enter her body from the soles of her feet up to the top of her head.

    This technique can also be used to enclose the home they live in, creating a more cheery atmosphere for all concerned and your Ex would have less need to drain the energy from those near her.

    Color therapy could also be used visualizing radiant healing color permeating her solar plexus (or naval cavity) which is the location of the seat of the soul. I would use the color of green, white and purple and dwell upon each color as long as your spirit feels is fit for her benefit. There’s a lot of healing to be done in the soul of that one. She is deeply fragmented. Shall I look at her chart for you? If so; you know the ‘drill’ by now.

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