Night School

Sometime last year, and I can’t remember exactly when it was, Adama of Telos was giving seminars to lightworkers in his city beneath Mt. Shasta.

I came across the invitation on a website and thought it would be enlightening to attend such a thing, so I decided to make my intention known before going to sleep on that particular night.

The gatherings of lightworkers would take place in our dream time and most likely, we wouldn’t remember the experience upon waking, but the memories of our excursion would come back after our return to full consciousness.

So, when I went to bed that night, I told Adama, “hey, I’m in. Save me a seat.”

I will never forget the moment when I woke up the next morning. I didn’t remember anything about the visit, but right in front of my eyes was displayed a document.

It was written in a strange language but I knew it was my certificate of completion from the seminar in Telos the night before.

This is a very rough approximation of what it looked like. The document remained in my waking vision for quite some time as I blinked, until finally it faded away.

Certificate of Completion, Telos Seminar, Mt. Shasta

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