Art Interpretation 101

Ancient Prophecies 3

Valiant’s artwork has been mesmerizing for me. The drawings take on much more significance if you’ve read the entire archive of his posts over the past five months.

I’m no artist and I don’t claim to be an art critic of any kind but I’d like to take a shot at interpreting this Ancient Prophecies drawing.

We’ve been encouraged to hold back on over-analyzing Valiant’s material and that’s a good thing because I like things to be simple. (Who wouldn’t?)

I think the woman with the red hair and crown and the two men standing beside her represent the Pleiadians.

Look closely above her head and you’ll see seven stars. The Seven Sisters. The Pleiades.

The two gentlemen are holding the lock and key, which have been given status as symbols for opening our magic boxes, reactivating our pineal glands, awakening humans to the truth.

The three stately beings appear to be arriving in a space craft which is shining a bright light onto a tree below. The illuminated tree is different than the other trees in the background. Maybe it symbolizes the “Tree of Life” and how our stelan family will help us to know of it again.

There are eight horizontal bands located in the “bowl” of the ship, each one with different patterned colored blocks. This is a wild guess, but maybe the eight bands represent the other eight worlds that are included in the “Paradigm of Nine Worlds.” (Earth being the ninth world.)

Six robed figures appear in the background. I’m taking the most obvious route I can and say that these beings represent the remaining six members of Valiant’s group from his yearly meetings in the higher dimensions.

From Valiant, 24 April:

“This year, it started out with 8…And now it’s down to 6. So it’s down to 6 now…Down to 6, all I know and feel is that it should never have reached that low a number…”

In the foreground is a scene that can be easily interpreted as our current lives here on earth.

The working class mother and father, son and dog are separated from the clergy and royalty by a fence with a gate. A fence that represents the truth. If you’re on the left side of the fence, you don’t know the truth. If you’re on the right, you do.

The father seems frightened by the arrival of the space ship, the mother seems to be warning the visitors of an attack from the castle in the background and the boy and his dog seem to be thrilled at what they’re seeing.

Naturally, the clergyman and the royal couple, who are quite aware of the truth and our manipulation, want nothing to do with visitors from space, particularly visitors who are illuminating the “Tree of Life” and bearing the gift of awakening.

The clergyman waves his cross in defiance of the light bringers and the king has drawn his dagger; not a friendly gesture for visitors. The knowers of truth, on the right side of the fence, are not looking forward to this reunion.

The queen seems pregnant. Why? I don’t know. Need a little help with that.

Squint closely and you’ll see two arrows in flight traveling toward the craft and most likely propelled from the castle. The bad guys trying to chase off the good guys.

Finally, in the darkened doorway of the castle there is a four-legged animal. This animal appears elsewhere in the “Ancient Prophecies” series of drawings.

Might be a lion or a tiger. I don’t know. Need a little help with that, too.

9 thoughts on “Art Interpretation 101

  1. ksense says:

    I’d say you pretty well covered it. The pic is too small for me to make much out of the queen’s expression and it blurs when I enlarge it. I do know that it’s hard for a woman to ignore her motherly nature. Sorry I can’t help. Great job.

  2. LidaV says:

    Here I am…just taking care of household business, as usual.
    Bill says the animal in the doorway is a lion. If anything, it looks like a monogram…like on a shield or emblem. Like the Lion on the shield of the British monarchy. Maybe it represents the British rule of the land!
    He doesn’t know why he drew the Queen on the lower right side as ‘pregnant’. Knows it means something, but does not know what.
    He liked your interpretation of the 6 beings-3 on either side o the main 3 in the top center….
    All of his drawings literally came out of the page at him as he was drawing…like a guide telling him where & what to paint.
    …the explanations came later.

    He is not doing well today. Please say some prayer for him. His insides are in absolute chaos and he is in pain. He finally called the doctor (neurologist) and will see her next week. But the stress of his problem is really taking it’s toll. Hope it can hold out until then. I will keep you all posted…anygood thoughts and healing would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks, Lida

    • mike0v says:

      Tell Bill to hang in there. I sent word to some other lightworkers.

      I have no idea how to do healing but I just finished yelling at my spirit guides to get off their butts and to go help Bill.

      And make sure Bill asks! He’s gotta demand help.

  3. LidaV says:

    believe me he has….
    and around 1:30 pm when I went to check on him…I usually find him sleeping in his chair from pure exhaustion…he was smiling. He had taken 1/2 pain pill and that -and I guess the healers help-kicked in. he said he felt wonderful, like he hasn’t felt this good since 1995-96, when he was still working! It is starting to fade a little, but he is still getting relief,
    so …Thank you everyone for doing this for him. He really needed that!

    It has been years since I have seen him look this relieved!!! I thought he was going to crack this morning and askd if he wanted to go to the hospital, but he called the Dr instead. So he can get himself rechecked and more pain meds.

  4. angelicview says:

    You really did a great job on interpreting this Mike :)

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