Vacation time with a large family is a lot like taking a trip to your local zoo.

Well, it seems that way for us.

Twenty-two beasts of varying size, shape and temperament descend upon a beach house for a week.

It’s an annual ritual that tests the internal fortitude and patience of everyone involved.

Imagine a cage filled with cackling hyenas and howling monkeys and you’ve painted the picture.

Now imagine that one of those poor animals is an awakened lightworker, who, like an idiot, has sent numerous emails to these beasts describing the wonderful and earth-changing events that will take place.

And not a single one of these wonderful and earth-changing events has taken place yet.

What a great week this is gonna be…

9 thoughts on “Beached

  1. That’s not a vacation! You will need a personal, private vacation after the ‘gathering.’ The only good time you’re probably going to have is early morning before sunrise, and late at night after everyone else has gone to bed when everyone’s energies are in abeyance. Will you be posting while on vacation??

    • mike0v says:

      You’re one of the smartest persons I’ve ever known, did you know that?

      5:00 am and 12:00 midnight are the only quiet times. And sometimes not even then.

      Yes, I will be posting from a laptop and trying to find time for meditation. But it ain’t gonna be easy…

    • I’m not smart as much as I’ve got a 13 year head-start before you.

      Actually I find around 2AM until 4:30AM is the quietest span of time. And believe me, I take full advantage of it. Even if I just sit and ‘chill.’ It’s perfect quiet time and my emotional patterns can relax.

      The only thing I don’t like about being a lightworker is: it makes my body so very sensitive to my surroundings, to sounds, negative thinking, discordant ‘anything.’ It’s like I am ‘on duty’ all the time. I am an antenna, and it is annoying at times. I can’t believe what my body senses at times. But it has the tools to do what I came to do, and I should not complain.

  2. LidaV says:

    Courage Michael! You can’t change the leopards spots. What will be, will be…yada, yada!

  3. Julia says:

    A zoo-cation? (I can just imagine the invite. Join us for the Annual Jones Family Zoo-cation! lol)

    I would call it a family get together, but definitely not a vacation! Have fun anyway. Make it a game.

    Those that are aware can see the changes. Sadly sometimes the deaf don’t hear the music; the blind don’t see the art & the unaware don’t see the changes…… I see them!

  4. angelicview says:

    Yeah, luckily my family really doesn’t know me that well! lol

    Since you’ve already opened the can of worms, you could point out to them all the resignations and firings going on in the Banking system. Check out the link that KP posted to get even more. They are happening every single month and no one is talking about them. Also, conversation could go into MK Ultra and the Colorado shooting. Wilcock says that that guy wasn’t supposed to still be alive – and therefore we wouldn’t have the “problem” of his amnesia – he was supposed to be dead now. Epic FAIL. Then we have all the illuminati symbolism on all the World stages. That things have to get real bad so that they can fall, to set up something better. The financial system and governments are completely UNSUSTAINABLE the way they are. There was proof of voter fraud in the case of Ron Paul, as posted on many sites. Financial systems are a house of cards that WILL fall. Then we will set up the world the way WE want to. The good guys. These are the clues we are seeing right now in the real world that show something big will happen. On the spirituality side of it we have Quantum Physics bringing together science and spirituality. If they doubt that then send them to my site to check out my posts on Quantum Physics.

    Have a good time and try to relax. Enjoy your time off work and in the sun 🙂

    • mike0v says:

      Thanks, partner.

      I’m reading Bill’s book “Higher Forces” while I’m here.

      Plus, my visions in meditation are going bananas. I’m gonna write an entry about one of them.

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