Even More Psychic Notes

I’m starting to see people in my peripheral vision but not like in the recent past. Before, I would see bits and pieces, maybe a face or an upper body, but now I’m seeing entire persons.

It’s fascinating. Beside me will be standing a man in a suit checking his watch or reading something he’s holding in his hands. When I turn to have a look, he disappears.

During meditation today a vision appeared that was global in scope. I saw a grid formed by lightning bolts connected together in the sky above me. The atmosphere had darkened to almost nighttime but wasn’t black.

It had turned blue. A deep, velvety, rich blue and that doesn’t come close to describing it. It wasn’t just blue; it was BLUE. The brilliant white grid of lightning against that background was very, very cool.

Another interesting feature of meditation has started for me. Maybe it’s part of my abilities being returned. After I come out of my trance with my eyes opened I’m continuing to see full-blown visions.

The imagery tapers away a lot like a faucet being slowly turned off and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I have to sit quietly for a few minutes, blinking my eyes, and wait for the flow to come to an end.

One of my many nieces visited with a Buddhist monk. He took her by the hands and released some energy into her body which cracked her wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck.

The energy then traveled down into her heart and expanded her sense of compassion and humility. She said it was the most wonderful thing she’s ever felt. (No, she’s not awakened but she’s the closest to being awakened in my family.)

Getting into an immersed state of mediation has become very easy. Within just a few minutes I can be checked out of this reality almost completely.

Meditation is just like anything else; the more you practice, the better you get.

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