I’ve had visions in meditation where I’m in a tunnel, either walking along or riding in some kind of device that travels on rails, and as I turn a corner or round a bend I begin to see some light.

It’s the quintessential “light at the end of the tunnel” symbolism and each time I’ve experienced it the imagery ends before I make it out of the dark and into the light.

Today, however, was different. Really different.

As I made my way down the proverbial tunnel and turned the symbolic corner an opening appeared and this time I was able to step out into the surrounding landscape.

As I emerged into the light I realized the footpath I was on began in a mountain and, on the outside, continued in meandering arcs and curves around the sides of the slopes.

The mountains, however, were a sight to behold.

Imagine the Himalayas covered with dense, lush forest and you have a pretty good approximation.

The peaks were miles above, the valleys deep below and not a single square foot of terrain was bare. Somehow a jungle was able to grow through many hundreds of feet of elevation.

Animal chatter echoed everywhere and vapor mists floated around in random patterns.

The air was so thick it was like walking through peanut butter and the colors so vibrant they hurt my eyes.

I don’t know if this place was the new earth or some other planet but I can tell you that I’d rather be there than here.

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