I Just Wanna Go Home

This is it for me, everyone. By that I mean my incarnations as a lightworker starseed.

I’ve seen in meditations that I’ve performed similar missions in other lives and on other planets and it has now become very obvious to me that I need a break.

A long break. Like a few million years break.

I say this not just because of the tumultuous insanity that is taking place right now on earth but also because there is a knowing I’ve felt over the past year or so that this life completes some kind of contractual item to which I agreed.

It’s that way for all the lightworkers starseeds, I believe.


We lightworkers starseeds have earned the privilege of getting the hell out of here after this is over, right?

Someone please tell me that, “yes, Mike, you are free to leave this nightmare experiment and go home when your mission is complete. Not only that, but you don’t have to incarnate into an evil, cabal controlled cesspool of lies on any planet ever again.”

Does anybody remember seeing that clause written into their soul contract?

Heck, has anybody seen ANY part of their soul contract, for that matter?

My head feels woozy, I’m completely exhausted, my dreams are vivid stage productions that sometimes drain me dry, in my meditations I keep seeing these magical, pristine places that I’m not allowed to remain in, friends pepper me with ridiculous comments about “phoning home” to ET, my family knows beyond any doubt that I’m in dire need of psychiatric help, and in the meantime I remain awake in an ocean of sleeping humans who are utterly oblivious to the crushing deception being played out on them.

Somewhere along the line I read that the rewards for our participation as lightworkers starseeds in this craziness would be well worth the time we spend here.

Well, listen up, higher self, spiritual guides, angels and any other spiritual beings who might be observing the fun I’m having here:

When it comes to rewards for hazardous duty on earth, I can dream big!


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