Darkness Before the Dawn

As time marches on toward the end of 2012, news from the negotiating committees of the dark and the light isn’t hopeful.

See Valiant’s latest post.

Big Brother has been given numerous hints, clues and suggestions in an effort to end this maddening experiment without more bloodshed.

As deep as their evil must be, so, too, must be their pride and ignorance.

“Mother Nature and The Heavens will give you a SLAP…”

I’m not a big fan of dire predictions and this one is no exception: “There will be at least 5 shocking violent disasters in August…Caused by people who snapped…”

I don’t like the sound of that.

At all.

And then there’s this quote, which is never good to hear: “The phrase, ‘collateral damage,’ will probably become a thing commonly heard…”

Is it any wonder that some lightworkers just want to go home?

I send my compassion to the victims of the upcoming disasters.

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