Today, while goofing around in the surf, an overwhelming fatigue settled into me.

At first I thought the weakness was caused by lack of calories but this sensation arrived like a slap; abruptly and suddenly.

A little wooziness came along with the fatigue and I started to notice strange patterns in my vision when my eyes were closed.

After a few minutes of this, I decided to head to shore and make my way back up to the beach house we’re renting for the week.

Something most definitely did not feel right.

While pushing through the water I stopped a few times and focused on what I was seeing with my inner vision.

I saw a central hub, rounded, with spokes coming out of it in a regular pattern and connecting to a larger circle which formed a ring.

It looked a lot like a bicycle wheel but with the hub offset from the ring. Like a bicycle wheel shaped like a funnel.

Every time I blinked my eyes I was seeing this image. The funnel changed colors and its pattern varied slightly, also.

After a few minutes of blinking I decided to stand still in the knee-deep water and keep my eyes closed for a longer time.

That’s when I started to get the nudge.

I closed my eyes, left them closed and started to see the funnel pattern change. It began to vibrate and pulsate and it seemed to be pulling me into its environment.

It wanted to tell me something. I don’t know how I knew this, I just knew.

By this time I was almost exhausted and felt nauseated so I quickly finished my hike onto the beach and up to the wooden deck attached to our rented house.

And then I really got walloped.

Fatigue and nausea got hold of me so strongly that I thought I would barf and then pass out.

I held on, however, and closed my eyes while sitting on a bench seat.

This is where I’m just about unable to describe what happened.

In my third eye vision, a portal appeared. It started taking shape as a small orb and quickly grew until it filled a large area in front of me.

And it was green. The color was nothing like I’ve ever seen. It was amplified. It was electrified. It was fluorescent. It pulsated and vibrated and changed shapes continuously.

It settled down into a circular pattern momentarily and when it did, I was able to look into it like a tunnel and the tunnel led to…somewhere.

I couldn’t see the “somewhere,” but I can tell you that wherever it was, it was a long, long way away.

The object then changed shapes again, pulsating and strobing with the electric green light and formed itself into the shape of a woman.

I could see her head, neck and torso but no more of her body. Her image was holographic and there was a lack of defining features, so I had no facial recognition of her.

She was looking at me, moving her head around like someone would in conversation and it seemed like she was speaking.

By this time, I was slightly shocked because I’ve never had such a brilliant, vibrant vision, not to mention while sitting in bright sunlight and while my teenagers were asking, “Dad, are you alright?”

I said aloud to the woman, “Hello. Are you trying to speak with me?”

Her face turned to look directly at me but I wasn’t able to hear or understand her words.

Then she morphed into a circular ring that wasn’t connected at the ends and then the ring morphed into a pair of orbs and then the pair of orbs vanished.

I thought to myself, “hey, wait, come back! I have no idea what the hell I’m doing so you’re gonna have to make it easier than that!”

But it was no help. The green orbs, the holographic woman, the unconnected ring, it all disappeared. I even tried for several minutes to recreate the vision but I couldn’t do it.

There was something else, however. An undercurrent or low level vibration or background noise, which I was able to comprehend, was present during this crazy episode.

It was unmistakable.

It was a message.

It was saying, “They’re almost here.”

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