The Prime Directive

Well, it was definitely worth waiting for.

See Valiant’s latest post.

Thank you, my brother, for making this one easy to understand. After sifting, sorting, researching and guessing for hours on end, it’s nice to be given a break from thinking.

“Do you understand? It’s about the timing.”

That’s the only part I wish I could decipher.

But should I be concerned?


Like I was told just a few days ago, “They’re almost here.”

11 thoughts on “The Prime Directive

  1. LidaV says:

    you got it my darling!!!

  2. ksense says:

    When I try to comment it doesn’t take….. or did it this time?

  3. ksense says:

    it won’t let me add a link…. oh well.

    • mike0v says:

      Hey, if you have a link but it won’t paste, just give me a general idea of what it is and I’ll find it.

      These blogging sites can be a real pain.

      There are some blogs on blogspot where I can’t leave any comments, ever. I’ve spent hours researching to find out the reason why but I can’t find any answers.

      So, I just gave up on those particular blogs.

      Sorry for the trouble. If you want, you can send it to me through personal email.

  4. Julia says:

    Good stuff. Perfect for a Monday morning. Thanks so much for posting the Valiant messages. It feels so right to me. (and that’s what really matters…to me anyway!)

    • mike0v says:

      You’re most welcome, Julia. Valiant’s body of work is so much more than his posts. His book, “Higher Forces,” his artwork and the posts tell the complete story of humanity.

      It’s been an honor to find him. He truly is an angel on earth.

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