Quick Notes

I’d like to jot down some notes, quickly and briefly, before I have to cut my grass.

The mainstream media is loosening up. Has anyone else seen examples of the truth starting to come out in commercials?

I have. Especially during the Olympic games. Messages of recycling, sharing and denouncing war have sprouted. And the bankers are starting to take their lumps here and there by the mainstream press.

For the longest time after my awakening, I had doubts and concerns about, well, about everything. It’s a different road to travel for newly awakened people. Information comes in a torrent and you have to gulp down a lot of stuff and then digest what you feel is truthful.

The challenge for the long awakened (Yvonne), however, must be completely different and I’m damn glad we have their wisdom and tranquility to help the new guys.

It’s taken many months but I think I’ve glimpsed this wisdom and tranquility that the senior lightworkers possess. The vision I experienced during vacation sealed the deal for me. No more doubts anymore. No more concerns.

I just finished reading “Higher Forces” by William Griffith. It was excellent. If there was any way I could buy enough copies and present one to every lightworker on earth, I would.

William’s book balances drama, action, suspense, heart and soul and puts together a great narrative of awakening. I usually don’t feel this way about a book but I wish it had been longer.

(William, I’m gonna have to say it once again: you are a gift to humanity. I’ve read the first page of the Epilogue over and over.)

Someone mentioned to me, I believe it was Lida, that seeing UFOs runs in families. Well, it certainly seems that way.

A few years ago my brother spotted a craft and viewed it for over 20 minutes. Phone calls must have been made because after the sighting, he was questioned by a United States Air Force officer.

9 thoughts on “Quick Notes

  1. Mike,

    The ‘elder’ Lightworkers ‘grew’ into knowing who we were over a long span of years. We sort of moseyed into our position. We had no pressures.

    The only pressure I felt was not being able to absorb as much information about the hidden things regarding spirit and ‘how things work’ fast enough.

    After I came back from my trip to Egypt, I stayed in the two book stores available at that sold books about metaphysics. Every week I purchased one or two books. I HAD to have them! I didn’t always understand what I read; but I knew I had to read them for future knowledge.

    We were GENTLY led into knowing about the turn of the century years before it arrived; and we knew we had to help with the transition period. But this was back in the 80’s.

    The newly awakened Lightworkers ‘hit the ground running.’ You were thrust into a crisis situation with little background knowledge and you were faced with chaos. You weren’t fully grounded. I think part of our role is to help ground the ‘newbies.’ To pass on the ‘grandmother energies.’

    I’m finding in interacting with this fine group that I have information or knowledge that isn’t being mentioned in today’s channeled information. And there are times when you need that information in your attempts and need to understand the “why’s and whats” you find yourself in today’s world.

    The ‘newly awakened’ are similar to members of the military. Your assignment is to participate in a war without knowing the entire background of why this war is really being waged. It is why Bill’s book is important to you. You are getting some understanding.

    • mike0v says:

      And all of that is why I wish you were my next-door neighbor, dearest.

      Can you imagine? We would have conversations lasting for days.

      Can’t wait till this experiment is over…

  2. ksense says:

    Since we don’t have a TV, I can’t say we’ve noticed. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known the Olympics was going on had it not been for the hub-bub on various sites. We do meet many people as we give food to those in need and have found that life in the real world isn’t what TV says it is. A lot of them are awakening.

    • mike0v says:


      Kudos to you, my brother, for not having a TV.

      I have one but rarely watch it. I noticed the Olympic ads while we were on vacation and my family had the damn thing on 24 hours a day.

      What’s up with that? You go to a beautiful beach, the weather is brilliant, the scenery is really nice (bikinis) and most of my family sits in front of a TV all day.

      Any hope for them?

    • I live with someone who has the TV remote in his hands as long as he is awake and in the house. We have every TV channel imaginable (except porn) and believe me; there is very little (at least for me) to watch.

      I find the incessant chatter every single second to get on my nerves.

      When I watch TV I tape the old series that I used to watch as a young person; the ones where life was less complicated and ended happily.

      I mute the thing as often as I can when commercials are on which is getting to be quite frequently now. For every commerical break, you’re looking at 5 minutes minimum, and in a 60 minute show, you will have 6 minutes of show and 5 minutes of commercial.

      You can actually get up and wash dishes or clean something during commercial break.

      And the thing is: they make you pay for the garbage.

  3. angelicview says:

    I have a tv but rarely ever watch it. When I was at work yesterday, I was on my lunch break shortly after that shooting happened in Wisconsin and CNN was on in the break room. They were saying at the time that the witnesses were reporting multiple shooters. Now MSM says there was just one. Now, I can see how they might get the DESCRIPTION of a shooter wrong – but the number of people shooting? No. I think it’s a false flag. Again. However, I also think it just goes to show how desperate our PTW really are. I think it’s possible that we can expect more stuff like this in the coming months.

    • mike0v says:


      No new posts on your blog? Been too busy?

      Gotta get back to it! Chop, chop!

    • angelicview says:

      Haha! Thanks for the encouragement!

      I’ve been actually not that busy. No more busy than usual. I just feel kind of like there’s nothing new out there. Nothing worth posting right now. Unless people aren’t tired of reading NDE’s! I can post them all the live-long day šŸ˜‰

    • mike0v says:

      Well, write something that Spirit has said recently. I love those entries.

      Or something like your “What Disclosure would mean to me” entry. That was good, too.

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