Quick Notes

I’d like to jot down some notes, quickly and briefly, before I have to cut my grass.

The mainstream media is loosening up. Has anyone else seen examples of the truth starting to come out in commercials?

I have. Especially during the Olympic games. Messages of recycling, sharing and denouncing war have sprouted. And the bankers are starting to take their lumps here and there by the mainstream press.

For the longest time after my awakening, I had doubts and concerns about, well, about everything. It’s a different road to travel for newly awakened people. Information comes in a torrent and you have to gulp down a lot of stuff and then digest what you feel is truthful.

The challenge for the long awakened (Yvonne), however, must be completely different and I’m damn glad we have their wisdom and tranquility to help the new guys.

It’s taken many months but I think I’ve glimpsed this wisdom and tranquility that the senior lightworkers possess. The vision I experienced during vacation sealed the deal for me. No more doubts anymore. No more concerns.

I just finished reading “Higher Forces” by William Griffith. It was excellent. If there was any way I could buy enough copies and present one to every lightworker on earth, I would.

William’s book balances drama, action, suspense, heart and soul and puts together a great narrative of awakening. I usually don’t feel this way about a book but I wish it had been longer.

(William, I’m gonna have to say it once again: you are a gift to humanity. I’ve read the first page of the Epilogue over and over.)

Someone mentioned to me, I believe it was Lida, that seeing UFOs runs in families. Well, it certainly seems that way.

A few years ago my brother spotted a craft and viewed it for over 20 minutes. Phone calls must have been made because after the sighting, he was questioned by a United States Air Force officer.

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