Lions’ Gate/Intervention

Two things have crossed my mind today and both of them seem significant. Really significant.

Tomorrow is when earth passes through the Lions’ Gate.

Do not ask me just exactly what that means because I haven’t the foggiest idea but according to several spiritual blogs, some good stuff can happen on that day.

Any seasoned lightworkers feel free to jump in here and make comments about it.

There will be some sort of alignment, astrologically, and energy from the central sun and from our own sun will charbroil us. Not like a stir fry but more like an oven bake.

And it will help us regain some of our abilities.

Am I even close? Yvonne?

The second and perhaps more important tidbit comes from Valiant’s latest post.

After reading it for the third time or so, it dawned on me; the green light has been given!

Pull up the post, reread it and pay attention to the last few sentences:

“Dear Mr. Spacemen, Can’t you see? It’s time to Act. You aren’t breaking the rules anymore with Intervention…Because now it’s about greater things at risk…and the rules are changing…And this time…Intervention is about saving Everything.”

So much has been written about the Prime Directive and how higher beings must not interfere with less advanced races.

And it’s a cosmic law, no less, so most races keep their noses out of the business of underdeveloped civilizations such as ours.

If the high guys help the low guys, there’s consequences.

But now there aren’t any consequences. The law of consequences is lifted. Valiant spells it out plainly.

The ETs can intervene! They’ve been given the green light from Divinity!

Not only that, Valiant makes it perfectly clear that ETs HAVE to intervene!

“Intervention is about saving Everything.”

So, I ask my brothers and sisters from the stars, what’s the holdup now?

You HAVE to intervene. So start intervening!

And hearing that malarkey about our planet being too toxic for you just ain’t gonna fly anymore.

How many ships do you guys have? What kinds of weapons do you possess?

You mean to tell me that the good guys don’t have enough firepower to knock the bad guys on their asses?

I thought the Arcturians were the most feared race of beings in the whole universe because of their vastly superior technology; that no other races dare cross them.

Even the Arcturians are afraid of the bad guys?

So, my fellow brothers and sisters from the stars, let’s have a look at Valiant’s message once again:

“You aren’t breaking the rules anymore with Intervention.”

Well? We’re waiting…

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