Lions’ Gate/Intervention

Two things have crossed my mind today and both of them seem significant. Really significant.

Tomorrow is when earth passes through the Lions’ Gate.

Do not ask me just exactly what that means because I haven’t the foggiest idea but according to several spiritual blogs, some good stuff can happen on that day.

Any seasoned lightworkers feel free to jump in here and make comments about it.

There will be some sort of alignment, astrologically, and energy from the central sun and from our own sun will charbroil us. Not like a stir fry but more like an oven bake.

And it will help us regain some of our abilities.

Am I even close? Yvonne?

The second and perhaps more important tidbit comes from Valiant’s latest post.

After reading it for the third time or so, it dawned on me; the green light has been given!

Pull up the post, reread it and pay attention to the last few sentences:

“Dear Mr. Spacemen, Can’t you see? It’s time to Act. You aren’t breaking the rules anymore with Intervention…Because now it’s about greater things at risk…and the rules are changing…And this time…Intervention is about saving Everything.”

So much has been written about the Prime Directive and how higher beings must not interfere with less advanced races.

And it’s a cosmic law, no less, so most races keep their noses out of the business of underdeveloped civilizations such as ours.

If the high guys help the low guys, there’s consequences.

But now there aren’t any consequences. The law of consequences is lifted. Valiant spells it out plainly.

The ETs can intervene! They’ve been given the green light from Divinity!

Not only that, Valiant makes it perfectly clear that ETs HAVE to intervene!

“Intervention is about saving Everything.”

So, I ask my brothers and sisters from the stars, what’s the holdup now?

You HAVE to intervene. So start intervening!

And hearing that malarkey about our planet being too toxic for you just ain’t gonna fly anymore.

How many ships do you guys have? What kinds of weapons do you possess?

You mean to tell me that the good guys don’t have enough firepower to knock the bad guys on their asses?

I thought the Arcturians were the most feared race of beings in the whole universe because of their vastly superior technology; that no other races dare cross them.

Even the Arcturians are afraid of the bad guys?

So, my fellow brothers and sisters from the stars, let’s have a look at Valiant’s message once again:

“You aren’t breaking the rules anymore with Intervention.”

Well? We’re waiting…

25 thoughts on “Lions’ Gate/Intervention

  1. LidaV says:

    …wait for it…it is tying his insides in knots. Literally! The next post will be the ultimatum to whomever is watching and monitoring.
    But will they take it seriously?? The consequences for “not heeding” are, as Klatuu said: “Too terrible to risk”!
    Yvonne…Shannon…Mike…any lightworkers willing to stick their necks out in support and aid, now is the time to help Valiant get that message out…and help change our future.
    …and he intends to do this tomorrow!!! He doesn’t realize there is a Lion’s Gate and energy influx tomorrow…he just knows he MUST do it then!!!

    Considering his latest visitors were winged Lion Men dressed in royal robes…with 3 more in constant attendance to his safety, this might be the absoloute correct time!

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you, Lida.

      Tell Bill to hold on, we’re standing right behind him. I yelled at my spirit guides and any other angelic beings to get off their butts and to go help him.

      I have no idea if I”m doing it right or if it even makes a difference but it sure makes me feel better!

      All the esoteric laws governing spirituality give me heartburn. A good old-fashioned smack in the ass is what the ETs need!

      Remember when we were little? There weren’t any “time outs” as punishment or motivators. You knew who the boss was and you paid attention.

      But back then the consequences didn’t involve the entire universe! Now, it does.

      If I was a commander of a star ship right now I’d say, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Any of you chickens wanna stay in orbit and watch, that’s fine with me, but I’m intervening, by God, because that’s my family down there! We’ve sat on our asses long enough!”

      Where’s Captain Kirk when you need him?

    • angelicview says:

      I’m with you, too… Lida, Mike, Bill, and everyone else! I will send some energy flow in Bill’s direction.

      Right now, my body is reacting to something and it’s like I hit a brick wall today. I also seem to be having some kind of allergic reaction. I have decided that tomorrow will be a day of rest for me – as my body has determined that it will be no other way!

      Just in case you didn’t know, there are a whole lot of new (pretty good) UFO sightings in the last few days. I would say since about August 4th – to be exact.

      Looking forward to Bill’s post tomorrow. 🙂

    • mike0v says:


      We don’t need you getting sick, too. Ask one of them doctors you work with for some good meds.

      Maybe it’s the energies from the Lions’ Gate thing that’s causing the reaction.

      Rest up, we have a world to save!

  2. LidaV says:

    making some really bad TV…
    that said, Thank you Mike, I know your moral support is there…and all the energies you can muster!!!
    And I agree, the time for sitting on your hands is over. It is time for all of us to take a stand.
    Strength in numbers…all that stuff!

  3. I’m not really into reports of those “special alignments.” I’ve found out that for me, there’s really nothing special going on that affects my body.

    What I have found is; every single time our Sun flares, it has an affect on me. Whether it “hits” our earth or not, if it flares, it affects me. That’s because every flare is designed to activate something within the human body’s energy system, and the body then acts as a conduit to transmit necessary codes into the planet’s matrix system.

    I think or feel when we have those ‘special planetary alignments’ taking place, it is more effective on Humanity as a whole. It is designed to be a ‘booster shot’ for those who are still asleep at the wheel (so to speak).

    Lightworkers are already ‘awake.’ It’s like: “Yah…. we’re up, Now what do we do?” What can we do when practically everyone around us is in a coma-like frame of mind?

    If you can’t wake them up, what do you do?? What CAN we do?

    Maybe that is the way the alien observers feel. The majority of humanity is still comfortable living the way they are. If someone came along and gave them ‘paradise’ what difference would it make? If ships landed today and aliens got out and introduced themselves, stayed awhile and left; what difference would it really make? Would people suddenly change their lifestyles and begin to ‘live right?’ I don’t think so. I think after a month, no one would think too much of it and continue their programmed ways of living.

    Many don’t have the ‘curiousity’ of life inside of them to want to learn. It’s sad but seems to be true. The people I am around just don’t have a clue. You can tell them about ‘thus and so,’ they can see it in movie form, etc., but they only think of it as a story, or ‘make-believe.’

    There is a wire disconnected in this particular model of Man, and until it is re-connected, not too much is going to happen evolution-wise. What we have now are automatons enmasse. We’re not ‘implanted’ as much as we are ‘disconnected.’

    Or maybe we could look at it in another light: For eons we have been programmed to express and experience the “Service to Self” energies. Now; it is time to switch over to the “Service to Others” program.

    Maybe this is the real ascension for Humanity: Switching its focus and expression.

    • mike0v says:

      You’re right, Yvonne. Again. Just like Dr. Spock. (But I wanna see Captain Kirk come and kick some butt!)

      Seriously, though, yes, ETs could come and go and most of humanity wouldn’t give a flip.

      It’s what the ETs bring with them that would make a change, hopefully. Like secrets kept from us, like hidden technologies, like the truth about religion and its control over people.

      Whatever the ETs decide to share with us will be the game changer. Yes, some humans are so far gone, it won’t matter to them, but for others, it would be magnificent.

      I remember Valiant’s post about the lock and keys and how I guessed that maybe lightworkers will be given the ability to awaken sleeping humans.

      A scenario like that would be a godsend.

    • Wow, this thing about the sun flares. When I try some meditation under a clear sky and I’m receiving the direct light from the sun, my hand’s palm seems to vibrate, like a kind of weak eletric energy. It only happens when I meditate under the sun anyway. But it’s just that, I don’t know what it is, or what to do with this. Now, reading this comment, I can see something that could be associated with that experience.
      Thanks, now I have a new subject to investigate.

  4. LidaV says:

    I know of some humans…friends of mine…who will literally be driven over the edge if/when the ET scenario happens. They are so locked into their mind controlled programs ( the bad guys ‘successes’) that they panic at the slighest disruption to their rose-colored worlds. They believe everything th talking heads & TV’s tell them…
    And I am the nut job.
    So glad it is no longer a lonely job.
    Beam me up Scotty!

  5. claudia says:

    hey you folks…get REAL !! anyone for a cuppa tea?? 😀

    • mike0v says:

      Tea just isn’t popular here in the States, mate. Maybe it’s an Illuminati trick of some kind. “Get the blokes in America to drink coffee and then we’ll poison it.”

      And driving on the left side of the road is bananas. Don’t know how the Aussies do it.

  6. If you don’t inject some fun into this every once in a while you’ll be stuck with a bad taste in your mouth all the time. You’ve got to have a sense of humor to make it through the journey.

  7. claudia says:

    First we put all our eggs into the basket of Jesus to redeem us…and now its the Galactics. What’s about the idea that We are the Ones We have been Waiting For? From the Universe Travel Agency I chose this destination as a Great Adventure for challenges and experiences. I know, I know, I forgot to ask for the details in all my haste to get here .. but this battle of the evolution to Consciousness has been just that…a spiritual Battle between Me Myself and I. 🙂

    • Through this aspect of ‘Yvonne’ I don’t see it as a “battle of the evolution to Consciousness.” I see it as an ‘experiment’ in Consciousness. I think everything we have done since venturing away from the ‘Origin’ is an exploration of the huge variety levels of Consciousness.

      I personally don’t think the Galactics CAN save us. I think we are to eventually discover something totally different indeed.

      What if the Galactics touched down and told us the REAL truth about this planet’s origin and everything on it?

      Most of us think the aliens are going to announce that we have origins from this and that planet, and Earth is being run by the nefarious cabal powers, etc. What if that isn’t so? What if that isn’t the truth. What if the truth is something that will throw the Lightworkers out of alignment and have OUR mouths hanging open in disbelief and awe…….?

      Maybe; just maybe, the Lightworkers aren’t ready to hear the real truth. Perhaps the galactics are waiting until “we” are ready to hear the Truth. “Truth” = “tree root”

      The aliens are ready for Disclosure; but what if WE, the so-called awakened ones aren’t? Because when we find out the truth, everything that is happening, or has happened on this planet will make sense, and everything will be so simple. And yes; we will suddenly have the key to unlock what needs to be unlocked in the ‘mind of Humanity’ on this planet.

      It’s something worth thinking about.

  8. claudia says:

    Great comment Yvonne! My first thought was.. if the slaves are set free would they know how to deal with all this glorious freedom?

    • ksense says:

      Most wouldn’t but they still deserve freedom. If we’re all equal, who decides who stays caged and who doesn’t?

    • mike0v says:

      “Truth.” There’s that word again. Such a tough concept to pin down.

      From all that I’ve read and absorbed since awakening, just about all sources agree that to find the truth, look inside.

      What we see on the outside just isn’t the truth. It’s illusion.

      So, knowing this, I look back upon my meditations and dreams and piece together a marvelous tapestry of a soul fumbling his way through existence. I can tap into that information now.

      And with it, I can see that it simply doesn’t matter who does what. Our stelan family can arrive. Or not. We can be given the truth about earth. Or not.

      Somehow, some way, we will all move along.

  9. ksense says:

    KIRK: “Scotty, override main drive and put on some coffee”
    SCOTT: “I cannot do it Cap’n…. we’re out of Folgers crystals!!!”

    But seriously, LidaV we’re sending all the best to Bill and know he’ll get through this time of pain.

  10. Karma007 says:

    My partner and I looked in the sky last nite and saw the most wonderful sight, orbs that flew so fast that human sight could hardly focus on them. He is finally awake! He mostly thinks he lives with a nut job, ( I don’t use chemicals, we eat organic and vegan, our pets are more precious than some people we know). If I can awaken one person a day to our plight I have done my job as a light worker.

    Thanks to all who post here, you have given me the strengh to ” keep on truckin”, Valient’s posts are what we have all felt and known for along time.

    When I was 6 my parents asked me where we came from, I pointed at the sky and said, “up there”. They never questioned me again about my beliefs that we are just one big alien science experiment.

    My dream state has been more profound than ever, solar flares, uncalcified pineal gland and good will towards all people have helped me spread the word that things are changing for the good.

    Some friends and family are still not awake, but keep trying for those who want more out of life. Seek and you shall find.

    • mike0v says:

      Hey! Thanks for the comment and for sharing some of your life.

      It’s tough being a lightworker, isn’t it?

      I have two teenagers, both of whom are semi-awakened, which helps to ease the burden a little.

      But my cat still thinks I’m a nutjob. (And I’m beginning to think she’s right.)

  11. LidaV says:

    Nutjobs make the best friends and family…for they have seen the truth, or reality, and have learned how to cope with the crazy. Which is why animals are the best…they don’t care how ‘nuts’ you are, they love you anyway!!!
    We have 5 dogs 5 cats, 3 pygmy goats, 3 mini-rabbits, 1 guinea pig, and a huge flock of chickens, turkeys, pigeons and ducks…and some of the fowl live inside with us!!
    We wrote the book on “Nutjobs”.
    Welcome all…
    and thanks for your help today!

    • Karma007 says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Lida V and Mike. We all stepped out of the box along time ago, along with Bill. I never want to go back in and hope others want to shift the paradigm towards love and acceptance for everyone on the planet. The best quote I ever heard was, ” those who deserve love the least, need it the most”.

      Nut jobs Unite!

    • mike0v says:

      Amen, fellow lightworker!

      Tough assignment, this earth duty, aye?

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