How to Use a Key

I go back and reread the Valiant posts regularly. For me, those posts are a glimpse into the inner machinery of a vastly complex infrastructure of spirit.

They are truly a gift to humanity.

A few days ago I randomly clicked on one of the posts. It happened to be the 17 July message where Valiant provides us with a key in the form of his drawing, “Good Spirit.”

He tells us in the post just how to use the key:

“To Use The Key, Clear your mind, relax…let the lines of The Good Spirit dance into your eyes, into your mind… The Eyes, the portal to the conscious, to the unconscious and super-conscious… Let them in and embrace the Peace…The Light… Then wait with an open mind and see what happens…”

“It works differently every time… And it won’t work on everyone—dark minds of course will become ill by it…light is like poison to darkness…. But eventually it will work on everyone, it just takes time. The most enlightened will respond the fastest…
This is the First Key…eventually you can move on to the others…”

After reading this again, I put “Good Spirit” on my computer as the wallpaper and did as Valiant says.

I sat and stared at the art for about an hour.

It was quite the experience. I didn’t feel a door unlock or a vault open but something happens when you gaze at the drawing for a long time.

It comes to life.

Try it and you’ll see.

Good Spirit

One thought on “How to Use a Key

  1. LidaV says:

    Bill has this painting hanging on the wall directly opposite his bedroom. Every night before he turns in he faces it and touches a certain spot on the painting, lovingly, tenderly, with deep connection. Even I wonder what he is feeling or saying…
    I think it sustains him too, helps him make it through the night.
    Sometimes when I see him do that, I feel like I am witnessing something very special and private between only him and the Good Spirit.
    It is really stunning to view in person!

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