Looking for Answers

Call me naive, call me a goofball, call me whatever you like, but I have some questions.

Is it just me, or does it seem to other lightworkers that something has gone terribly wrong with this earth experiment?

If what we’re living in is a stage production, an elaborate illusion and everyone has chosen roles to play, with the dark and the light both working for Divinity, why would the dark continue to hold out for so long when they know the show is over in 135 days?

A particular paragraph from Valiant’s 02 June post needs further review:

“With all that’s going on…it’s strange that I keep thinking of The Georgia Guide Stones…They sure are interesting, aren’t they? Where ever did they come from? I wonder if they could have some meaning in the times to come?…”

I honestly do not know the answer to this question so I put it to any readers: just how many of the seven billion of us are supposed to ascend?

My ex-wife and I had a house built which took longer than 135 days to complete and we’re being told that an entire planet will be transformed in the same amount of time?

I know absolutely nothing about politics, which I’m proud to say, but doesn’t it seem a rather daunting task to replace ALL world leaders before December 12? With ordinary people, no less?

I’m not being sarcastic here, I’m truly not, but does anybody know what “The Event” is or has anybody seen a copy of “The Plan?”

I hope it’s not just me when I think about it, but is it not amazing that the dark forces were able to take control of every single world leader on our planet, to the point where not a single one of them will come forward with the truth, even this late in the game?

Is it disappointing to anyone else that we’re not going to enjoy advanced technologies for very long, if at all, before December?

This might be off the wall but has anyone wondered what the rest of the planets in our solar system think of this mess?

If the truth comes out like it’s supposed to, can you imagine being a NASA employee?

Isn’t it obvious to just about anyone that the lightworkers have taken it up the wazoo?

What are we gonna do with our dogs and cats?

106 thoughts on “Looking for Answers

  1. LidaV says:

    In my household, it is all or none…animals, and little children, are all the innocents here…none of this mess is their fault. If my animals must die, then I should go with them. Would prefer not to, but that’s the way it is. We all go to better place anyway. And if that is how this all ends up…then the great experiment was a failure.

    • mike0v says:

      I feel the same way, LidaV. It would be really hard to leave my kids behind.

      But what about the Guide Stones? Does Bill have any insight?

  2. ksense says:

    I take everything (everything) I read or hear with a grain of salt but try to stay receptive to all possibilities. I know it sounds odd but it gives me balance and helps me to discern. I like to think that anything that makes us fearful cannot be from Source just because of the crap we’ve been put through to date. We can only control what’s in the parameters of our own “bubble”, so to speak. Anything else isn’t worth the worry, not even a world’s-end scenario.

    The only way that governmental replacement would work, in my opinion would be after disclosure on a worldwide level and exposure of the corruption. In other words…… not likely given THAT track record. Something’s coming. Most all of us feel it. Could be disclosure, divine awakening, earth shift or other possibilities. In order for people to wake up in the next few months it would take a very big something occurring to make that happen. All we can do is try to be prepared for any situation as best we can, good or bad. I feel like I just a lot of typing to not say very much.

    • mike0v says:

      You said plenty for me. I always look forward to your comments, Brad. Maybe it’s a guy thing.

      I agree about the very big something having to happen. We’re backed into a corner, there’s no other way.

      What do you think of the Guide Stones? Ever been over there to see them? I’m trying to figure out if the good guys or the bad guys placed them.

  3. ksense says:

    Never been there but I should given how close they are to us. Hard to tell who did it or better yet…. why they were left there. Maybe that indicates the Dark did it?

    • mike0v says:

      I don’t know. Valiant’s post is very interesting to me. Why would he mention the Guide Stones in the first place? Is the information on the stones meaningful?

      Same with me about seeing them. I’ve lived in Atlanta for 25 years and never been over there.

  4. Karma007 says:

    I’ve lived all my 52 years with all the gusto I could muster in this bizarre play, maybe it’s just the first act I rehearsal is over and we are ready for our Mr. DeMille close up? I’m with Lida V, I go along with the dogs, cat and partner. It just so happens my partners birthday is December 21. Might as well celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. Valient’s posts however cryptic, are resonating with me and mine, so we’ll keep looking up instead of down. Because it’s better to see where we can go, than to look back to where we’ve been.

    • ksense says:

      “I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille”. Mike, check out R.C. Christian, who I believe had the guide stones erected.

    • mike0v says:

      Okay, Karma, you’ve got to be kidding me! Your partner’s birthday is the 21st? What a day for a birthday.

      My poor brother, his birthday is September 11.

      I’m glad Valiant’s work has reached you. It should have reached more people, if you ask me.

      Most of my questions are ridiculous and not worth answering, but I put them out there because of the interest I have in the details.

      Yeah, I know, don’t worry about the details, which I’m not doing. I just like to dig deep. Comes from a few lifetimes as a scientist.

    • LidaV says:

      You are very wise for one so young! Looking back is only good when reliving good memories and good lessons, but new trips should always be made forward!

    • mike0v says:

      You know, LidaV, 52 ain’t that young.

    • LidaV says:

      I am pushing 64 real hard right now…so that makes you 50s guys just kids…but I do like kids…really I do!

    • mike0v says:

      Yeah, well, you’re right-you ain’t no spring chicken anymore!

      You older than Yvonne?

  5. ksense says:

    On the guide-stones, it’s someone else’s idealized Utopia and I have a problem with that. I don’t care if it came from the Elohim, it suppresses free will of others. But what do I know?

    • LidaV says:

      Way more than most my dear!

      Mike, I will ask Bill about the Guidestones. I didn’t like the ‘decreasing the population’ part by so much myself! Sounds like something the bad guys want.

    • mike0v says:

      I find it very interesting that Bill mentions it. Someone upstairs must have found it interesting, too.

      I’m leaning toward the bad guys, but I’d like to know what Bill has to say.

    • I will say this about population ‘reduction.’ The planet was not set up to support 8 billion people. It’s too heavy a burden for such a large amount of people to live comfortably.

      Ideally; for the Nature Forces, there should be 2 people for every 5 acres of land; but I will check that figure later on to make sure.

      The Nature Forces on this planet have a limit if they are to maintain resources in balance. The mythical creatures introduced to us as Pan are real. They have an etheric existence, and without their energies, nothing on this planet would be sustained to support life. But what is not known or widely recognized is: like everything on this planet of duality, Pan has his counterpart and his feminine energy is Pam.

      It is not an ‘evil’ decision to reduce population as it now stands. It is returning the planet to its original limitations for harmony and balance.

      As an example: where I am temporarily residing the city is composed of 4 and a half square miles (Boston). There are 12,384 people living per square mile. I moved away from this 20 years ago to a rural town in another state. The town I moved to is composed of 35 square miles. There are 18 people per square mile with approximately 670 residents. A big difference in peace and tranquility (you get none in Boston).

      If you were a Nature Force where would you chose to ‘do your thing?’

      Supposedly we got this huge influx of people because souls wanted to be on the planet when it went thru this so-called ‘Event.’

      It’s like Earth is the universal location of the Super Bowl and everyone wanted tickets to see and play in the ‘game.’

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you, Yvonne. Where have you been this evening?

      So, let’s go one step further and take a shot at my question; just how many are gonna ascend? Any idea? Was any information given to the long-awakened about it?

      Plus, I wanted to mention and Lida would know about this: there are some interesting synchronicities in Bill’s book. I won’t go into all of them but the climax of the novel takes place in Maine.

    • LidaV says:

      Bill feels the Guide Stones are a glimpse into our future…even the population reduction thing. That’s how many will be left.
      I know there are way too many people to live comfortably on this planet, I just find it diabolical that reproduction is so ‘encouraged’…so it can be all killed off later. That is pure evil.
      People should be encouraged to reproduce conscientiosly for the good of the entire planet. A little too late for that now, and so the mass destruction is the only plan ‘they’ have…!!!
      This discussion could go on forever…so many facets. And it spreads to the animal kingdom too.
      Sometimes we are just being bred like chickens in a cage…fatten them up real fast so they can be killed sooner for food.
      …a real sick experiment if you ask me…but I digress.

      speaking of spring chicken…yes I missed that ‘pot’, and now you’re stuck with me. I get to see this whole mess go down…unless something wonderful happens.
      The Event…good or bad? that’s a toss up! But something BIG is coming, I feel it too…

      and yes, I am a year older than Yvonne…but you guys all liven me right up, thank you!

  6. Karma007 says:

    He’s an empath also, he can walk past someone and feel what they are feeling. I speak in another language in my sleep, that’s how I knew he was connected to me somehow.

    Valient’s artwork is very moving, I hung prints up where I spend the most time. Most people that see them for the first time are moved to comment, and that’s my que to tell them about the ways of the world.

    Some want to know more, others just change the subject. But at least I get them thinking. Mike your questions are very introspective, mysterious. We all want answers, will we ever get them or the truth?

    Keep asking, keep reading, question everything…

    • mike0v says:

      An empath, huh? Wow. That must be a burden. I can only imagine… I would not like to know what others are feeling.

      And another language? Now, that is cool. Do you know what it is? Can you speak it while awake?

    • LidaV says:

      That is rough to live with.
      Bill sees colors in our aura…I am usually dark purple-red. Somtimes that is all he sees…not ‘us’!

    • Now you’ve really snapped my neck around! That you must share with me!

      It seems when I first appeared on this planet eons ago, the location was on the plate where Maine is currently located.

      I was informed that particular plate represents the energy of Love. And my expression, my frequency represents Love.

      So share if you can publicly, privately if you prefer.

  7. ksense says:

    Reminds me of the Star Trek episode with the Edoan society…. check it.

  8. ksense says:

    The name of the episode is “Justice”

    • I looked and looked online at 3 years of episodes and could not find anything close to “Justice” or the Edoan society.

      But my favorite episode is “Errand of Mercy.” The Enterprise rushes in to save the population of a planet from the Klingons and the inhabitants seem non-plussed. They haven’t had war in eons and see no cause for concern now.

      Kirk and Spock are abandoned on the planet to ‘save’ the people and both get all worked up because the inhabitants seem so unconcerned. Naturally Kirk and Spock fight against the Klingons who have beamed down to the planet.

      Well, Kirk, Spock, and the Klingons get a grand surprise in the end when the inhabitants show them “why” they are unconcerned about squabbles and war. They simply revert back to their natural form of pure Energy right in front of their faces while they are going tooth and nail at one another!

      They only took human form as an illusion for their humanoid visitors.

      I thought that was so Cool!! All that fuss for nothing!

      Kind of puts all of this in check doesn’t it!

    • LidaV says:

      was this the first Star Trek…or Next Generation?
      They need to put the old ones back on…only BBC has Next Gen.
      …not that we don’t own DVD’s cause we were all nuts over Star Trek.
      our guilty, yet timely, pleasure!!!
      Roddenberry was a genius…and probably in contact with ET’s for his story lines!

  9. Karma007 says:

    I only speak it when I’m asleep. He say’s it’s not a language that would be familiar, like French or Spanish, German or Russian or the Asian languages. He didn’t tell me for about 6 months because he didn’t want to alarm me. But after having several in a row, he thought it might be important.

    By the time he gets his phone,(we don’t keep them on the bedroom), I’m done speaking. This scared the shit out of me! My dreams are more lucid during a daytime nap. So your vision at the beach was unbelievable. My sense of deja vu is very alarming also. We sometimes pick up vibes at the same time.

    Good to have someone in your corner to relate to when this happens. I’ll google star trek, after all they are trying to get us to assimilate like the Borg.

    • mike0v says:

      Maybe you’re speaking the light language. There’s a youtube video of a woman who regained her ability to speak it.

      It’s fascinating. She goes on for about five minutes.

      The light language is spoken by other races from other planets but I can’t remember which ones.

      If that is in fact what you’re speaking, that would be awesome.

  10. Karma007 says:

    I’m almost scared to find out! I’ll check it out. He says I speak, then pause like I’m listening for a reply or response, then I continue talking having a one sided conversation.

  11. Could be ancient Egyptian…. I’m taking a guess, but could there be a Priest of the Temple in your resume of lives? Do you feel ‘pulled’ towards that era at all?

    • Karma007 says:

      I have some type of Asia connection. I have been told by several psychic’s that I was Confusius. I have had prophetic dreams since I was 6.

      My earliest experience was that I awoke from a nightmare, told my parents that my maternal grandfather was trapped in the basement, and his house was on fire. They put me back to bed, and assured me everything was ok. The next day my dad came to get us out of school early, my grandfather was found in the basement, the house burned down and he died of smoke inhalation.

      They never doubted anything I said after that. They believe all my visions started after I was very ill with a high fever when I was 2.

      This week my partner told me I was saying no, over and over again in my sleep. I told him in my vision, I looked Obama in the eye and asked him how that Nov. election was working out? Sarcastically of course.

      Sometimes I can’t relate this visions right away, but soon after something clicks and it all makes sense.

      I don’t disregard any vision, it all means something.

    • mike0v says:


      Please tell me you’ve written a book about your life and I can buy it somewhere. I’m amazed.

      Your abilities are on par with Bill’s (Valiant’s).

      Have you gone back and read each post that Bill has made?

      I believe if you start from the beginning and read up to the present post, you would find similarities in Bill’s life and your life.

      Maybe you two were meant to come together some how.

      Just a thought…

  12. angelicview says:

    Wow guys! I took my daughter to the zoo today and so much great conversation I missed!

    I do have a couple of comments. First, when you look at prophecy – and I’ve studied a ton of it – you will always almost without fail see that it says there will be tremendous Earth changes. They make it sound like it will completely change the Earth. Drunvalo is still to this day saying that there’s going to be the big pole shift in which a lot of people are going to exit. In the prophecies given in all the NDE’s that I have researched, ALL of them say there will be major MAJOR Earth changes.

    But that stuff didn’t happen. Not yet anyway. And since it didn’t, and all the channeled messages say not to worry about that stuff, I thought maybe the Plan had changed. The channeled messages did say that we had created a new timeline because of the amount of Love that was growing on our planet. The more Love, the less Earth cleansing is needed.

    Now Valiant is saying that big Earth changes are still a possibility. Well you know what? I don’t really care anymore how the experiment ends – I just want it to end. I would love it if we didn’t all have to die! However, since I have studied so many thousands of NDE’s, I know that death is really really easy. I mean absolutely nothing to be afraid of! Most times we are actually taken out of our bodies before pain or suffering ensues (from drowning, car accident, or fire for examples). Many numerous car accidents, the person was out of their body before the accident even happened. If I was drowning, I’d take in a big deep breath of water. It only takes one breath and you’re outta there! It’s those who struggle and fight it and panic that have a bad experience. And fire – let me take in a nice deep breath of smoke – gone!

    Okay, I know all this talk of death might be difficult for some people to think about or to read about. But it might be something we might need to come to terms with so that (like me) you can know in your hearts that it’s really okay! We can do this! Truth be told – it would be the easier way. We are taking the more difficult route right now.

    We have to understand that we cannot change anyone else. The only people we can change is ourselves. And though we might not be completely perfect, we’ve worked on ourselves a lot and we’ve done a great job – on ourselves. The rest is something that’s out of our hands.

    Ksense, Claudia, Karma007, come to my site angelicview.wordpress and take a look at the NDE’s I have posted there. Or perhaps go to another site (NDERF.org is a great one) and take a look at those. You will see that it will really be okay either way.

    Mike, as far as your questions – I have the same ones! It never hurts to ask because you never know when someone has some knowledge and you wouldn’t know it unless you asked, right? However, I do not know about those things. I’m sorry I cannot help you with that, partner :)

    • ksense says:

      Will do.

    • Karma007 says:

      I’ve been to your site, I was intrigued by the drowning incident. I believe trauma of any type brings out this gift of prophetic visions.

      I’ve never been afraid of dying, I live everyday like it’s my last. Too many people are living for the future, instead of being in the moment. That’s why they lose sight of the important things going on around them on a daily basis.

      NDE’s are how I discovered other people who have had visions since their trauma. Michael Scallion also had trauma in his life, he is the first one that said the continent would be broken up by a pole shift over 10 years ago.

      I also suffer from migraines, when I have one, I can almost think more clearly after they pass.

      Thanks for all you do angelicview, Yvonne, mike ksense and lidav, you are all very inspirational beings.

  13. Mike,

    Approximately 10 percent of the world’s population with ‘go forward’ and “seed” the next chapter of this Experiment in Creation. There are approximately 1 million Lightworkers on the planet right now embodied.

    That leaves 6 million humans ready to move onward and about one million Lightworkers to act as guides and give information.

    The cabal forces had plans to reduce earth’s population too; but for different reasons. They considered us to be ‘useless eaters’ and any number of humans over a certain amount are (in their minds) unnecessary and will use up too many resources. They only wanted enough humans for slave labor to be in service to them.

    We are in slave labor right now and have been for far too long. It is time for the human experience to know what it is like to be in ‘service to others,’ and in ‘service to others,’ you are actually serving yourself in a loving expression; not serving those who are keeping you as a slave, and making your life miserable.

    The humans who are going forward will be considered the best of this experiment and will begin the next step if they chose to do so. They will be known by the light infused within their cellular structure.

    I don’t expect anyone to have to go ‘without’ for any length of time. The galactics who will be in service will set up the new technologies that will be free of cost.

    When all of this was being discussed in my particular group in 1994 I had a vision of being able to touch the ground with my finger and materializing food instantly. I also had a vision of myself instantly healing a person by sending an energy-ray into their body (which pretty much has become one of the easier ways to heal). This technology is already here, but is many times delayed or not allowed because of the karmic situations held by the recipient.

    One way or another, there will be a ‘harvesting’ of this experiment. It’s been done before and written about in some texts (Noah and the Ark).

    You have nothing to fear. Everything you need is already with you in one form or another. Whatever happens, there will always be life. Nothing is ever destroyed; only the form changes expression. Only the molecules rearrange themselves to suit the needs of the thinker.

  14. angelicview says:

    You know what my worst nightmare is? My very worst nightmare (to be completely honest with you) is that all of this is just fantasy and none of it is really going to happen. The world goes on just like it is now and nothing happens. That’s my worst fear. Please, somebody tell me that’s not going to happen! ;)

    • mike0v says:


      Wow. Took the words right out of my mouth. I was standing on my patio last night thinking the EXACT same thing.

  15. claudia says:

    Well angelicview, all I can offer is to STOP focusing on your worst nightmare etc and truly be focused on a positive outcome which is for the highest good of All. I love good surprises!!

    • angelicview says:

      Thanks Claudia! I can assure you I don’t focus on it. Actually, I feel like something big big BIG is coming down the pike and I’m ready for it! Whatever it may be. On my blog, you can see that I’m a pretty positive person. That is good advice, though. Oh, and hey – please don’t take me talking about death as being a negative-thinking person! There is nothing negative (to me) about the death of the 3D physical body. It only frees us to be who we really are ;)

    • mike0v says:

      Hey Claudia,

      She’s positive, all right. Sometimes too positive! (Don’t ya ever get so mad you just want to scream? I do!)

  16. Lida,

    The episode I mentioned in the post above is from the original Star Trek series.

    And yes! I agree with you. Gene Roddenberry was a genius. He was bringing in guidance for the first wave of Lightworkers. I know it caught my eye. By the time I found out how interesting and intriging it was; CBS cancelled it. But it got my mind to ticking and thinking, and opening up to a new way of thinking and hope for a more advanced world.

    And I swear; everything that was introduced in the original Star Trek have been prototypes for modern technology. The cassette tape players, the CD, the cell phone, the scanner used to diagnose the condition of the body, the computer. The talking computer, the laser. That series was a gold mine of ideas for the way we live now. The storylines preparing us to mingle with so-called aliens.

    The first Stargate was shown in one of the episodes; the ability to move from one reality to another, etc. I can’t think of one episode that didn’t give excellent food for thought.

    As for the ‘age thing’ for those reading this Blog and don’t know; I am 63 years chronologically but feel as though I am 32 or so. Actually; I am going thru my postponed childhood. I was always an ‘old’ child, raised to be a responsible ‘adult’ along many lines and did not finally get the nerve to break free until I was 43 years old. From birth I lived my life according to someone else’s rules, needs, and regulations; afraid to be me. I am now taking the opportunity to be the spontaneous child I should have been; tandrums and all when necessary. It’s been so very creative!

    • Karma007 says:

      Yvonne, I wasn’t released to be who I am now until my parents passed away. As a child you always feel the obligation to please others, not yourself. I can truly be the person I wanted to be now, I live in a log cabin in a rural part of Pennsylvania. 35 years ago I told my rock climbing partner that I would live here one day, and I am! Be careful what you wish for, my dreams have come true due to loving and being loved. It’s that simple. Live, Love and Learn.

  17. claudia says:

    Does anyone feel that we have all been playing this game of Blindmans Bluff? The bluff only comes off when each one of us awakens when Love for self is triggered from within…and only then can we give it to another? a mirror reflection worldwide?

  18. ksense says:

    Hey Yvonne, Just search “Star Trek Justice”. Another question for you. You said “It is not an ‘evil’ decision to reduce population as it now stands.”

    Who gets to make that decision? Who decides who is good enough to not get “reduced”? I happen to think there’s room for even more people here if we act with respect toward each other and Earth. Rationalizing population reduction is a dangerous play. It forces the will of one over another.

    • Brad,

      To be honest with you, yes; you can fill this planet up to ‘overload’ capacity (which it is now), but you have to give due respect and consideration to the planet herself. She bears a heavy burden when overcrowding occurs; and She has never had this amount of humans living upon her before. The Planet has a “will” too. When we force human will over the will of the planet is that not inappropriate as well?

      It was the Planet who called out asking for help back in the mid-forties because she felt she was getting to the breaking point. The things we were doing was very destructive to her body. It still is, and has gotten worse.

      Every time we’ve had a nuclear explosion it has affected not only the planet’s integrity, but has displaced time. As I wrote earlier noise is a killer as it is being used on this planet today. Harmonious sound is one thing; discordant sound is a killer.

      It’s a small thought, but if we didn’t have the hundreds of monks sitting everyday sounding the “oM” this world would have been destroyed a long time ago.

      Who gets to make the decision as to whom gets to stay on the new upgraded version of Earth? Your soul and spirit makes that decision. Everyone sets their own pace at which they will learn. No one judges another after a manifestation has come to an ending. You review your own words, thoughts, actions and deeds and you come to your conclusion as to where your next move will be.

      You aren’t in charge of you; your spirit is in charge of you. It is your spirit that has merged into the human form you are wearing. When the spirit disconnects itself from the human body, the human body dies. Someone actually measured it long ago and it weighs a few ounces.

      You will have guidance and help in reviewing your manifestations, and you will have help and guidance when you decide to branch out again.

      But the Planet is an intelligent lifeform just as we are, and deserves the greatest respect from us because we are asking her to put up with our crazy behavior and deepest inconsideration; in the process of it all, we are destroying Her cellular integrity. You wouldn’t like it if 8 billion parasites were living on your body, causing all sorts of havoc that was driving you nuts and destroying your body and were told you have to live with it.

      It’s time to show a little love to our host.

    • LidaV says:

      yes we are our brother’s keeper…so to speak. It should never have had to come to all of this….sad on so many levels.

    • mike0v says:


      The atomic capability of a civilization and how it’s monitored fascinates me. My dad saw that first hand in Savannah while in the Army. (I posted about it.)

      When I first started reading about UFOs and their presence, I was amazed to learn how much damage a nuclear explosion does not only to the host planet, but to so many other dimensions and time itself.

      It’s extremely bad. EXTREMELY bad.

      It’s a miracle that any civilization is allowed to develop such technology after you learn about how destructive it is.

      Yeah, I know, I know…the free will thing. They get to blow some stuff up and then there’s an intervention.

      But even the fact that they get to explode ANY nuclear devices surprises me. What an uproar those nuclear bombs caused in the spiritual realms!

      “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” One of the greatest films ever made.

    • LidaV says:

      Truly one of the best films. You have to study only the basics to see what this stuff can do. It should be required of anyone meddling in warfare. And yes, it was on of my favorite classes…that and Radioisotopes! The effects do not stop with the blast…but keep going on for #’s of years. Frightening!!

  19. ksense says:

    “Isn’t it obvious to just about anyone that the lightworkers have taken it up the wazoo?” – Mike, everyone has. We just happen to be aware of it. That’s a funny word…… wazoo.

    • mike0v says:

      You’re right, Brad. We all have. Sometimes I think I’d like to be asleep again, though.

      When I first awakened I wanted to be put back to sleep, badly, because of all the pain it brought with it. But now I’m better and just waiting.

    • Karma007 says:

      Ksense , I use that word a lot. I don’t think it’s in the dictionary but it fits most situations! Wazoo, almost like the character from the jet sons, coincidence, I don’t think so…

  20. Karma007 says:

    Mike, my life is on open book. I’m here for a reason, as we all are. I resonate with some people, others I do not. My close circle of friends are diverse in their own ways.

    My mother and grandmother were also prophetic, I think it’s generational. My third eye has been open more or less my whole life. I didn’t grow up with fluoridated water, however I was a dental hygienist for 25 years! Our dad was a chef, and I am also so we didn’t eat processed foods. I was lactose intolerant, so didn’t drink milk polluted with hormones. My homestead only grows homeopathic herbs and vegetables. I use ancient spelt flour and quinoa, not the bleached and adulterated grains. My formal degree is a PhD in nutrional agriculture, and my partner is a horticulturalist.

    My skill set is such, and I hate to say this, I think I will be left behind along with many light workers. We are the future of this planet, who else would they leave behind to start all over? We are of good and compassionate heart, able to move forward in a positive and loving path.

    I was drawn to this sight by Valient’s posts, I said holy mother of god, this guy is like a brother from a different mother. I have read all Bills posts and seen all the art work. My house is full of talismans from all over the world, special things I have collected since I was very young.

    I want to know more of the back stories on the people who comment on this site, we have a common denominator, we need to find out what it is and explore that avenue. Any suggestions Mr. Curiosity?

    • mike0v says:

      Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.

      Can I come live with you? Just until the ascension? Please!

      Your last paragraph has me stunned. I’m shocked. Talk about a synchronicity!

      Give me some time because I want to put in a good effort, but my next post will be about the common denominator you speak of.

      For me, I’m so blown away, I’m sitting here with goosebumps!

      I’m gonna try to bring it off well, so give me a couple of hours.

      Time to get to work…

  21. Karma007 says:

    Ironically Mike, my ex husband was an astro physicist, aero space engineer. Talk about living with Rocket Man!

    • mike0v says:

      Very interesting. I’ve been in the airline business for 27 years. Degree in electronics. But I’m still a complete goofball.

  22. Karma007 says:

    I was a newspaper columnist for two years and wrote about my daily life, kinda like Erma Bombeck meets Lucille Ball. That’s the closest I’ve come to putting it all out there. I have been retired for a year and keep asking myself, what should I do next? I think I’m here to help people understand their purpose and greater gift to humanity. I am the first one’s my friends call when they have a situation, good or bad. They know I will listen intently and offer support, not so much guidance. Some days are for talking, most days for listening.

    When people come to our house, they want to move in, so I would support anyone who needs a loving and compassionate home. I believe that is what a sense of community is all about. Not like the communes of the 60’s but more advanced, where we all help each other to move along in a positive and loving light. In the words of Bill Medley, “we’ve lost that lovin feeling”.

    I look forward to your posts Mike, you are a beacon of light along with Bill and others here who are awake and aware.

  23. Karma007 says:

    Ksense, to have a sense of humor is priceless, that is my gift to humanity. My partner and I laugh hysterically everyday. I know I’ve had a great day if just one person laughs at my foibles.

  24. Karma007 says:

    LidaV, tell Bill I actually live the artwork titled, American Wilderness. I am situated between two huge mountain ranges in a valley. I’ve seen most of those animals in my big backyard. There is a stocked trout stream 50 yards from my cabin, haven’t seen a mountain lion yet, but always on the lookout. That picture gave me hope…All my best to him in this endeavor.

    • LidaV says:

      What wonderful things I am hearing…like I have found the rest of my family.
      So here is some info about me…and Bill.
      We live on the Jersey shore only because this is where we followed my parents to…they came from Czechoslovakia, with me and my brother, in 1950. I was born in Germany, en route. My mother grew up in the mountains of Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) and lived on a farm with many animals. We first settled in North Jersey, then came down here after my mom left my abusive father. She later married another Czech refugee who was a baker by trade and had his own bake shop. Mom was a physical therapist, trained in Carlsbad, Czech. For all my life I wanted to be a doctor, but it was not meant to be…I switched to Physics in Junior year and wanted to be an Astrophysicist!!!

      While I was in college I met my husband, Bill’s dad, while working at nights in a movie theatre, (yeah I loved movies) where he worked too. He was from Pittsburgh, PA, and still has ties to that area. His uncle had a cabin in Tynanest (sp-?)But we both prefer the mountains vs the sea shore, and would love to find a place with acreage in PA for all of us…including our many animals-who I would never leave behind! I’ve never been fond of water and all those waves…fear of tsunami’s and I can’t swim!
      I have many tsunami dreams for years….

      Karma, I will tell him about your ‘Wilderness’…he will love that. I swear I think he knows all this already…and is just biding his time until you all “formally” meet. (and yes he is an excellent listener too)

      Mike…what you have done by this blog is phenomenal…your have made the greatest family reunion ever. We were all meant to be together….yes, like children from Bill’s book!

      Bill has been special since very small…as was his sister, also named Lida! (we are so ‘original’) She too loves Sci Fi and reading and writing. Wrote briefly for a newspaper.
      Bill has been drawing since birth…I swear…one way or another, his put his little fingers down and his smears became SOMETHING!!! And the rest was history…
      Before he even went to high school, I warned his future art teacher (where I was subbing) that she was getting a student who wanted to do nothing else but…
      She went bananas when Bill came to her…he was her STAR!!!! She devoted exhibits to him and would have gotten him into any art school in the country at scholarship, had he wanted it…but he did not want to leave….
      Now I know why…becaue THIS is where he was meant to be and what he was supposed to be doing!!!
      When he was seven years old, his IQ was measured at 140…then. He is 40 yrs old now….it must be off the charts, and that is not counting his “abilities”!

      So now you all know!

    • mike0v says:


      What a pleasure that was to read! Thanks.

      My mom’s side of our family is pure Czech. Her parents were children when they moved to the States.

      They spoke fluent Czech but didn’t teach it to my mom and her brother and sister. (Made me kind of angry; I could’ve been bilingual. I’ve always wanted to be.)

      Many, many Czechs came to the US through Galveston, TX. Galveston has processed more immigrants to the US than Ellis Island, but most people don’t know that.

      There is an enormous Czech heritage and population in Texas.

      I was born in Corpus Christi.


      Now, Bill knows all this stuff already? About the blog and the people here? And he’s keeping it quiet?

      Tell him his brothers and sisters may have to come up there and squeeze more information out of him!

      I’d hate to be on the bottom of a “pig pile!”

    • LidaV says:

      another holy mackeral moment!!!!
      my maiden name is Vanis. My brother was born there, I do not remember where. We spoke Czech at home exclusively until we went to school…kindergarten in Union City, NJ. We were not ‘processed’ thru Ellis Island, but got right off the boat to a dock in New York City where relatives, who came before us, picked us up. Their name was Novotny, and there are a LOT of those!!! Always the ‘alien’ until I was naturalized at 16 yrs old. I used to joke about that to friends! Little did I know…

      Bill intuits these things…he justs KNOWS stuff. That little genius of mine.
      …this is really getting fuuny/strange now, isn’t it!

      destiny…it is all destiny. aka: fate or ‘meant to be’

      PS: we do have a lot of nobility and royalty in our blood line-mother’s side. But does that matter any more?
      …and feel free to come on over and squeeze away…maybe he needs a big ber hug! He feels ‘icky’ when I try…too corny.

    • mike0v says:


      My mom’s maiden name is Svasta. There isn’t any nobility in her heritage. They came from a small village deep in the countryside somewhere.

      My mom’s brother, my uncle, traveled to Czechoslovakia 20 or 30 years ago, searching for their family.

      He found them and it was really funny because no one in the village spoke English, but many of the villagers knew the Svastas.

      The kept telling him, “Frank go to America. Frank go to America after war.”

      Frank was my mom’s grandfather and he left after WWII for the States.

    • LidaV says:

      …my Father’s name and my brothers name : both Frank!


  25. Karma007 says:

    Ok, that just blew me away Lida. I’m from Pittsburgh, PA. I live in historic Ligonier near the Fort. My family emigrated here in th 20’s. My dad used to have a cabin in Tionesta! We used to go there when we were children, hence my love of the woods. My Slovak mom spoke to my dad in her native language and my dad spoke Italian, capice! Means ok in Italian…

    I lived in Colorado for about 15 years and came back here to care for my parents who both had cancer at this same time. I am here by happenstance. Decided to stay, my brother and sister and their families are here. I don’t have any children, except the hairy kind.

    The Czech influence might be a common denominator, of course Bill is our biggest connection. With the thousands of blogs out there what are the chances of us all migrating to Mike’s?

    Tell Bill to hang in there, someday’s my parents didn’t know what to do, other than let me sleep. And of course good food. When you grow up in a foodie family it’s all about breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    • LidaV says:

      Karma, You are not the only one blown away….
      This must be the Twilight Zone, and the next stop is ‘Willowby’.
      My husband remembers Fort Ligonier well and loved the area, also Tionsta. His brother lives in Beaver.
      Guess we have those cosmic ties…and yes Bill did that! Unwittingly, unknowingly, regardless…he is responsible.

      If only Bill could sleep when it all hits him…he gets maybe 3-3 1/2 hrs a night. 4 on a good night. 5 on a very good night, so he is usually exhausted at the start of his day. He sleeps alone in his room, so is not lucky enough to have a companion who can watch him. Even animals have trouble staying in his room at night. The energy thing I am guessing.
      He had cats at different times…one died as a baby, another had some strange attacks…like seizures. Another just went wacko due to a stange growth on her cheek. She died young too.
      Birds cannot stay in his room at all. Nor dogs. And he does love animals.
      He can’t help it…we have so many!

      He eats only the healthiest foods of HIS own chosing. Cannot tolerate anything else…
      Intestinal and stomach problems,compounded by bladder & kidney issues.
      We have had him to our doctor, several others, and a neurologist…with multiple MRI’s. He has nerve damage, slipped & bulging discs, and a hemangioma in his thoracic region which gives him stabbing pains and difficulty breathing then.. Nitwit neurologist says it’s all normal aging. She smiled at his symptoms like he was telling her a funny story. At least it was NOT “MS”!
      He has no medical coverage as he has not been able to work outside the home for over 10 yrs. Besides, art is his passion…and he is so good at it. The only thing that works for him is his meditation, crystals, being immobile and rest!!! He needs bedrest before he is totally crippled. OH, and pain meds…which I will buy for him, but they don’t like to give….
      And now his body is assaulted by these incredible visions and messages…which ravage him.
      He has asked the powers/messangers to ease up. He has asked for ‘help’.
      He keeps asking: “Is this a test”?
      He feels he needs to be faithful and fulfill his promise to the Angel.
      …I am afraid of the cost to his body which was once robust and healthy. He was in beautiful shape…with muscles, abs, the whole deal. Women were constanltly hitting on him because he is also quite nice looking. And very intelligent and very sensitive!!
      He is a shadow of his former self. And rarely leaves the house.
      We are trying to get his room’fixed up’ so he can lay comfortably in bed all day if necessary. And he needs to thin his flock out a bit to minimize work on himself. He has at least 100 various birds. Slowly but surely this is being done. I simply cannot keep up with all the animals,ause I have my own to tend to, besides he does enjoy them immensely.
      Anyway…he is still with us and will hopefully make it to the finish and win the gold prize!
      So there you are…all of it.
      Valiant is the most fitting name…he picked it himself-doesn’t even realize how meaningful it would be!
      I will pass on all advice because it is sent with the best of intentions. Eventually something will and must work, besides the end to all of this madness.

      Thanks everyone. Venting helps!

  26. Karma007 says:

    Lida, my partner Warren has 2 stints in his heart, diabetes and MS. I will never give up on him. He feels I came into his life at his most dire time. He was giving up emotionally. The medications are debilitating along with the severe side effects. He was on 13 meds. when I met him, now he is only on 5. We’ll keep trying all avenues for better health and well being. Something is working for us, we are united in our quest for a quieter life style.

    I’m sorry to hear that doctors can be so blaze about our medical conditions. Remember they don’t call it a medical practice for nothing. They practice on us all the time. They are slaves to Big Pharma, that is who funds their education and research. Our state provides a low cost medical insurance that I am a part of since I’m retired and under 63. My partner can add me to his plan after we have lived with each other for two years, we are approaching that soon.

    I suffer from migraines and the side effects of the meds. are worse than the cure. But they are so bad, I have to give myself an injection of Imitrx just to get out of bed.

    Keep the faith, we will pray for Bill and keep his spirits up. Pets are our source of unconditional love, my furry force field follows me around the house. They don’t want to be alone either.

    I am so fortunate to live in a historic area that is filled with Indian lore and sacred areas, I think that’s why we were drawn to this log cabin. Think Grizzly Adams only more conveniences.

    My best thoughts are with you, my name is Karol it’s a pleasure to get to know your family.

  27. Boy…….!! The price you sometimes have to pay. It’s remarkable.

  28. LidaV says:

    He is so fortunate to have you! You are saving his life for better things…
    Mine has A-fib,and 2 leaky valves, RSD, a degenerative nerve disease,(which is what I think Bill has too, just different manifestations), has had 5 surgeries in the last 3 yrs-coincidently all since I was laid off!-and is now a walking wreck…
    Yes, they practiced a lot on him!!! Got a bit wrong too.
    My daughter is a type 1 diabetic…insulin dependent-shots every day…sometimes a bad reaction.
    And there are Bill’s problems.
    I am so adept a doing medical things I too, could open up my own practice!!!
    …now I know who I’ll be working with!!! Karol….
    And I can take care of a variety of animals…dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs…pygmy goats!
    They are all my comfort and joy. Keep me too busy to go crazy!!! But are the best therapists in the world…better thanany anti-depressant!

    We are all really very lucky…we looked long and hard and thanks to Bill who pointed the way, and Mike who brought us together here….
    we done good!

  29. Well now I know why you desired to be a doctor….. You knew you would need it.

    Yes; you could set up your own clinic; as a matter of fact, you have one already.

    I am so looking forward to when they allow us to ‘invent’ the Chair, where you just sit in it like a recliner, and it automatically heals the discordant cells in the body.

    As a matter of fact, they should have one in every home. No doctors needed.

    My other dreams for the “ideal home:” A house that automatically repairs and cleans itself. And let’s not forget my other requirement: a stargate and a transporter in every home. No cars necessary. Want French food for dinner? hop in the transporter and be there in a few seconds.

    My companion thinks I am a little nuts, or at the least; I have a wild imagination, and I do by today’s standard. But if it isn’t visualized, it never materializes.

    I salute each one of us who are working through physical disorders in any shape or form. You all deserve warm hugs and support. It’s a lot of work and I honor your ability to keep your balance and harmony. I honor you greatly…..!!!

    • LidaV says:

      there will supposedly be ‘light chambers’ that heal our bodies, even to the point of growing limbs.
      …and transporters and replicators for our dining needs…like Strar Trek!!!
      also a tricorder which will scan the body, diagnose what is wrong and initiate treatment.
      I have also heard they already have these things…but then it would put the ‘business’ out of ‘medical’ wouldn’t it!!!

      I can’t wait to see them all get what they so rightly deserve… totally detroyed by their own greed. And we won’t have to do it to them…they will. It is very sad it all comes to this, but hey…maybe that is why so many are all jumping ship early…so they won’t go down with it when it does!
      Karma is grand…it never forgets.

  30. Karma007 says:

    Yvonne, I believe we already have these capabilities, but they are suppressed by the higher ups. There are many homeopathic solutions to our ills, hemp being one of them in it’s other form. I want to see this legalized and made available for all suffering from cancer, ms, and a host of other ailments that it truly benefits symptoms.

    Our grandmothers from other countries used many concoctions brought from their homeland. We dismissed these in the 20th century for a more modern approach to medicine and healing. I do believe the Chinese are the only nationality to use these modes for healing.

    My neighbor is a Seventh Day Adventist, they promote healing in this way also, they put out a newsletter informing their members of tried and true benefits of homeopathy. We hit it off immediately, we are of like mind in many aspects of our lives. She is a chemistry teacher for a local school district, very knowledgable about compounding herbs and every day products around the house. Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil are just some of the basics we should all keep around to enhance our life spans.

    Look forward to your outlook and Lida’s experience with healthy alternatives to healing.

  31. I know about peroxide, baking soda, and the apple cider vinegar and virgin coconut oil. Have them all and use them when necessary.

    About the apple cider vinegar: purchase it with the “mother” in it. Braggs brand has the “mother” (unfiltered) apple cider vinegar. You pay more for it, but it is more powerful than the filtered sold in the stores.

    Another tip about vinegar for those who cook and sometimes burn themselves: instantly grab the vinegar (any kind) and pour over the burn! You will not get a blister, and that ‘burn’ feeling will quickly disappear. I got that tip from the Edgar Cayce readings decades ago and it works excellently! I never got a blister if I poured the vinegar over it right away.

    Forget the cold water, the butter, and whatever else the medical profession has told you.

    • mike0v says:

      The apple cider vinegar thing is what I do.

      I buy the Bragg’s brand and mix one tablespoon with one tablespoon of organic honey and a glass of water.

      Then shoot it down. Tastes good to me. Been doing it every morning for a year or more.

  32. Karma007 says:

    As a chef, that works wonders, many oven rack, and sauté mishaps in a busy kitchen. I am having guests in this weekend, just starting dinner with sweetened dates with soprasata and garlic, peach and oregano marinated chicken, and last but not least caprisi salad. Double fudge brownie cups with toasted pecans for dessert!

    Enjoy your weekend everyone, I’ll check back to see what is happening on the blog. Karol

    • mike0v says:

      I’m hungry, too!

    • How are we supposed to have a good weekend after reading that menu and we’re not privy to sit at your table?? Your friends must be twiddling their thumbs waiting for an invitation to visit. Curious question: Are you a sponge or dishcloth person?

    • Karma007 says:

      Yvonne, dishcloth only, replace everyday. But you can put your sponge, only natural. or synthetic in the dishwasher. Always clean everything in there, you can’t make the rinse and wash water hot enough to kill germs by doing dishes by hand.

      No one ever refuses an invitation to any meal at our house. Tonite is Atlantic Salmon with a dill cucumber sauce, grilled peaches, yes it’s peach season here. Mike I get lost every time I’m in Atlanta because everything is named Peachtree this and Peachtree that. We’ll start off with homemade Syrian Bread with Babbaganoush and Almond Butter. The wine has been flowing like water here, so I don’t need to tell you we could be tippsy by dessert. Just fresh strawberries over pound cake with Grand Marnier.

  33. Julia says:

    Once again I have learned so much. Thanks for the info. Vinegar for burns huh? Sounds good, I’ll give it a try as I do tend to burn myself too often. I’m the lost member of the family, living way far away in northern California (in the mountains). (I want the transporter so that I can come for dinner…please…Karol! Yumm.. sounds so good. It’s to hot here to even think about cooking tonight.)

    My family is from Switzerland (Mom & Dad both) I am also an artist (I’ll try to upload a painting later) watercolor paintings, sculpture, fabric, but working in the High Tech industry. I want to spend my time being creative, not just doing a job to pay the bills. It’s hard to create when you are tired.

    By the way, I have read many times that the animals & kids go with us, which is good because I won’t leave my furry friends behind. For what it’s worth, this morning I read an interesting article on Kauilapele’s blog (AA Michael interview) about Ascention. Very different from what I have read before. You may enjoy it.

    Until then I laugh often (I live with a funny guy, so that helps!) enjoy the peace of nature & being outdoors, meditate and send my blog family love every day. Thank you so much. This is wonderful.

    • Karma007 says:

      I’m jealous Julia my friend from Brazil is here for the weekend, and she keeps telling me our place looks like the resorts in Northern California. Never been there myself, but she frequents quite often.

      My step-dad was a wildlife watercolor artist, he left me all his artwork. I have no artistic ability what so ever, where do you get your inspiration?

      Mike, people want to check into the chez Hickory Acres( the name of our cabin), and don’t want to check out. Most of my friends from the city, stay for the weekend. We’ll start today at the farmers market, move on to the antique stores and boutiques, head home for dinner. Later a bonfire complete with smoores and mountain pies. It’s a different way of life here, still trying to adjust to retirement.

      I also have enjoyed all the shows like Hero’s, Alcatraz, and Warehouse 13. Eureka on Scyfy is also entertaining, they certainly seem to be foreshadowing what’s to come…

    • mike0v says:


      Sounds so nice…

      A friend of mine has a magnificent home in the north Georgia mountains.

      Brad can back me up here; northern Georgia is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been.

      Stayed in my friend’s home during a vacation and was taken on board a ship one night during my sleep.

      I woke up just in time to glimpse the inside of the ship. Then I was back in my bed.

    • Karol,

      You do have artistic abilities. You’re an artist with food! That takes a lot of creative talent. I ‘cook.’ Whatever I cook I cook well; but I am not a chef! That takes way more talent than I want to get into.

      I cook because I have to. You cook because you love the art and creativity of food.
      I look at “Chopped” and “Iron Chef America” and I would not know the first thing about ‘what to do with what’ in an hour’s time and prepare a full course meal. When I look at the ‘mystery ingredients’ in the baskets on “Chopped” I cannot imagine knowing what to do. If I were on that show, I’d look in the basket and walk away.

  34. LidaV says:

    Julia & Karol,
    You already live in paradise…or as close to what it is in this time frame! If it wasn’t for all the outsiders you have to deal with…you’d be there!
    It is comming to the point we don’t even want to leave our home…except for necessary shopping trips!
    We live in the woods…the Pine Barrens of New Jersey…actually right on the border. My parents bought several acres, subdivided-we bought one-and we built pur homes…sort of a family compound. So we wouldn’t have neighbors right on top of us all the time. We don’t mind neighbors…just need space in between!
    …specially when we have all these critters outside.

    My daughter saw a UFO hovering over the end of our street several years ago,,,coming home late one Saturday night…course by the time she came in, ran to tell us, it was gone! It was documented by MUFON…by me, and written up in George Filer’s book because it was corroborated by another sighting several miles away, within minutes of hers…like it was traveling!
    Never been inside one myself…Bill has, almost like a remote viewing experience. Want to go myself Mike!!
    Bill sensed 2 nearby the other night, but they are cloaked. One was very close, the other offshore. We get a lot of those!

    We live in the Jersey Devil woods!!! And yes they have gone to look for it…also Bigfoot..who does visit here.
    We do have some unusal ‘woods’ experience, but nothing concrete. Heard flotsteps on the porch, dogs gone nuts, no ‘one’ there, that kind of thing! Someone tried the doorknopb one night…years ago.
    Bill can usually tell when something/someone is out in the woods watching. Not for a while tho.
    Some day…they will be knocking and coming in. He is expecting that. I just want to be there when it happens. Someone has to bear witness.
    Regardless…the woods and mountains are where we all prefer to be. Safer from the wildlife than the wild humans!!

  35. Karma007 says:

    I have been taken away several times in several states. My most interesting was being on board a round ship sitting in front, I was communicating telepathiclly and was not afraid. The only thing I remember having with me was a backpack. We travelled around the constellations and I was brought back safe and sound, I had the most overwhelming sense of peace. The time seemed minute, but when I got back I was missing several hours of our time.

    I have also had strange marks on my body, the back of my upper arm, some place you wouldn’t readily see. A friend pointed it out. It was in the shape of an upside down T. It stayed there for weeks and finally disappeared.

    I was with other humans aboard this ship, we were all happy to be there, no one was afraid, we were astonished by our experience. I wonder if I was with any of you?

    Warren and I have experienced time lapse’s, where we will look at the clock and it will be a certain time. Then hours later it will only be a couple of minutes past that time on all the clocks in our house or wherever we are. I don’t know how to explain this any other way. There maybe some sort of vortex, as I have been to Sedona and experienced this also.

    Lida and Julie and Mike we are drawn to the area we need to be, whether it’s for tranquility or the surroundings that make us more aware of life and what’s to come.

    It scares me sometime, because I dom’t know what to make of it all. Warren has similar experiences too, so at least we have each other for support.

    Lida your family is lucky to have such a strong and open minded matriarch to guide and support them in their beliefs.

    My mom used to listen to Art Bell, so I new she was awake and aware that I was having off world experiences. She couldn’t talk to anyone about our experiences so I guess that is where she found her support that other people were out there like us.

    • LidaV says:

      Now that’s a ‘Calgon type’ of experience I would like to have one day.
      I hope they’re listening….take me away!

      Karol, thanks for the compliment…I always knew I was a duck out of water…so maybe I was not supposed to be in the water….but the woods! Makes me a ‘wood duck’!!

  36. Karma007 says:

    Hey Mike isn’t that where the Georgia Guide Stones are? My friends and I would be making a beeline for that area. We go to Indian Mounds here, they are very plentiful. Also our area saw many battles during the American Revolution. Washington and General Bradford came thru here with their troops to secure the three rivers. My partner Warren is a direct decendant of General Jeb Stuart of the confederacy.

    Yes, a Yankee and a confederate under one roof! My Grandfather on my mom’s side fought with General Pershing to find Pancho Villa. My very best friend is the great grandniece of General Pershing. So many ties thru heredity and friendships.

    • mike0v says:


      The Guide Stones are near Elberton, which is east of Atlanta. From my house it would take about an hour and a half to get there.

      This part of Georgia is not mountainous. Rolling hills, lakes, farms, small towns, like that.

      Do you know anything about the Stones?

      I’ve read about them but can’t determine if they were placed by the good guys or the bad guys. For every website that claims they’re a positive message, there’s another one that says the opposite.

      I guess I need to dig a lot deeper to find out but I don’t have the motivation.

      Think it’s worth visiting them?

  37. I looked up the Guide Stones the other night and I found nothing negative about them. I thought they were the new “Ten Commandments” once the earth is cleansed of those whose frequency is still hovering in 3D mode. I thought it was nice someone was thinking ahead.

  38. Not that I am condoning we follow “commandments.” I don’t; but what is written on these stones is a general way all need to think if we are to have a more spiritual, harmonized and compassionate environment. It’s pointing our minds in a new direction, or our next level of experience as humans on this planet.

  39. Karma007 says:

    The stones were only created back in the 70’s. The stone mason that created them only dealt with one man, RC Christian. They are written in several different languages on all the sides. It does appear Yvonne that these are guidelines to carry on in the event of a catastrophic earth change. Does that mean some one new about Nibiru, the Brown Dwarf or Planet X back then?

    If so, we have had plenty of time to prepare for these times. Who wouldn’t want us to survive? I can’t imagine evil that deep, Big Brother, would wish us to perish.

  40. LidaV says:

    I have printed this out a while ago, watched the special, showed it to everyone.
    A fascinating piece, with incredible construction.
    …the population/minimizing thing always got me. First we are all to procreate nonstop, per the Catholics, multiple wives, per Mormons…multiply and fill the earth, per scripture…done that! Then we must suddenly stop…per the Human Genome Project and Margaret Sanger…the birth control movement, women’s lib, et al. So we are pulled both ways. But we are sophisticated now and liberated…and enlightened!
    We are ‘useless eaters’ according to Kissinger, yet “we don’t want a nation of intellectuals, we want a nation of workers” according to Rockefeller-who needs our financial support to keep ‘them’ in their fancy priviledged lifestyle. So we have the education system so weirded out that most kids go through as dumb or dumber than when they went in…

    Don’t you wish they’d make up their minds….without involving 90% of the population in their diabolical plan.
    Yes this is one strange experiment on Planet Terra!
    The Light had better win because the Dark has totally screwed things up!
    ….somtimes it’s good to be dumb about things, cause knowing about all this stuff really makes me mad at the bad guys!
    There will be payack for all those stupid selfish people and their stupid selfish ideas…by a much smarter and greater hand than ours!

    I just hope I will be around to watch. Course, I always had a lot of compassion for the less fortunate and suffering ones, so I know I will feel very bad for all those caught as collateral damage.

    Where is Scotty when you need him?

  41. LidaV says:

    stop…I am gaining weight just hearing this!!!
    sound wonderful…enjoy!!!
    Tho not a fish person (except tuna) I could probably be converted by this kind of cooking!!!

  42. Karma007 says:

    Thrive is also a great documentary by one of the Proctor Gamble family. Remember they are crazy. Bill Gates dad was the founder of Planned Parenthood! Why do they need so much? There is a fine line between want and need, that’s greed. When you pass that line, bad things happen.

  43. Well; evidently the ones who injected the cabal negativity into this planetary experiment found out our negative emotions were useful in some way.

    They absorb it and it (so I’ve read) is used as a recreational substance.

    “Love” energies are nice, but after spending eons in complete harmony and balance, it gets boring; so to put a little zing in the mix, you add the feeling of chaos without actually having created it. They ‘trip out’ on it.

    Humans are experts on the feeling the emotions of anger, hatred, and frustration. We’re unique in that experience. There are some who mine it from us and use it like humans use alcohol, pot, cocaine, etc.

    I can see it now: they’re having a social get-to-gether and someone brings out the vials filled with human negative emotions and says; “Hey, I got a little of the good stuff here, some human negative energy; help yourself!”

    If everything was all nice, happy, and wonderful here; they would lose their crop. It’s why they don’t want to give it up, let lose, and leave.

    They pay their human counterparts in the form of money and power to keep things stirred up and chaotic. Everyone is happy except us.

    That whom we call God doesn’t seem concerned. It is learning from both sides no matter what goes on. That is why there is very little interference from God.

    God learns through us; good, bad, whatever. It’s knowledge and experience. And that is what creation and life is all about.

  44. Karma007 says:

    In reality if we just stay calm,don’t feed into their fear mongering, no fighting or discontent everything would be fine. How can we convience the rest of the world not to keep fighting?

    This has been going on for so long, why don’t other people get it? There are more of us, than of them.

    We have started over so many times, when are we going to get it right. It feels like groundhog day for the rest that just want peace.

    I’ve always said, I want to see peace in my lifetime, maybe we’ll finally get it!

  45. LidaV says:

    Only if we stick together. 1st step is done…we have found each other & all think and feel the same way. If we can spread the word more, and we already have the catalyst…Bill’s art and posts going to a big audience on RMN, and spreading here ,then we still have a chance to win this one.

  46. Mike; I didn’t see that movie…

    I think the book “Dune” alluded to something similar; but I wasn’t going to read the book when it came out (too many pages), and the movie was dull for me when it came out.

    And Karin; Yes, there are more of us than them, but the problem is most of ‘us’ are so heavily programmed to emit fears that we feel this is the natural way to live. This is why so much attention has been placed on raising our frequency so we actually move past the emotion of fear.

    If we don’t emit; we can move forward without interference from those who have discovered how to use us in a way that is negative to humankind.

    • mike0v says:

      In the movie, monsters harvest screams of fear. As I think about it, yes, it was a clue.

      “Dune” was definitely worth reading. Frank Herbert’s problem was in trying to milk his work for all he could. The books went on and on and got worse each time.

  47. Karma007 says:

    What do you think the spice monster represents in Dune, I loved that movie. The one with Sting and Kyle McLaughlin.

    Also Mad Max is also a strange set of movies, futuristic arrmaggedon.

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