The Alarm Clock Rings

Please everyone, excuse my language, I can’t help it.


Read Valiant’s latest post.

It’s gonna take a day or two to digest this one.

Hang in there, Bill.

Hang in there, gang.

Life is about to get really interesting.

“The Higher Powers No Longer Recognize the sincerity of the world leaders of this planet, and therefore want it this way… Due to their selfishness, their greed, their lies…They are seen as too disrespectful of the realities at hand and this is how it is to be…”

“Now…Failure to comply with these August changes… (I have been praying ever since I wrote this)… Will incur immediate Earth changes in September… Once The First Volcano erupts…all bets are off…. Consider all your tricks, games, tactics, plots, ideas, etc…pointless. In other words, you will be powerless for whatever comes…”

“And believe me, the catastrophes WILL come…”

29 thoughts on “The Alarm Clock Rings

  1. angelicview says:

    Okay. Calm down – everything’s going to be all right – no matter what happens. I would like everybody to take a deep breath. Now, go to this page:
    and go to the 38 minute mark and listen. In the Time Continuum, we’ve already made it. ;)

    • mike0v says:

      I agree that we’re gonna make it, partner.

      But does Bob Dean tell us how?

      There are two ways to ascend: stay in our bodies and become crystalline and ascend peacefully. Or have the entire population wiped out by a global catastrophe, like the great flood, and then start over.

      According to what I’ve read, the normal course is for a planetary catastrophe that kills everyone and then the souls begin again elsewhere.

      I don’t really want to see any volcanoes erupt…

  2. It sounds a little bit traumatic experience to me. Should I like it?

  3. LidaV says:

    I am counting on it!!

  4. mike0v says:

    By the way, all, this brings forth doubt that President Obama is a lightworker, like many have said he is.

    I don’t get into politics and I never have but Valiant says ALL world leaders must step down. Ouch.

    • mike0v says:

      And I now nominate Yvonne to be our next President and LidaV to be her Vice President.

      Ladies, go get ’em!

    • ksense says:

      Was there ever a doubt?……. oh, never mind. I promise to never mention it again BUT I will say this…… Gandhi, Lincoln, Kennedy, King Jr………. they all died for what they stood. I don’t think any of them would be “bad” just to trick the dark ones and any true great lightworker wouldn’t, either. If I can see it then it sure as heck isn’t “tricking” the Dark. Like it’s been said many times: They read these blogs, too. The only people being tricked are the ones who buy the line.

    • mike0v says:

      I’m with ya, Brad.

      The whole political cesspool is something I won’t miss.

  5. Karma007 says:

    Stay positive, and don’t give in to fear, they feed off that like a Big Mac and fries! Instead of the teddy bear, I’m takin chocolate!

  6. I just read Valiant’s latest post, and I am not surprised in the least.

    Lida has told us more than once that Bill does not read other people’s internet information, nor does he keep up with media reports, but what he conveys is what was supposed to happen around 1998 or so.

    For those who are unfamiliar let me explain.

    The original plan was to let the planet recycle. The year 2000 was to be the beginning of a 1000 year respite from discordancy. It was labelled “The Golden Age.”

    The plan was to allow the planet to flip on its axis (which is done in a matter of minutes). Once this took place only an approximate 10 percent of humans would remain alive, and would be the ones carrying the most light. They would not be fully awake, but they would be very close.

    The ones carrying the energy of Lightworkers would serve in the role of teaching and guiding the remaining 10 percenters in how to think so they would not ever give their power away to others and learn to live in harmony, compassion, and balance.

    The galactics had a role in helping; but ONLY in helping. They weren’t here to save anyone. The galactics role was to pick the Lightworkers up and transport them to wherever they were needed around the planet.

    • I am having a bit of trouble on this site today, so I have to finish what I have to say in two “replies” or “comments.”

      Valiant’s time table of “shit or get off the pot” is in line with using the science of Numerology as well. The year 2012 for this planet is the year or the energy of CHANGE. September is the month in which you will see or experience the most intense energies for CHANGE. The month preceding September will be the month for dismantling the old and the rebuilding of a new foundation for CHANGE.

      Why the original plan was changed, I don’t know. It is my perception that those who watch such things could see a glimmer of ‘light’ starting to illuminate in a good number of humans across this planet, and after talking it over, decided to see how far it might go within a certain time period.

      Twelve years have passed, and it is my guess that not enough humans have illuminated to merit foregoing the original plan. And to be fair to the planet, enough time has been delayed. After all, She has her own needs which must be respected.

      In the original plan the new earth is to have two suns visible in the sky.

      Where the less illuminated souls will go, I am not sure. Some say they will be allowed to manifest on another 3D planetary experiment and continue their saga with those of their own energy level and not be allowed to interact with those who carry more illumination.

      I would say; whatever happens or does not happen, there is nothing to fear. All will be provided for to continue the next leg of your journey. I’ve been in preparation for the original plan for quite a long time now, and came back specifically to help.

      Let’s sit back and see how the road continues….. You’ve got no other choice.

    • ksense says:

      Maybe that explains why we were hearing much about Earth changes around the mid 90’s on Art Bell’s show and others.

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you, Yvonne. Maybe this is exactly how 2012 will play out.

      I’ve read over and over on spiritual blogs that we will be teachers in the new world.

      And it would make sense that a whole bunch of humans aren’t gonna make it. My vacation is a very good case in point. My family is still so deeply asleep that the only way to awaken them would be an electroshock of spirituality.

      And there’s only 135 days until Dec. 21. That is cutting it very close.

      I read John Smallman’s blog regularly because his messages are filled with love and concern. They don’t promote fear in any way. In his latest post, from Saul, there seems to be a heightened sense of nearness to the event we lightworkers have been waiting for.

      Maybe he’s referring to the lock and key analogy that Valiant speaks of. That we lightworkers will be returned to full consciousness soon, before any of these major events take place.

      And then each of us becomes a fully conscious key and is able to unlock (awaken) others.

      And then we work our butts off awakening as many people as we can.

      I don’t know…

      Wishful thinking, I suppose.

      An interesting tidbit, however, is that Smallman won’t be posting again until August 19th.

      Plus, Salusa’s post for today has a certain tone to it. Like he’s dropping a big hint. Like he’s been told by angels to get his act together, so he’s decided to use the closing ceremonies of the Olympics to put on a show.

      His comments about the “light” we generated around the 4th of August are interesting.

  7. Yes it was.

    We did have a change in earth’s weather. It started out as something isolated and gradually grew to encompass weather world-wide. Some say it was HAARP, and it could have factored into some of the weather extremes; but the planet needed to be cleansed one way or the other. Still does in some areas. Much of what transpired with ‘earth changes’ was originally on the book of plans.

    We have more pollution concerns that is disrupting not only the planet, but all living things on Her and it has to do with Sound. I will write more about that at another time.

    • mike0v says:

      “Sonic healing?” I think I’ve read something about that.

      I just reread the Salusa post and I’ve come away with the feeling that the galactics just got called on the carpet and took a real good ass-chewing by the angelic realm.

      If Salusa is legitimate, that is. I’ve had suspicions for a long time that he’s an agent of disinfo.

  8. LidaV says:

    Bill also told me that the Queen was gven an ‘exception’ because they like William. He is not like the rest of the Royals…he has Diana’s DNA and she was a Starseed. The entire energy coming off of him is pleasant and kind. He would be a good leader, don’t you think…better than Queen Lizzie! But as his Grandma, she gets some breaks!

    Bill also told me he never felt warm and fuzzy toward Obama…never liked the sound of his voice. Said it sounded like “a dead man talking”. That explains a lot too…he is after all the puppet, or ‘talking head’. And he is aging badly, like all the Presidents did…or is that their ‘clones’. Those are good for 2-3 yrs, as I’ve heard.
    But he always respected him, because he is our President, after all! And it is not his “job” to go after him, or any other head of government….he is just the messanger.

    Yvonne…sound, yes I’ve known that…because of the frequency and wavelength, or ‘swirling lines’!!!
    Yes, science really does teach you a lot, if you are paying attention!

    Should get my snacks together so I can sit back and watch the show a while. Refrain from going, nyah, nyah! told you so!!

    • The ‘sound’ I am referring to is “discordant sound.” Sound is used to create; but sound can be used to ‘un-create.’ Sound can be used to dismantle that which has been created. (remember the bible story of “The Walls of Jericho?)

      Discordant sound is responsible for much destruction on this planet in all living things, including our cellular health. You would be surprised how deep it goes and we do it to ourselves, usually without thinking.

      You might think once a sound can no longer be heard that it has evaporated and no longer exists…….. NOT!

      Sound (all sound) stays orbiting the planet in its gravitational fields. Every word uttered, every sound created is still circling earth. Sound can be creative, or it can be discordant. We have quite a bit of discordant sound surrounding us. The human ear only picks up a minute amount. Animals hear more, but even they don’t have the ability to hear all. It would drive them mad.

  9. LidaV says:

    I pause to remember the opening scene of Contact…when the camera zooms ‘out’ of a very noisy earth! Makes you wonder why ET’s would come except to tell us to turn the volume down!

    Maser: microwave amplification by stimulation of electron radiation….those are amplified sound waves that stimulate …or destroy…molecules! All kinds…like to heat food!
    Think what that can do to human molecules.
    Yes, all those wizard scientists know that! did they care…not really.

    Ain’t science wonderful?

    • Karma007 says:

      I’ve read that we resonate at a certain frequency. And the powers that be keep us at that frequency via sound waves on HD TV, radio and cell towers. For years we were concerned with EMF from power lines, hence, if we are without that frequency would we be able to think more clearly. The group REM’s song, “what’s the frequency Kenneth?” I think there’s something hidden there for us to ponder.

      If you have ever been camping or at the ocean where there are no power lines, you feel serene, overcome with a sense of well being. This is how we can deepen our thoughts and truly think without interference.

    • mike0v says:

      Agreed. The vision I had at the beach, the most impressive one I’ve ever encountered, was because I wasn’t near any EMF, I believe.

      Maybe the dark forces are turning that particular frequency off, like Valiant asked them to in one of his posts. Turning that crap off would help the awakening process.

  10. claudia says:

    So many sleepwalkers roaming this planet..its a massive task to waking them all up without some kind of safe and friendly help. Maybe stopping all that frequency interference first is the way to go.

  11. There is a certain kind of peace when there are massive power failures for 20 hours or more. All of the whirring and noise stops. The cells of the body can ‘breathe.’

    The body can be in tune with the beat of the planet instead of high frequency machines. Tension lessens in the body’s defense system in trying to stay balanced.

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