A Story Within a Story

Something very strange is going on and I have to tell the story. This post may go long, so bear with me as I make my way through a lot of details.

All of the core group who visit this blog and share comments have magnificent stories of their lives, their awakenings and the pitfalls of being a lightworker on earth. (There’s no need to list the names of the core group. We know who we are.)

Well, unknown to most of us (the core group), our story was written by William Griffith (Valiant) in the form of his book “Higher Forces” and published in 2000.

It may seem bizarre but I truly think Bill’s book tells, in an analogous way, the story of the core group of people who visit this blog.

After finishing “Higher Forces” I have been nagged by a persistent idea that Bill’s book, his artwork, his posts, my blog and the core group of lightworkers who meet here was prearranged in our soul contracts before incarnating on earth.

Okay, gotta back up a little now.

In early 2012, after I started meditating regularly, on a routine day I experienced a blissful vibration.

This trance was like no other and it felt so good that I didn’t want it to end.

I made an entry on the blog describing it.

Click here:

Another Higher Plane

While hanging out in this Nirvana, I was visited by three people; a woman and two men.

I didn’t know it at the time but this woman and two men are the ones in Bill’s drawing.

One woman, two men from meditation.

It’s very important to make this clear; in early 2012 I had no idea who Bill was, I had no idea about his artwork and I had never come across his book.

Plus, Bill drew this picture years ago.

Time passed and as any good lightworker does, I scoured the internet for information on spirituality, visiting all the major blogs day after day.

I came across Rumor Mill News in my wanderings and happened to notice a mysterious post by a guy named Valiant.

This particular post wasn’t Bill’s first, it was one of his later entries. For some reason, spiritual intervention probably, I knew immediately that I was reading the truth.

Bill’s words clanged like a bell in my head, so I started to follow his schedule of posts, reading each one and trying to piece together what the hell he was talking about.

The next important thing to make clear is that Bill started posting his messages as Valiant on March 17. I started my blog on March 25.

(And of significance is that I created my blog to be different than most others. I wanted to do all of the writing myself or have guest writers or use references from other works. I didn’t want to re-post news items or have ads splattered everywhere.)

Then I was nudged. I’ll never forget it.

While driving home from work I realized that I needed to read all of Bill’s posts, in chronological order, and not only that, but to save them for future reference. Another nudge told me to archive them on my blog along with his attached artwork.

Bear in mind, everyone, that I still didn’t know Bill or anything about him at this time, but I was deeply touched by his work.

Click here:

Tribute to an unknown angel.

So that’s what I did. I collected all of Bill’s posts, converted them to PDF, put them in the library on my blog and then created links to each one.

Bill’s posts form a fascinating narrative and I encouraged everyone to read them all, in order.

Later, after a few months of writing blog posts, I decided to find out more about Bill’s artwork, so I got in touch with him through email and that’s when all of these relationships started to gel.

I told Bill about my blog and he was amazed. Bill told me about his artwork and I was amazed.

Meanwhile, several blog visitors became “regulars” and started posting comments frequently.

A small community was coming together. Emails and comments started flying all over the place.

Yvonne was the first to recognize that something was happening:” Out of our ‘core group’ I wonder what other talents abound? We seem to have congealed for a purpose; and I have pondered what that purpose is.”

Then, Karma007 says this today, August 9: “I want to know more of the back stories on the people who comment on this site, we have a common denominator, we need to find out what it is and explore that avenue. Any suggestions Mr. Curiosity?”

Well, when I read Karma007’s comment, it was like I had grabbed onto a live wire.


Because this story of our small community is told in Bill’s book. Oh, the characters aren’t the same and the circumstances are different but the novel is a perfect analogy to what is happening right now with us. The core group.

To go into detail about “Higher Forces” would bore everyone immensely and I don’t want to do it, anyway, but I’ll lay out the basic story.

A group of children exist in a spiritual wonder world filled with beauty, light and happiness.

This group has been selected by a “beautiful lady in white with the long silvery-golden hair” to embark on a journey.

This journey ain’t gonna be easy. At all. They are to travel to a world that is in trouble and while there, to reincarnate, over and over, until they awaken to their true identities.

Their mission is to battle the dark forces that have overtaken this world while trying to figure out who the heck they are.

The beautiful lady says, “Time may scatter them apart, but their joining will transcend all obstacles. You have to believe that it is not the end for them; indeed this is something much better. It is in fact a blessed beginning.”

The book then goes on to chronicle the lives of these multiple characters as they deal with the bad guys and, at the same time, begin remembering their true selves.

As you can imagine, the characters are spread over a large geographical area but as the narrative continues, the group starts spiraling together, coming together at certain places and times.

“…their joining will transcend all obstacles.”

And they start to remember each other. Bits and pieces of a dream-like land where they played as a group of children begin filtering into their conscious minds.

They know each other from before. The memories are foggy but start to clear.

There are two climaxes in the novel.

One takes place in a cave in rural Utah and the other takes place in a large house in rural Maine.

During these episodes, and they’re quite exciting I might add, the characters in the group realize that they are meant to come together somehow, that they know each other from before, that they had some kind of mission to perform and they can finally rest after a horrific battle with the dark.

Now, can everyone see it?

WE (the core group on the blog) are the group of children sent to a bad world, reincarnating over and over, battling the dark.

We know each other from before.

We came here as a group, got spread out over Earth, fulfilled our missions and now it’s time for us to reunite on this blog.

We can’t remember each other yet, but the revelation is forthcoming.

Bill’s novel tells the story of us.

Lida and Bill, the moment I finished reading the book I was hit with some sort of spiritual smack, like an inner knowing, like what I just read was very, very familiar.

The timeline of events is very convincing:

  • I see the woman and two men from Bill’s artwork in a meditation.
  • Bill starts posting on RMN in March.
  • I start this blog in March.
  • I archive all of Bill’s stuff on the blog before I know him.
  • We meet and we’re both amazed.
  • A core group settles into the blog and this group is recognized by Yvonne and Karma007.
  • Bill’s book details the story of lightworkers sent on a mission and then reuniting.

Well? Is this not amazing or have I completely lost my mind?

52 thoughts on “A Story Within a Story

  1. angelicview says:

    Yes! I do think it’s completely amazing! You know, I think we should exchange pictures of ourselves. When I saw your picture, Mike, I did seem to recognize you. It was like I knew you. I have had this same experience with other lightworkers, too.

    And I’m afraid I’m going to miss a lot more of great conversation here today because I have to work 😦 I ‘dislike’ 3D life 😉

    • mike0v says:

      And there’s so much more to this story, Shannon, but I didn’t want to write a book. So many more details I left out…

      Bill’s novel is our story within this story of earth. I’m convinced.

      And now it’s time for a nap. That was exhausting.

      (My last day of vacation, so don’t give me a hard time.)

  2. Karma007 says:

    Mike, I started reading your blog when Valiant posted around article 17, I then read all the posts chronologically. I too found his post on RMN.

    I’ve been distracted since March because we moved to this log cabin. I said I would take the month of August to regenerate myself and do things that made me happy at least once a day. This blog is what I found to be most comforting.

    I haven’t read Bills book, but his art work American Wilderness is where I live. I just put this in a post to LidaV today. I am housebound today do to some medical issues. I will download the book to kindle and get started, along with a nap. Good things happen when I nap in the middle of the day, my pets surround me like a furry force field.

    Things should be much clearer later in the day as far as your hypothesis in us reuniting for the good of mankind. Way to go, the links are starting to make sense.

    • mike0v says:


      You know, your abilities are much farther along than most of the people I’ve come across.

      Maybe you can help Bill with the energies that are zapping him when he receives a message.

      He gets walloped. Really walloped when a transmission comes through. Has to take pain meds and rest a lot.

      It’s like the spirits won’t turn down the volume for him.

      Yvonne is our elder stateswoman and has counseled Lida and Bill about ways to get relief, but maybe you have something you can share that would help him.

      I have no clue, myself. When it comes to this group, I’m the rookie. Everybody is ahead of me.

      Any ideas? Any thoughts?

  3. Once I read that our thoughts, our desires was the key for our unique yourself created universe. Just you can create your universe, your history. But, I read too, that you are a part of a Higher Self, and this one self divides in many other consciences at lower dimensions. I got for myself that this many consciences that came from the same Higher Self, walk together to find each other. This explain, in part, the attraction’s law. Everything at this plane of life has a reason. Like me, like you, like this comment.

    Go ahead, to do the only thing to do: make everything better, isn’t it?

    • Now you’re getting it!!

      Everything comes from ‘one,’ and the ‘one’ divides itself into ‘many’ in order to explore and discover everything there is to explore and discover, then it rejoins the ‘one.’

      It is a more efficient way to explore. If the ‘one’ did not divide itself into ‘many,’ it would take a great deal longer to explore everything worth exploring.

    • Exactly, but when this “many” are exploiting, they find each other. Each one may attract other to stay together as an involuntary process. But in the end everything makes sense.
      Like a ” Hey, we all here has already been a very closely parts of a big one, do you recognize me? You was the nail and I was the first little bone of our Higerself’s finger.” 😉

  4. Back in 1984 a book was written in fiction form that explains how each one of us is a fraction of a ‘whole’ created to explore everything. The author was Jane Roberts. I wasn’t a huge fan of Jane’s other books but I purchased about 4 of them in my attempts to understand how everything works in the universe.

    Amazon sells this book (she managed to write a Trilogy) and it is called the Adventures of Oversoul Seven. I tried to copy and paste a link here, but WordPress is not having any of it for some reason. It is called “The Oversoul Seven Trilogy.”

    You can “look inside” this book on Amazon to get an idea of the concept we are all living with. I encourage everyone to take a peek.

  5. LidaV says:

    I am reading all of your comments and am so touched by all the truths and likeness to each. When I first read his book…the ‘pre-read before it went to a publisher- it was well over 1,000 pages long. I did not want him to cut anything, but he had to for his 1st book. So it was abbreviated, and the rest is in the sequel.
    (what do you think, everyone…self-publish with Amazon?)
    His story blew my mind…all of it..and the way he told it. And here I thought he was just a ‘visual artist’…but he paints with words too. I always felt it would make a great movie…or a mini series. Then “heroes”, TV series came along, and it felt like someone had stolen his ideas…until it progressed and went in another direction. I told Rayelan at RMN about it, sent her a copy and she was intrigued by the chapter on the Anasazi. And she does not read ‘books’! But she just HAD to talk to him about it and ran with it all the way…the rest, as they say, is history. Your history!

    You are all part of his puzzle. Every one an integral piece that fits just so. The way you have all found each other is magical and right. It makes sense that this happened at this particular point in time. It was meant to be, I can feel it. I’m his Mom and I can tell. Like parent can tell what’s not right for their child, they can sense when someting is good too.
    And this is GOOD…it is very GOOD.
    You need each other, to see each other through to the finale.
    Godspeed to you all.
    Thank you for letting me witness this!

  6. mike0v says:

    By the way, all, it seems we know each other from the spirit world, right?

    Well, as I recall, Lida, you still owe me 50 bucks!

    And I remember you, Yvonne, borrowing some books and not giving them back!

    And you, Brad, took my space ship on a joy ride without asking!

    And you, Shannon, still have my teddy bear!

    Just wait till we get back home…

    • LidaV says:

      I have the IOU on ice, OK!!!

    • And I remember you borrowed a piece of scientific equipment and never gave it back. I think it was the sonic screwdriver Dr Who uses in his Tardis that takes him to various locations in Time throughout the Universe……

  7. Julia says:

    Hello friends,
    I’m a bit new to the sire, but may also be part of the group. (or why would I be so drawn to the site & especially to the art!)

    For Valiant. I have a friend who is psychic, and she told me that when her guides do things that are unpleasant to her physical body (too much energy, or wake her up at all hours of the night) she tells them that it is unpleasant & what will work. Tell them to please be gentle with my 3D body, or please do not keep me awake all night, and they are willing to do this.

    I think that sometimes they do not know the effect they are having on you (in the here & now) and they do not want you to suffer, or be in pain. Be clear, tell them to be gentler & see if that helps.

    Do not assume that they understand the toll that this is taking on you. I hope this helps!

    • mike0v says:

      Thanks, Julia.

      I believe anyone who is drawn to Bill’s work and sees the magnificence in it and then ends up on this blog, making sarcastic comments and really bad jokes, is part of the group.

      Now, have you seen Yvonne’s sonic screwdriver, because I don’t have it! She says I took it but I didn’t!

  8. Julia says:

    It wasn’t me! I’m Swiss, so I always carry a Swiss Army knife! And no, you can’t borrow it. I see your reputation…Thanks!
    PS – Please be sure to pass on my friends suggestions to him for a more mellow & easy contact!

    • mike0v says:

      Well, maybe I can borrow your space ship! 🙂

      Yes, your suggestion has been passed on. Hopefully all of this will be over soon and Bill will get to rest.


  9. Karma007 says:

    Ok, people I’m back from my extended nap, yes a nap. Tell Bill this is the most helpful thing he can do for himself. I struggle with sleep at nite because of the visions. I wake up 3-4 times a nite. My partner says right before I take off my breathing gets real rapid, then a state of stasis.
    Yes like I’m not really there in bed, but astral traveling. When I come back I start the rapid breathing again and start coughing like I can’t get air. That is usually when I start talking or have just finished talking to someone not in the room. He has tried to wake me before, but says he can’t. I usually get a migraine after that and my shot and meds. are
    very strong. Takes a day or two to recuperate. But my thinking is clearer after that episode.

    LidaV I am half Slovak, half Italian it runs in Hungarian families. I researched all I could until I found common hereditary bonds.

    I have also found that if you unplug all non essential appliances, put them on a surge protector when not in use. Plug in when needed. Cuts down on EMF interference.

    Only eat non GMO foods, the closest to nature the better. Uncooked is best.

    Thunderstorms and drop in barometric pressure affects me too, I don’t have air conditioning for that reason. Natural vitaminD from the sun 15 minutes a day helps a lot. Also walking in your bare feet on the ground, we are all electrical energy, the ground, grounds you. If we can ground appliances, we can ground ourselves.

    This has taken me a life time to figure out what works best for me, hopefully it will help others.

    Also, stay away from the chemicals you put on your body, like lotions, deodorant, fluoridated water. These have heavy metals and formaldehyde. Try to use organic, stay away from anything with aluminum in it, yes deodorant has aluminum.

    The very wealthy eat off of silverware for a reason, silver is minutely deposited when you eat off the utensils, it acts like glue and purges the heavy metals and inorganic metals from your body when you relieve your bodily functions. Distiller water three times a day helps also.

    I know this is a lot to absorb, but as nutrionist and chef, it all makes sense. All these things help me to tune in, and stay focused on what I have going on in my life.
    More later, the hairy kids need dinner…

  10. Colloidal Silver is a very convenient liquid to help cleanse the body (30ppm per dose). I’ve been monitoring what we should and shouldn’t eat and drink for so long now, and the list got to be overwhelming, particularly when you live in areas where you have no control over what is available for body nourishment.

    I reasoned even if we live in areas where we can grow our own food, the seeds available are more than likely GMO. Then we have the condition of the water and soil which is at the mercy of what travels through the air and drops out of the sky and is not good.

    So; this takes me back to supplementing my body with immune system boasters and monitoring how I think.

    The constant ‘dis-ease’ with life causes the cellular system to break down because it produces a blockage in the flow of the body’s energy meridians.

    Once a blockage occurs, it isn’t long before a ‘symptom’ arises letting you know something is amiss, and if left uncorrected for any length of time; that dreaded condition known as disease will manifests in the 3D body.

    All of your advice is correct, wonderful, and will be how all of us will live one day (and how we used to live before all of the negative substances were created). We need to return to the ‘good old days’ when we didn’t have to worry about the poisons. You will be an excellent teacher!!

  11. Karma007 says:

    Exactly Yvonne, you hit the nail on the head. We dismiss our symptoms as getting old, but they are signs for us to pay attention to our well being. CoQ10 is also beneficial, apple cider vinegar. I was aware of colloid silver as an anti fungal and that it has other properties that can help a lot of maladies. Big Pharma wants to do away with supplements because they are next to free! And they work! They synthesize everything so they can patent it and sell it to us at exorbitant prices.

    We grow bee balm, lavender, echanacia and mint along with a host of other herbs that are helpful for optimum health. Please tell me if there are any other supplements that are good for menopause. It’s kickin my ass and I think some days it’s winning.

  12. LidaV says:

    I have used dong quai for menopause…it helped. I have colloidal silver in the house at all times…..500 ppm from Herbal Healer. Also 4 herb tea and all the parasite cleansers, plus a Zapper, per Dr Hulda Clark. I also have a cupboard full of vitamins, minerals, and all measure of supplements for humans and animals.
    Always felt natural was best. Bill always did his own and eats a lot of protein bars! My Meds are of choice are only THE most necessary…antibiotics, pain meds, high good pressure Med for me, insulin for daughter. My husband is on coumadin and a bunch of others…long story.
    I am looking forward to growing all of it away!!

    • LidaV says:

      That’s “growing” it all away!
      On my tablet where typing stinks.

    • I subscribe to Herbal Healer too! I have a spray version of colloidal silver. I get so tired of capsules, pills, and liquids by the spoon. I don’t take anything everyday simply because I don’t like it. But I CAN manage a spray in the mouth. All meds need to come in this form.

  13. Karma007 says:

    I am using Lachesis, it’s good for hot flashes and left brain migraines. Just started, so we’ll see how it goes.

    • Karol,

      I also can add this. I had a girl friend who suffered from migraines and I took her to a woman who did healing work. The woman made all the adjustments she could make on her own and told my friend to see an acupuncturist (a trained in China acupuncturist). She gave her the address, my friend made an appointment, got her needle treatment and a prescription for their pharmacist.

      She came out with a brown bag loaded with herbs and instructions on how to make a tea. When she had finished her prescription, she no longer had the migraines.

      So is that a possibility for you? Do you think you would like to explore that route?

  14. Karol,

    I only went thru a very short time of hot flashes (please pardon the female talk gentlemen) because I had a complete hysterectomy. My doctor assigned the hormone replacement, but I insisted on a vegetarian one and stopped it after two weeks because it was putting too much weight on me. When I told the doctor I stopped taking them, he told me it was OK because my flashes would only last a month!
    He would not told me to stop taking them. I was on those pills for life!

    But I did happen to see Christine Northrup on TV who said to avoid sugary things because they will cause a flash, and darned if she wasn’t right! I tested it and felt like an oven heating up for baking bread…..

    • Karma007 says:

      I am having hemmoraging due to fibroid rumors, had surgery one year ago and still not feeling my best. They put me on pro era two different times, it stops hemmoraging but only for a few months. The hormones and long term side effects can be devastating.

      I am on bed rest for the next couple of days. We’ll see how it goes, I lost faith in the medical community a long time ago.

      Thanks for your sage advice Yvonne, it is much appreciated.

    • Karma007 says:

      I’ve suffered from migraines since I was 12, anything I can do would help. I will find an acupuncturist here and see where that takes me, I’m sick of the injections, and ins. only allows you two a month, that means out of pocket expense of $200 per shot.

      Sometimes I feel they don’t want us to get better, just prolong the agony.

  15. claudia says:

    Sorry to skim thru the posts today but will go over them in due course.. however just thought I would add my 2 cents worth re ladies going thru transformation .. I found black cohosh excellent. Also you can go to a Pharmacy/Drug Store where a Compound Pharmacist can make up a natural hormone replacement according to what is lacking in your system. A blood test is required. We women could write a book on some of the funniest stories that have arisen with hot flushes!

  16. Karma007 says:

    Thanks Claudia, I have heard of Black Cohash. I am going to try one different herb each month and see which provides the most relief.

    I heard Estoven is also helpful, but I try to stay away from soy products, they affect my estrogen too much.

    I told my partner Warren, if he comes home one day and there is a big pile of ashes next to the vacuum, he’ll know I’ve self combusted from a hot flash while doing housework!

  17. LidaV says:

    so lovely to be a woman….remember when we couldn’t wait?
    guess all you guys had the alternative experience….

    then you ‘get there’ and it’s….That was it???!!!
    enough already…so many more important things to do…feeling better is #1

    call Dr McCoy please…he will fix it all and we can get on with our lives….and saving the world from itself.

    • mike0v says:

      You will notice, dear ladies, that we men have completely steered clear of these messages.

      And with that, I shut my mouth…

  18. That probably won’t happen too often……

    But I did ask that you pardon the ‘woman talk.’ It’s funny how females gather together and have absolutely no problem opening up and discussing things that bother them, even if they are strangers. I love it!

    Men; on the other hand, are just learning to do this.

    I think males would have an easier time of it if they learned to trust and open up. It’s very therapeutic.

    • claudia says:

      It has taken me a long time to get my husband to “feel” what troubles him. By asking him along the lines of how a certain problem makes him feel I can elicit exactly the cause and how it relates back to some childhood memory still playing out in his life. It gets pretty interesting when he accepts the connection.

    • mike0v says:

      Oh, I remember your pardoning statement, dear Yvonne. It gave me a chuckle.


      Grew up with my mom and two older sisters and two brothers. No father.

      Married twice, divorced twice. Two ex-wives.

      Two kids. A son and a daughter.

      Seven nieces.

      Conversations such as these on the blog are old hat to me and bring a smile of remembrance.

      “That probably won’t happen too often…” Well, ya got me there.

  19. Grew up with my mom and two older sisters and two brothers. No father.

    Married twice, divorced twice. Two ex-wives.

    Two kids. A son and a daughter.

    Seven nieces.

    Now THAT is being surrounded by some feminine energy!!!

    Just checking in. Still getting settled into my new/old home. So much happening!

    Somehow through all of this I know I am “timeline jumping” and it is actually affecting my 3D life now! It’s a massive “time integration” project that is ensuing.

    I want to get Bill’s book. I have some credits on Amazon, so I will check that out.

    There’s another good one I found in a box in the stuff I have had stored for the past 4 years — my friend gave it to me and her mom gave it to her — an oldie but goodie: E.T 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual, the 1990 version with Diana Luppi. Wow. Just noted on Amazon that they are pretty collectible at this point! It’s awesome. I have had this book since late 2006, early 2007 and had not read the whole thing until now. The timing was right. 🙂

    This is a very cool post, Mike. 🙂
    Calliope the Karin (lol)

    • mike0v says:


      ET 101 is excellent. I read the book a while back and made a blog entry about it.

      It’s somewhere back there in the posts but I’m too lazy to dig it up.

      There’s more to “A Story Within a Story.” Left out a lot of other stuff. I hope we get to talk about it some day.

    • Julia says:

      Hi Calliope, I just have to tell you that I love your name. Always makes me smile!

      Because “It never got weird enough for me” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

      Is so my life! Just gotta love it! Thanks, Julia

  20. Karma007 says:

    I love hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I hope thats the way thing will be…

  21. ksense says:

    Hey Mike, I have 2 sisters, 2 step-sisters, my wife, no brothers, 2 daughters, 3 nieces, 8 great nieces, 1 nephew and 2 brothers-in-law. My dad has passed. I didn’t think I had to say how many mothers 🙂

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