Olympic Opportunity

Well, as the Olympic Games wind down it will be interesting to see if our stelan neighbors decide to use this auspicious occasion to reveal themselves to our dear Earth and all who live here.

Judging from what I’ve read, most lightworkers are hopeful, but opportunities have come and gone before.

Calibrated, tempered enthusiasm is all I can muster.

Valiant’s latest post was enjoyable for me.

The fingers of God, the five children; be safe where you are, listen to  your hearts and know that an army of lightworkers stands behind you.

As for the dark forces and the ETs?

I’d love to be a fly on the wall in their latest meetings.

11 thoughts on “Olympic Opportunity

  1. LidaV says:

    I loved the part where he said….”Oh did I forget to tell you…you don’t exactly have all the answers…you are missing ‘one little thing’ “!!!

    and you’re not gtting it unless you fulfill all of the requisites…sincerely.

    Just when you think you know it all…
    someone comes along and knows BETTER!


    • mike0v says:

      And you know something else?

      I like being one of the good guys.

      I’m sure I’ve played the bad guy in past lives but I’m glad I’m a good guy during this time.

      Feels much better.

  2. I’m taping the Closing ceremonies just in case something does show up somewhere in the skies over there. I don’t want to miss a thing. It’s on til 11 or 11:30PM. At least I can skip over the insignificant parts if it is taped.

  3. Julia says:

    Closing Ceremony was interesting. There were so many positive songs, Imagine, Freedom, Wish You Were Here, You Should Be Dancin’, Always Look at the Bright Side of Life. And then at the very end a beautiful Phoenix rising up (made of light squigly lines, sort of like Valiant’s drawings!)

    By the way…”Calibrated, tempered enthusiasm is all I can muster” ??? no thanks. (sorry)

    Unbridled joy & effervescent enthusiasm! It will happen, this minute or next minute. Time is actually so short, when you are not watching the pot to see when the water will boil. Just the blink of an eye!

  4. LidaV says:

    I was watching closely…and what I shaw at the end, when the lowered the ‘petals lf the torch’…the camera was finally pointing UP at the sky…was a cigar shaped , very bright white light beyond the uppermost petals. Then it winked out.
    I hate to be mean…but that was it!?!?!
    Surely they can do better than that.
    With all the technology they have, that was a very muted statement.
    The next one-whenever-better be more obvious, or another, more flamboyant group should do it. Don’t you think?
    People need to be slapped awake, and that was not a good slap.

  5. I taped it then found out NBC cut it off to play a series and went back to the closing ceremonies. What I did see wasn’t impressive to me either. Once again; we were deceived (for lack of a better word). It’s why I learned not to place great enthusiasm into what is written on some of these websites claiming connections with alien forces and when they will be doing this or that.

    If any of their proclamations materialize, fine. If they don’t that’s fine too. If something is truly supposed to happen, it will because there are other forces in place to make it so; even if it is a minimum of help (which it will be).

    At least this time we are being given a choice: save your butts, or have your playground annihilated as has been done in the past quite a few times before.

  6. Karma007 says:

    Sorry is all I have to say, NBC dropped the ball on visually capturing anything. The Spice girls and Eric were the main attraction for me. I waited all nite to see Muse, I love their anthem, Survive.

    Still a lot of symbolism with the phoenix. Can’t wait to view websites that have picked the closing ceremonies to bits!

  7. Karma007 says:

    Just got back from the mailbox, Bill’s book has arrived! I’ll be up all nite reading. Lida, give Bill my best and tell him thanks for being an inspiration to the rest of us, especially when we’re not feeling on top of the world.

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