Break Time

One of my goals with this blog was to write something and post it every day.

But I’m wiped out…

I’m gonna take a week off and try to recharge my batteries.


7 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. Karma007 says:

    You will still be in our hearts and thoughts, be kind to yourself. Thanks for bringing us together for the greater good!

  2. I have an idea! Why don’t we as a Group pitch in and keep interactions going until Mike recuperates?

    Let’s see what happens!

    Mike; if you’re reading this, you can open a new Post and name it soemthing or other and we can make our own comments until you get your energies refilled.

  3. LidaV says:

    Great idea!!!
    Rest well little buddy!
    ….you may need it real soon!
    2 weeks until the end of August!!

  4. angelicview says:

    I don’t blame you – that’s how I’ve been feeling lately! Notice not too much has come out on my blog in the last week.

    Just exactly what KP wrote this morning about how he is feeling – that’s exactly how I am feeling, too! Kind of not even really “here”. Just tired and numb. Also, every night I’ve been having strange dreams. One night was nightmares about people who were killed (in terrible and graphic ways) just because they were marching in the streets. And they didn’t care. There were more people marching than “they” could kill. Just bloody and very graphic sights. The rest were just strange dreams about my ex’s mostly. (I thought I had already dealt with all that stuff!)

    Anyway, I’m just not feeling myself and definitely not feeling connected to Spirit, nor anything else lately. Complete and total writer’s block. And blocked from the Universe-at-large.

    Recharge and feel better! 😉

  5. ksense says:

    I’ve felt the same way lately. I exercise every day and the past few days have sapped my strength.

  6. I went through something just like this a few months ago. I felt “blah” and my interest in things were neutral. I even lost interest in my knitting; and I always knit every day even if for a few minutes. It’s my therapy; that and playing intriguing computer games to keep me more harmonized. It takes my mind off things and has helped keep my sanity. I just had no interest in doing anything. I felt like a zombie.

  7. Julia says:

    When we are not taking good enough care of ourselves my sister & I look at each other and say…

    Remember, Put the Oxygen Mask on Yourself First, Then Help the Person Next to You!

    It’s good that you are taking the time to take care of yourself my friend.

    Funny, now that all of you mention it, I have been very tired as well. (looking at the clock at 8pm and thinking, is it too early to go to bed?) Also some strange dreams. That with the heat (heat wave in No Cal) it’s hard to focus.

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