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  1. ksense says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out how I fit in with this group lately. There’s alot of great wisdom and enlightenment among the majority of posters here. I’ve never had a past life experience, an NDE (besides almost dying from a heart attack), communication with higher self (consciously) or spirits, ET’s or angels. It occurs to me that I may be helpful in certain areas of 3D life, however.

    We’re debt-free, (almost) completely off-the-grid, have our own water and food sources and are in position to help the immediate community when needed. My wife and I retired from the same company. She was Operations Manager and I was National Sales Manager……… and we were deeply in debt. It seems the more you make the more you spend just because that’s human nature. It took us hitting rock bottom financially to get to the point where we said “enough is enough” and decide to get the slave masters off our backs. I took about 2 years but we did it. It feels great not having to go to “work” every day.

    Maybe this is why I’m here, I don’t know. Maybe someone would like help or advice in those areas. I’d be glad to try to help in any way I can. That being said I’d like to add……….. I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!!!!!!!!!

  2. claudia says:

    Heavens above, I cannot believe there are any VERY ORDINARY people left on this planet..nice to know you and your wife fit the bill. Grounded and real. So are you taking in boarders?? :D

  3. ksense says:

    There may come a time when that will be necessary :-)

  4. Well you know Brad; back last century when some of us were preparing for the ‘end’ where 10% of humans would be left; those with your talents were rare as hen’s teeth and most definitely needed to help those who would be left to begin again. “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings;” and talents and abilities you and your wife have developed are in need in the future; and if this drought gets worse, will be needed very soon. You’d be surprised how many people have no idea where or how their food is created. Many think their food comes from the store……

    I know how to knit hats, scarves, mittens, sweaters, socks, blankets, etc. I can sew clothing and used to make my own things. If something isn’t in the stores, I can create my own. You must fit in; or you would never have been led here; and you’ve got a heart as big as ‘all get out!’ You’re a very kind soul and you have spirit with integrity. What more do you need? All lightworkers started out “as it” and things just happened little by little until we realized ‘something was changing in us.’

    Don’t worry about how you fit in; YOU FIT!!

  5. LidaV says:

    Are in you in a safe zone? For when it gets bad and we need to bug out…in a hurry. Pack necessities, a tent, the animals…that kind of thing. We are in Jersey, near the seashore. Understand we may be wiped out by tsunamis. We may need campground for a while at higher altitude. Unless Bill’s ‘friends’ do come thru….
    3 of us have serious health problems but we are ambulatory. Especially if we need to survive!
    Too long a story about finances, which in our case, is not good. Would need to win lottery to fix it all. Won’t matter anyway …soon enough.
    I’m pretty tough & reasonably healthy….so I can work. Doin whatever necessary.
    Hey…I still have my resume! Lots of experience in many different things.
    Just planning ahead, being proactive.

  6. ksense says:

    Yeah, I’d hate to be in a big city when the SHTF. Even most neighbors here in the countryside are completely wired to the grid.. We felt led to do this and it fits our personalities. My wife has never been happier than when she’s playin’ in the dirt. I know financial struggle is one of, if not the worst control mechanisms being used against us. I wish it didn’t exist.

  7. Karma007 says:

    Brad, you are an inspiration to all out there that have struggled with finances, health working a 3 d job. You made it, and you can take the credit for that.

    Most if not all people would love to be in your shoes or boots! Everyone has a talent, some of us just didn’t discover it till late in life, that’s ok.

    I have never met anyone who had a perfect life, maybe I just gravitate to people who have struggled in one way or another. I can relate to their triumphs and tragedies.

    Warren and I live off the grid also, by choice. We both had very lucrative careers, made a lot of money and we still we were not happy. You are absolutely living the American dream, embrace the time you have now, live in the moment. Is there a relative or friend that may need help? Warren and I watch Secret Millionaire every week, we cry every episode and feel there is more for us to do in our lives. These special Individuals show us each week, good humans are out there ready to assist our brethren in any way they can. If you don’t have a lot of money, give time to senior citizens, volunteer at the hospital or nursing home.

    Lida, our cabin is small, but we would help any of you in a time of need. We live at about 3000 ft above sea level. We grow our food and herbs, we are very handy. I can also sew, knit crochet, cook, have biology and medical training. I am crafty with recyclables, Warren can build anything and has a vision for being creative with any type of wood or metal.

    There are many out there who have no skills what so ever, they are the people I feel sorry for. In desperate times, they will be the ones losing their minds at a moments notice. They are probably the ones who are obsessed with movie stars, tv, sports and all the things that have distracted the masses so they are unaware of what’s going on in the world.

    Be who you are, a decent man who can share his feelings and not be afraid or ashamed to say you made it happen!

    • ksense says:

      You almost have to be able to do or build just about anything to live that life. Sounds like you and Warren are in the same position as us.

  8. LidaV says:

    Karol, I agree 100%! Brad you really rock because you realized what had to be done…and did it.
    You can be the planner and organizer in our little community because you have already done that!

    We all have our talents. Every one of us…it is why we are here. To build the new world and be the refugee and guidance for those who will not be able to cope when it finally happens.

    I have found out that I work extremely well, if not better, undfer presure…any crisis, practically…but then I haven’t seen them all! I am usually calm, focused, and steady, and can handle medical calamities very well. Whenever my Mom would have a heart attack, my dad sent for me right away. I alwyas helped her thru it and remained calm. Course I crumble right after…but during, I’m a rock.
    I also have teaching skills and work very well with animals. So far, all I’ve come across, including their health problems. Guess I was a Dr in a former life…or Vet. No Brad, I don’t have any special ESP experience either. At least right now…

    There’s more…but it’s late, and we’re all tired.

    Suffice to say…we are all her for a reason. That much I know.
    We will know what it is soon enough.

  9. PAULA says:

    Why would i want to look for higher ground or bug out. I live on the California coast and when the sea comes for us I’m gonna race to the pier. That’s my ticket outta here..

  10. Karma007 says:

    Brad and Paula, there’s much to be said for embracing the inevitable! However I have said before, I think I am here to help people left stranded and without hope and vision.

    My parents were older when they had us, in their 30’s and 40’s, they already had established lives. In the 60’s we didn’t have a lot of tv or video games, we played outside, climbed trees and played in the creeks. My parents were skiers so every waking minute on the weekends, we skied. I live in a resort area with 4 ski resorts, I try to ski everyday while Warren goes to his 3d job. This is my alone time and I never take it for granted.

    We decided to buy our retirement home before we both retired, it was the best decision we ever made. We love this lifestyle and the new friends and neighbors that surround us are of like mind.

    People in this community hunt for their food, fish, trap so are very self sufficient. As are Warren and I. Our dads were hunters, both my ex-husbands were fishermen. So I learned a lot from being exposed to their hobbies and activities.

    It’s this skill set that will enable us to survive without modern conveniences. We have a wood stove to heat and cook our food if we are without electricity. I have over 60 hickory nut trees that I gather nuts from daily, trying to beat the squirriels at their own game.

    My neighbors and I trade food from our gardens, so each of us have a plentiful harvest. Brad it takes a lot of hard work to live this way. I lived in a Mennonite community for almost 5 years and learned a host of valuable skills and ideas for living off the grid. The Hutterites in Montana live this way also. My community is also laced with a lot of Amish, they sell their wares at the farmers market every Saturday. These are the relationships you need to build now.

    We can do this and teach others to be self reliant, that is one of your purposes Brad.

  11. ksense says:

    I don’t want to come across as a survivalist because that isn’t needed in my vision of the future. However, there may be a short period where everyone will have to help each other. Now if we can just get the personal free energy modules released…….. many of the world’s problems would instantly go away.

  12. All of the ‘free energy’ devices were invented in the 40’s and suppressed. Even something so simple as the lightbulb that lasts 100 years was taken away. Anything to keep us forever digging into our pockets; then the invention of devices that require us to plug into the grid to “make our lives better” have never stopped and is a contstant flow into our lives.

    As I watched a portion of the Olympics Closing ceremonies; all I could think at one point was look at all of the batteries being used by the people in that stadium to record this event. All you could see were cameras and cell phones taking pictures. Millions and millions of dollars in batteries. Someone is getting richer tonight.

  13. LidaV says:

    It is always about the money…at least in this 3D system…that is why it needs to go.
    We were all born free (like the movie) and that is how we were supposed to be, until someone got greedy and decided to live off others to fill their own pockets…too many of those types around. Fear is rooted in money. “I am afraid I won’t have enough to live/feed my family,pay my bills/retire on!”
    Time for that to end.

    We need to be self sufficient now…it’ll drive the other types nuts! Won’t that be fun to watch!!!

  14. Karma007 says:

    Money is the root of all evil…

    • Just a little correction on this for it this misquote is something I see a lot. The original saying is: “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” It’s a minor, but important distinction. Money, in and of itself is not bad, not unlike soap. Soap can be used to clean things and be very helpful in that way, but try to eat soap? Your parents ever “wash your mouth out with soap” or have you ever accidentally got some in your mouth or eyes? Soap is not so great in that context, lol. But used for its appropriate purpose and in an appropriate way, it can be helpful or beneficial.

      Money’s just a tool, IMHO. Like a screwdriver or hammer. It’s people’s twisted love and desire of this tool above all else, above any scruples or ethics, that is the real problem, I think. It’s the greed that is the problem, not the piece of paper or even the concept of exchange. Historically, the idea of what money is is not such a horrible thing. But those who are corrupted by the love of it above all else? Yeah, that’s the horrible thing.

      Again, a small distinction, but one I heard described to me a long time ago, and I think it makes a lot of sense.

    • Karma007 says:

      Thanks Calliope, I can remember being very young and my parents would go to a Veneral Store, they would write the amount of the things you purchased and send an invoice at the end of the month. The milkman would leave. Ilk, butter, eggs and do the same thing. It would be great if we could get back to that way of life.

  15. Has anyone noticed any ‘changes’ in the 3D world lately?

    I’m not one to purchase newspapers; or watch too much TV news; but I run across it when I have to access my email.

    I have noticed just about everyday a member or two of the celebrity world has died. Most are quite elderly and it is ‘time’ for them to cycle off; but there are younger people as well.

    Also; there was an article yesterday that 9 Nobel Peace Prize winners wrote a letter of protest to NBC calling for them to not air a new Reality show because it glorifies war and should not be shown. I was really impressed with that! Desmond Tutu was one of the protesters.

  16. ksense says:

    People are awakening to “something not right” and others know what that something is. I see the change. The ones who are awake are mostly too afraid to say anything, though. Every time I send something to my mom pointing out another lie her response is ALWAYS “wow, that’s scary”. I then go on to explain that we need to see the lies in order to reject them.

  17. Karma007 says:

    The young people who have died, are usually the ones that have gone against the system, Big Brother, the powers that be.

    It’s up to us as individuals to follow our heart not our minds. When we believe in ourselves, good things happen. There will be no white knights coming to save us from ourselves. We have the strength and conviction to get thru these tense times.

    I can’t stand to watch the news or read the papers, it’s full of hate, misery and bloodshed. I want to keep my spirits up by communicating with people who vibrate at a higher frequency in love and service to others, not to self. That doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves to something special or devote time to ourselves. I said I would finish Bill’s book today after I’m done baking and pre prepping dinner.

    And now all good people, that time is now…

  18. Ok… Here is another question.

    What is it that really makes you feel JOY and puts that great big smile in your heart??

  19. LidaV says:

    kindness shown to any of the less fortunate, innocent, those in need.
    …that happy ending in REAL life!!
    I get all fuzzy and warm thinking of it!!

  20. Since I asked the question, I guess it’s my turn.

    My heart swells seeing some of the beauties of nature. A warm sunrise; a beautiful flower standing in all its glory. I get real joy when I give something to someone when they aren’t expecting it; whether it’s something I baked (when the people I am giving to buy everything in a store), or something I knitted that will help keep them warm later on. I love surprising people with random gifts of love. I’ve got it bad; I even give the postman cookies.

  21. Karma007 says:

    My joy comes from having a table full of friends that don’t know one another. By the end of the evening, we’ll have covered every topic from sex to politics! When complete strangers can open up to one another and share their hopes, dreams and sorrow, that gives me a sense of euphoria.

  22. Julia says:

    Joy, one of my favorite things. Looking at the beauty of nature. Swiming in warm water. Having the time to do what I want to do, like paint or make a sculpture (you can tell I still have a j.o.b. aka Just Over Broke…) Spending time laughing with friends & family. Giving a stranger an unexpected compliment & seeing their face light up. Sucessfully giving someone else a bit of Joy! (a kind word, a painting, a ride, a meal, some of my time & attention)

    ( By the way, Thanks! This is fun to read!)

    • Julia,

      Do you have a website somewhere? I would love to see some of your artwork! I love to see what people create! I dabble in drawing every once in a blue moon, and badly need to take some lessons in perspective.

      In the late 70’s I took a night course in Sculpting at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School. I didn’t finish it. I was just too wiped out at work the next day. I took a drawing class there at the same time; and it was my first time working with live models. Boy!! We were only given 10 minutes to capture the pose on paper and it took me 4 minutes to close my mouth and get over a complete stranger walk into the room and pose completely naked. It was a great class for me! I had to push myself to ‘get over myself’ real quick!

    • Julia says:

      No, I don’t have a web site, but I probably should. I come from a family of artists, so I have been drawing etc. my whole life. I have taken classes & have a degree in Graphic Design. (Did that for a while too.) I prefered to have a different job & do the art for my own joy. I do sell some things, and have requests for art as gifts for family & friends. I might have to get the web site with art together. Lately I have been making Angle garden art. Lots of fun, but always a bit out there.

  23. LidaV says:

    I thunk you are all the most onderful people. I’m so glad I am here.
    This is a JOY…and an honor!

  24. claudia says:

    I get so much joy in helping others get back their energy/power and usually its just through listening to them and then sharing some crazy jokes or my own foibles. I have so many victim stories I could write the script for a movie…

  25. Oh Darn!!!

    Whatever will we do for entertainment?? No more models for novels, movies and TV stories! We can’t have life be all sweetness and light! Whatever will we do after a while? We’ll be bored to death!!

    I can hear it now after about 16 years of perfection: “Remember in the good old days when you had some excitment around here? All we ever have is peace and quiet, love and boredom! I’ve got to get out of here!! There’s nothing to do!”

    • Julia says:

      LOL!! (please give me that type of nothing to do!!)

    • ksense says:

      Yeah, no more whining and crying and blaming everyone else. Most “victims” aren’t, IMO but there will be no real victims, either. That’s a good thing.

  26. claudia says:

    This all reminds me of when I took my young son to a Paedetrician as my son was totally overactive for my likings! The doc said would I prefer it if my son sat in a corner and twiddled his thumbs !! OMG I just wanted something in between.. :)

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