The Real Deal

Why are these details and this information not found in channeled messages on the spiritual blogs?

(Thank you, William. I’ve paraphrased your work here.)

  • In the 1990’s about 119 alien races were visiting Earth.
  • Now, there are nearly 150.
  • Most alien races are just like us. They don’t make orders, they follow them.
  • Sexism exists in advanced races. It makes you question the integrity of any advanced race or occupants of a UFO.
  • Aliens manipulate the world governments.
  • Secret groups, secret powers conduct experiments with the goal of becoming more powerful.
  • Smoke kills reptilians. If it hurts the birds, it hurts the aliens.
  • The real reason the aliens came here was to observe and absorb divine intervention.
  • You can’t just simply sit and watch a civilization crumble or manipulate it without consequences.
  • ET races aren’t breaking the rules anymore with intervention. The law of consequences has been lifted.
  • The biggest secret of all is that this was all planned. The end of the game is that our fate is their fate.
  • Welcome to the party, Spacemen. Whatever happens on Earth happens on your world.
  • Crystals live everywhere in the planet. They form a network of nerves that carries information and stability.
  • Giant crystal networks exist beneath secret research stations. They are a conduit of information for the planet and higher powers.
  • Thirteen crystal skulls are record keepers, managers, judges and masters of the crystal network. The skulls are networked into the entire planet’s nerves of crystals and can control it all.
  • The skulls and the network can render all technology useless.
  • Whale song is essential for the crystal network, particularly the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean.
  • All whaling must stop.
  • Certain ET races had designs on stealing the whales for their own planets.
  • Particle colliders and inter-dimensional experiments must be shut down immediately.
  • World leaders will be replaced.
  • “Telling people they have symptoms of ascension when it’s really something totally different. Liar, liar, pants on fire.”
  • There are five fingers of God on Earth. They are five children and they are protected by angels.
  • Warships are in orbit.
  • Stars recently went supernova in the constellation Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the astrological sign of December. This is a hint or a sign that December will be a momentous time for humanity.
  • Pleiadians mixed DNA to produce a truly unique result; a magical combination. It was a very special bloodline and, with time, it releases magic genes.
  • It was foreseen and endeared by the Heavenly Powers as a gift that might help the entire universe.
  • Star-seeds are the result of this mixture of DNA. Star-seeds are this gift.
  • A new race will arrive on the scene with a big surprise for everybody.
  • We will be meeting our friends from the Seven Sisters.

37 thoughts on “The Real Deal

  1. mike0v says:

    Yeah, I know. I can hear it already…

    Well, I was cutting my grass and had way too much time to think.

  2. Karma007 says:

    You saw that we were carrying the weight of the world while you rested and you wanted to give us a break?

    How can I sleep with all this info in my face? I’m ramped up on chocolate cookies and tea.

  3. Thank goodness you’re back. I really couldn’t see how we were going to keep conversation going for a week.

    See..!!! You just can’t stay away from solving this problem can you??? You’re hooked, and it’s in your blood.

  4. All of those races ‘visiting’ this planet, or parked in our atmosphere are the ones who donated DNA to create this current model of “Man.”

  5. LidaV says:

    So they are checking up on their ‘handy work’…
    Where were they when we “fell and skinned our knees”? when we buried our dead? when we gave birth to their grandchildren?
    I’m sorry to have to be so blunt…but it does not say much for their parenting skills. They just threw us in the water and let us sink or swim.
    The angelic realm was/is much more adept at giving us the moral support and encouragement we needed.
    Now that it is crunch time….who do you think most of us will turn to during the biggest EVENT of our lives?

    And to offer an explanation to your opening question…why is this info not given via channelers…?
    Because all they do is “tickle our ears” with words they think we want to hear…as oposed to the Truth.
    Truth and honesty always wins out.
    …at least to me, I don’t want to speak for anyone else.
    Don’t sugarcoat it. Give it to me straight! Part of growing up.

  6. Well Lida,

    They were around when we fell and skinned our knees and buried our dead and gave birth to their grandchildren. But this was in the beginnings.

    We’re way past that now, and like any good parent, you have to let go and push the young out of the nest to let them learn how to fend for themselves. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game in nature.

    I’m looking at the results of parents who continue to do things for their offspring long past the time they should. It’s not pretty…. A lot of that is going on in this country today. A lot. 30, 40 and 50 year old babies.. Do they grow?? NO! Do they know how to take full responsibility for themselves? No. If they have children, do they know how to parent? No. And all of society suffers in one way or another.

    You can’t teach how to be strong if you do all their work for them.

    • claudia says:

      Yvonne Im totally in yr court re our kids. I told my eldest with his 9 month old daughter that I had brought he and his siblings up making plenty of mistakes and gained lots of experience and now it was his turn to do the same! My sleepless nights are over .. its their turn to carry the baton forward… Yes, I hear them, but just smile inside !! I sleep VERY WELL at nights .. I earned it.

  7. Karma007 says:

    Can you say co-dependant? We needed to be able to mistakes to grow and develop. I’ve learned much more from my mistakes( two husbands), than I every did from my successes.

    Glad your back Mike, if we were playing rock, paper, scissors you would be the glue!

    By the way melatonin works wonders to combat caffeine.

    Lida, tell Bill I’m almost done with his book, but it’s Warrens day off and he has his own agenda for my time today.

  8. ksense says:

    This reminds me of a tombstone I once saw:

    1. It’s important to have a woman who helps at home, cooks from time to time, cleans up, and has a job.
    2. It’s important to have a woman who can make you laugh.
    3. It’s important to have a woman who you can trust, and doesn’t lie to you.
    4. It’s important to have a woman who is good in bed, and likes to be with you.
    5. It’s very, very important that these four women do not know each other or you could end up dead like me.

    • *snort* :D

      “Smoke kills reptilians. If it hurts the birds, it hurts the aliens.”

      See? There it is again. I think I am going to start cooking with Teflon again and buy a pack of American Spirits. (Not really. I have been working so hard to quit for about 3 weeks now. Teflon, maybe, lol.)

      From the comment below: “Something I’d like to mention here is a reminder of what we’re all going through. Basically, we’re buried deep in the middle of a detail-rich, sweeping experiment that encompasses the entire universe.”

      Yeah, I am certainly feeling like a lab rat these days. But I know I am of the ones who signed up to be here at this time, and so I am taking my punches. I keep trying to say to myself, “It’s all an illusion, it’s all an illusion!” and brush up on my spoon-bending skills.

      Being in Colorado, now, I sense the intense negative action that is here. It’s no wonder I almost succumbed to depression here four years ago. It’s intense, man.

      But now that I am awake, I can understand what parts are just a dream, and do my part to take down the system.

      Thanks for this summary, Mike.

      Calliope the Muse

    • mike0v says:

      I couldn’t agree more about the lab rat analogy.

      I’ve had enough of it.

  9. mike0v says:


    Something I’d like to mention here is a reminder of what we’re all going through. Basically, we’re buried deep in the middle of a detail-rich, sweeping experiment that encompasses the entire universe.

    Where is our view located? Way, way, way down at the bottom. In the cesspool. In the basement. (Yes, I know we have lives in the higher realms, but I’m talking about our view as conscious humans. Only that. Nothing more.)

    This is the reason that Bill’s information is so refreshing, so revealing and so enlightening. It comes from WAY above. Way, way above. Valiant sees this enormous three-ring circus from an angelic view.

    This angelic perspective has allowed me to understand certain things.

    However this experiment started, whomever put it together is a mystery to us. (Yes, I know that some information about how all this got started has been around for a long time, but the bottom line is that we are unaware of the complexity and intricacy and initial conditions of this carnival. If we were privy to that information, we wouldn’t be here right now.)

    Because we are lacking, because we are looking up instead of down, it seems to me that ANY argument brought forth about ANYTHING has validity.

    Like when Lida says, “hey, where the heck have the ETs been?” This is a valid observation. It isn’t right or wrong, it’s a perfectly reasonable question because of our location in the experiment.

    Or when Yvonne says, “ya gotta push your kids out of the door so they can fly.” This is a valid observation, also. It isn’t right or wrong, it’s absolutely sensible because of our status at the bottom of the totem pole.

    I mention all this because I feel somewhat angry at myself. And the reason is because I’ve immersed myself in the details of this chess game being played out, but I don’t have to.

    We don’t have to contend issues with each other over the details of living here. But we do.

    Should we? Hell, I don’t know, but what I do know is that when I raise myself up to the level of angels and pretend that I’m looking down on the universe, not a single bit of the confusion is worth our time.

    And that’s my problem. I can’t wade out of the swamp of details that form our existence, even though I know it would be a good idea.

    I’m mesmerized by this stuff, somehow. It’s got a grip on me.

    So, please accept my apologies, everyone, because I’m gonna keep slogging through the mud, digging up anything I can find.

    It would be a lot better to take a nap in a hammock for the next four months and wake up after the chaos is over.

    But I can’t do it!

  10. ksense says:

    Every path is different but they all lead to the same place.

  11. Karma007 says:

    We’re like a dog on a flea, just can’t stop scratching’. We all have questions we need answers to, and if we have to be amateur sleuths to get it, so be it.

    When I had questions about creationism vs evolution my parents told me to watch National Geographic and go to the library. With 4 degrees I’ve read over 16,000 books and still didn’t find the answers I was looking for, but have found others looking in the same direction.

    We could burrow down and never give any of this another thought, I’m sure some people have, it’s just too strange and difficult to comprehend. But, we are the insatiable, curious and determined to find out the big picture.

    They don’t call me Karma007 for the heck of it!

  12. ksense says:

    We’re part of Creation on the path back to Source. Of course we’re going to go through all of this especially when it’s so close to the big “something”. Maybe all answers are right like Mike said. Just knowing that is sort of like crawling in that hammock.

    • mike0v says:

      “Just knowing that is sort of like crawling in that hammock.”

      Brad, you’re profound beyond your years. (how old are you?)

  13. LidaV says:

    it is so nice to be in the presence of ‘smart’ people.
    I am a pain that way…I enjoy intelligent conversation!

    And sorry…I never shoved my kids out the door…very traditional that way. Guess that’s my reasoning.
    Son is 40 and very ill nolw. Daughter is 41 and type 1 diabetic. She should not and could not live alone. Neither have found their significant others…up to the task of their personal challenges…both mental and physical.
    I won’t throw my kids out…fortunately they are both sef-subsistant…don’t need me to do everything for them except be the moral support when they need it.
    Sometimes we even supported each other financially when the need arose.

    Heck I’ve seen too many thrown away kids,friends of my own children, whose parents dropped the ball with them. They ended up coming here and being part of my family temporarily. They still keep in touch.
    And that philosophy includes animals. I don’t throw out strays who have come to us for food and shelter. If they all get along, they can stay. As long as I can take care of them I will.
    It’s been hard many times, but the rewards are extraordinary!!!
    I have a huge extended family…

    If kids chose to leave of their own free will…because it’s time, I am all for it. Mine tried 2-3 times, came back each time. Avoided a lot of nightmares from what I saw…at least they didn’t come back towing a needy family. Small blessing I guess.
    Things happen for a reason.
    …look where we are now!

    And by the way, Bill aka: Valiant is the best son any mother could ever have. When I was working full time, his dad was down with his own disabilities, he picked up all the slack at home….cooked (really well too), cleaned, tookl care of the animals as much as possible. He received room and board in exchange. I was the envy of every married woman I worked with!! “Oh sure, you gt to go home to a home cooked meal”…and he cleaned up the kitchen too! Buys me flowers, does all the gardening….
    he is special in more ways than you know. I will try not to protest when he wants to leave, but I will let him go when he feels the time,and his health is improved.

    • Julia says:

      It’s funny how some families want to get away from each other, while others band together to help each other. I always wanted to live on my own, so I left after college. But I had the greatest parents who gave me a good start (artists with an open mind & full of curiosity, but practical too) now I moved closer to them so that I can help. My Dad is amazed at how much I do for them. (Hubby’s family was the ‘get away’ from each other group!)

      PS- My book should come tomorrow & I’ll have a hard time working…just want to read!

  14. Lida,

    Your case is different, and your children are different. They contribute to the family in exchange for being home and they have medical challenges.

    I’m speaking of able-bodied “children” who are lazy, unmotivated, and who contribute nothing to their parents. All they do is leach. Instead of trying to do something to help their parents, they sit back and continue to receive and cause problems.

    There are a lot of those today. Parents are bewildered in the large cities and scratching their heads wondering “what happened?!” Of course, they contributed to the problem and have now become enablers.

    You have a mutual situation which is the way it should be. What I am seeing is a one-sided relationship; children thinking only of their needs and not trying to nurture those who nurture them. I guess they are a mirror-image of the cabal system.

    • LidaV says:

      I knew that…and I was not offended by the comments. Honest!
      I see the other situations and cringe.
      We’ve always been envied because our situation was the ‘old world’ famililies stying together successfully one…
      Even my own parents didn’t get that…and wished for the same.
      It is a very sad world we lived in really. Very little happiness in families. I hope this changes later too.

  15. Karma007 says:

    There are young adults now that don’t even get a license or a car, talk about lazy. But it’s their free will, and if they are so uninspired to not read, only text, watch tv, instead of taking a walk, be unsociable and play video games all day, then that’s their personal hell. What will they have to show for their lives, bupkis!

    My parents let me fall and get back up, made me more determined to do better the next time. Now at sporting events in grade school you have to root for the whole team, not just your family member. They don’t want anyone to feel left out.

    I’m glad I gee up with integrity, values and morals which I still have intact after working for big corporations.

    Lida, tell Bill I made major headway on his book. Thank goodness Warren need to go to Lowes, gave me some reading time. By the way, I have red hair, and a corgi named Abby! Could relate to Jennifer easily…

    • mike0v says:

      Or could relate to Charlotte even more…

      Heh, heh.

    • LidaV says:

      Bill loves red hair and Welsh Corgis….he would really like that!!!
      I will tell him!
      …and he is used to strong level headed women…that is the kind of woman he would need.
      got any sisters who are available??? and who like tall, nice looking, artistic, sensitive men?
      Who can cook and clean, do laundry, gardening…loves animals.

      he would kill me!!!
      but it is fun.

    • mike0v says:

      Hey Lida,

      Don’t you worry about Bill. When this is over, he and I are taking off for one of the Pleiadian planets.

      And don’t expect us back for a while…

    • angelicview says:

      I’ll come with you and Bill, okay Mike ?? :)

    • mike0v says:

      Shannon, it’s a deal.

      But, you know, there could be some, um, hanky panky on the way to the Pleiades…

      Just a thought…

  16. Karma007 says:

    I’m not that sassy, more level headed in a crisis.

  17. Karma007 says:

    I found two 1960’s series pennies in the washer today, they are worth $.10 so I’ve given my two cents worth, and still have change. It’s a good day! See sensible and level headed. I still don’t know what the deal is with copper?

    Tell Bill there are so many nice women out there, but they are just so busy working to ensure their future. I have many single friends in their 40’s and 50’s who aren’t married and don’t have children. We had such a strong work ethic, that we never made time to start a family. So sad that I put work above family life. I did however raise two step daughters with husband number two, I cherished every minute.

  18. LidaV says:

    Honestly tho…Bill is not really looking right now. Between not feeling well, he needs to heal first…and the lack of his ideal woman’s around here….the Pleiades trip sounds like a great idea!
    If he is with you Mike, I won’t have to worry about him!
    …or will I & then some??

    • mike0v says:

      Well, for an idea of what I’ve seen concerning Pleiadian women in meditation, scroll back to my blog entry “Visions of Sex.”

      William will be in good hands…

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