The Real Deal

Why are these details and this information not found in channeled messages on the spiritual blogs?

(Thank you, William. I’ve paraphrased your work here.)

  • In the 1990’s about 119 alien races were visiting Earth.
  • Now, there are nearly 150.
  • Most alien races are just like us. They don’t make orders, they follow them.
  • Sexism exists in advanced races. It makes you question the integrity of any advanced race or occupants of a UFO.
  • Aliens manipulate the world governments.
  • Secret groups, secret powers conduct experiments with the goal of becoming more powerful.
  • Smoke kills reptilians. If it hurts the birds, it hurts the aliens.
  • The real reason the aliens came here was to observe and absorb divine intervention.
  • You can’t just simply sit and watch a civilization crumble or manipulate it without consequences.
  • ET races aren’t breaking the rules anymore with intervention. The law of consequences has been lifted.
  • The biggest secret of all is that this was all planned. The end of the game is that our fate is their fate.
  • Welcome to the party, Spacemen. Whatever happens on Earth happens on your world.
  • Crystals live everywhere in the planet. They form a network of nerves that carries information and stability.
  • Giant crystal networks exist beneath secret research stations. They are a conduit of information for the planet and higher powers.
  • Thirteen crystal skulls are record keepers, managers, judges and masters of the crystal network. The skulls are networked into the entire planet’s nerves of crystals and can control it all.
  • The skulls and the network can render all technology useless.
  • Whale song is essential for the crystal network, particularly the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean.
  • All whaling must stop.
  • Certain ET races had designs on stealing the whales for their own planets.
  • Particle colliders and inter-dimensional experiments must be shut down immediately.
  • World leaders will be replaced.
  • “Telling people they have symptoms of ascension when it’s really something totally different. Liar, liar, pants on fire.”
  • There are five fingers of God on Earth. They are five children and they are protected by angels.
  • Warships are in orbit.
  • Stars recently went supernova in the constellation Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the astrological sign of December. This is a hint or a sign that December will be a momentous time for humanity.
  • Pleiadians mixed DNA to produce a truly unique result; a magical combination. It was a very special bloodline and, with time, it releases magic genes.
  • It was foreseen and endeared by the Heavenly Powers as a gift that might help the entire universe.
  • Star-seeds are the result of this mixture of DNA. Star-seeds are this gift.
  • A new race will arrive on the scene with a big surprise for everybody.
  • We will be meeting our friends from the Seven Sisters.
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