Another Vent

The following post requires an introduction so that anyone who reads it understands from where it’s coming. In a recent email to a dear friend a wave of frustration overcame me and I found it impossible to plug the steam that was venting from my ears. I had to unload.

In our world there are so many of us and each of us is a beautiful, independent soul with a unique personality. We’re all different and it’s our differences that create such a dynamic place.

With that in mind I’d like to say that my personality type is one in which I ride a roller coaster. I’ve been deliriously happy and broiling angry. It’s just how I am. It’s the return to center that has become easier with age.

For those of you with milder temperaments you might find this rant uncalled for or over the top. And it probably is but after reading Valiant’s message today I felt compelled to post it.

Two great lessons in this life for me have been “We are all one” and “There is no right or wrong, there just is.” So, is there anything wrong with a little anger? Nope. And should we expect to be treated as equals by all beings, everywhere? Yep.

I have lost my optimism.

It’s gone.

When I ask myself, “What event concerning the upgrade of humanity has gone the way I want it to?” the answer is not a single one.

Absolutely none.

Here we are, 127 days out, and the whole damn world is asleep.

This is NOT how I wanted this to go. At all.

So, if I’m given a questionnaire after the singularity to fill out with my opinions of how well the light forces performed their jobs, well, they’re not gonna like my answers.

At all.

It’s a shame to admit, but I’m already disappointed. There isn’t any way to erase that disappointment. It’s too late.

If a space ship ever appears, the very first thought through my mind won’t be, “Wow, that is so cool!”

My first thought will be, “What took you so damn long?”

Isn’t that horrible? Isn’t that a shame?

Right now, I give us a 50/50 chance at going through this peacefully like we’re supposed to.

The dark may not give up.

We may have to go through another catastrophic ending to humanity like before.

And I’m sure I didn’t sign up for that in my soul contract. And I don’t want to experience such a thing, either, even with the knowledge that I will come out on the other side unscathed.

It’s funny. I read a post by “Metatron” or “The Guiding Light” or somebody who said they are receiving reports that lightworkers just want to “get out.”

Then the post goes on to say that thinking in such a way is not helpful and it makes it harder for earth to move forward.

Well, I thought to myself, “Crap. I’m not allowed to have truthful, real feelings? I have to lie to myself?”

How the heck am I supposed to lie to myself?

I DO want out. I DO want off this rock. I DO want something to happen.

These beings, these spirits, these entities from the higher realms, I hate to say it but they’re just full of crap.

They have absolutely no idea what it’s like here. They don’t.

Now, that’s my opinion, so feel free to disagree, but take a look at Bill’s messages.

Those messages are the only ones that aren’t blowing smoke up our asses and telling us how rosy things are proceeding.

That’s why they have such a ring of truth to them. That’s why they’re meaningful to me.

All of the bastards that have any kind of control over humanity simply won’t do the right thing. The good ETs, the dark forces, the governments, the military, the world leaders, the Vatican, nobody.

And the sleeping humans couldn’t care less because they are completely clueless.

So, who does that leave hanging? The lightworkers.

That’s why I said that the lightworkers have taken it up the wazoo in my blog. And we have.

I feel like we’ve been left on the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere.

And then when I feel this way, I’m told not to feel this way, that it’s detrimental to our ascension.

That’s when I want to stuff a sock in that entity’s mouth!

We’re getting it from all sides.

We have to put up with sleeping humans. We have to put up with lying ETs and higher beings. We have to put up with the dark forces. We have to put up with getting strung along, day after day, wondering if anything will happen.

Is it any wonder that lightworkers want out? How naive can the beings on the other side of the veil be?

I’m beginning to think that this whole thing is a vast, cosmic joke. And the joke’s on us, the lightworkers.


Sorry, comrade, but I had to vent.

56 thoughts on “Another Vent

  1. Sometimes I feel the same. Sometimes not. I still working on it, in to be sure of this all thing. I still try to tame my rollercoaster-feelings too, sometimes very happy, sometimes very angry… but I think that everything is made of sometimes, we just need to tame them and the answers will come.

    • mike0v says:

      I agree, my friend. I think many of us are very tired and ready to help our world instead of just sitting and waiting.

    • I have been read a lot of crap on the web. I don’t know what this purpose, to disinfo the people, maybe? Or maybe this is a lesson too, to make accurate our decisions. I prefer to belive that something still gonna happen, if don’t happens on our physical body, I’m sure that will happens in our souls, at our particular universe, in this case, it will sound very disappointing, because it’s just about ourselves till the next incarnation, or not. But, thinking about it, if we get disappointed with the all thing to be just about ourselves and not to the collective, it’s because you are good enough, you hang out the selfish feeling ant you care about the collective and you wants the best for all of them.

      Be safe brother, keep calm and drink a wine!

    • mike0v says:

      Yes. Wine is a very good idea!

      Thanks, my brother.

    • Juia says:

      Double Yes to the Wine! I’m there!

    • Erich says:

      When I’m honest, yes, I want out too. I hate this ignorance and helplessness.

  2. Karolina says:

    Yes, it is a joke. The only thing we can do is to question our mind. We have not control. It is happening what is happening. Sometimes I am so angry when I remember it is a joke, but it is. My ego enjoys in role of lightworker because this role gives it importance.

  3. LidaV says:

    I think it is good to tell ‘them’ “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”. And your vent was perfect.
    If we didn’t have feelings and free will we’d be just as ‘dead headed as the rest of them, and I am not just referring to th unawakened humans!
    sometimes anger DOES get things done…you cna’t ride th waves forever…you get no where. Time to put the oar in the water and row!!!

    • mike0v says:

      Amen, sister!

      And thanks.

      We all just want to get in the game instead of cheer-leading from the sidelines. Anybody up there listening?

  4. Karma007 says:

    I believe the epilogue in Bill’s book sums it up. Varence wanted to help us, his wife thought it would be interfering with our free will.

    We are all frustrated with how slow events are moving, it’s almost as if the higher beings run the show like our government. Takes way too many committees, too many managers and micro managing.

    We’ll get there my friend, be as angry as you want, because ultimately that’s what propels us to get things done.

    I spent the day in the big city(Pittsburgh), saw a retrospective on Guitars. Yeah, I had things to do around the house, but I didn’t care. I needed to get out with my gal pals and have a day for ME. Been a long hot summer here, maybe I just had cabin fever.

    So our frustration at the situation is mutual, I find for me personally, I don’t want to give them any more of my energy than I have to, that’s my revenge!

  5. LidaV says:

    Guess that’s why Bill said The Council needs fresh ‘young’ Members! The old school is DISCUSSING for too long and getting nowhere fast!! Time’s a wasting guys…

    • mike0v says:

      And you know, Lida, let me ask you something.

      If you were in charge of this preparation for ascension, would you have given the green light by now?

      Would you have commanded space ships to land and start relieving poverty, starvation, homelessness, sickness and corruption by now?

      Would you have declared that those people down there on Earth aren’t laboratory rats, they’re are brothers and sisters by now?

      I think I already know your answers.

    • LidaV says:

      You betcha Mike!

    • angelicview says:

      There is no doubt in my mind that the shift is happening. But how do we know for sure that the end of 2012 is some kind of cut-off point? I believe it may be just the beginning of a not-too-long process. A couple of years. That’s my theory. ;)

  6. In my opinion I’ve always thought “God” took too long to “do something.” As a child I wondered why God never took things in his hands and fixed all of the imbalances and the crazy nonsense in the world. I think most of you were children when there was a time the young people came to the conclusion that God was dead.

    This was really the fuel for me to find out who God was, and “WHY” He didn’t do something.

    There was always a right side and a wrong side in war, and millions of people have been killed on this planet fighting those stupid things. “Why” didn’t God put a stop to it? He never did. If you believed the Bible, God even allowed his so-called Son to be crucified on the cross. It causes one to examine, to think, to seek answers.

    I did find out that God does not take sides, right or wrong. There is no God in the way we were programmed to believe.

    And I believe “God” or that entity we think is God is in the dark almost as much as we are.

    God is trying to figure this mess out as much as the Lightworkers and is learning from us. There are Forces “God” relies on to keep worlds intact.

    “God” answers to a higher authority and that higher authority decides when to pull the plug and erase the drawing board.

    It’s pulled the plug before; and stands ready at the gate to pull it again….

    • If God is a Higher-Higher-Self, everyone of us must be a minimal part of him to search and learn, I think that He is learning too, but He takes more time to receive so many information from His minimal parts, that, sometimes doesn’t get what they supposed to get, because they are lost. By the way, in this case, God is lost too, Gods depends from you and you depends from Him. It’s a cyclical problem, like everything seems to be cyclical at life. When we get the target, God will gets too. If we think He’s dead, we are so deads too.
      I’m trying to keep this idea on my mind, or give it up of everything and wait till the fat lady sings and then… just the dark and it’s over.

  7. Karma007 says:

    Our world essentially parallels theirs, except there is no concept of time in theirs. What happens here for eons, could be the blink of an eye for them.

    We must give strength to each other is these tenuous times, if that means hearing each others frustrations, then Mike has given us all the opportunity to be HUMAN…We have a soul and spirit, something they are envious of. We will always have the upper hand there, and no amount of waiting can take that or our hope for a better future.

  8. The one thing you learn living as a human in 3D is PATIENCE!

    One way or the other, you will learn how to have more patience than you came in with. Nothing here comes instantly. And the things you think you want the most, takes the longest to materialize.

  9. Everything has Spirit, no matter what it is. What separates us from other humanoids is our senses of emotion.

    Emotions are the unknown factor because it is mercurial and you never know ‘where’ they will take you. Our emotions are the reasons for many imbalances and disharmony on this planet. I think we are of interest to other planetary systems because of our gift of emotions.

    What has been veiled from us is: our emotions are powerful manifestors. Once we know how to utilize our emotions to manifest what we need, it’s all over. All over for a lot of things. Then we will have total control over the direction humanity takes.
    We won’t be able to be manipulated as we have been for so very long.

    What is going on now? We are being manipulated to stay in chaos because this generates angers and frustrations, and produces a recreational substance for those who can use it.

    Once we learn how to utilize our emotions to create what WE want; we have taken our power back, and the game is indeed over.

  10. mike0v says:


    Your comments prove to me, once again, that just because we’re buried under this veil doesn’t mean we aren’t profound and deep thinkers.

    Something I’d like to mention is one of Brad’s comments from a little while back. He said if the galactics are here to help us, fine. If not, that’s fine, too.

    Which has made me think about this for a while: if you told your mom that you would help her paint her kitchen and then didn’t show up when she needed you, what kind of person might she think you are?

    If you volunteered to drive your friends to a concert but backed out at the last minute, what would they think of you?

    If you promised to help your daughter with her homework but found an excuse to avoid it, how might she feel about that?

    It’s all so simple when I stand back and look at this from above.

    A great deal of this is about integrity.

    • Offer help and not accomplish is worse than never to offer, worst, more than this, is to promise to act into a determined way, creating expectation and then act totaly different, causing disappointment. It’s not an integrity question anymore, it’s cruelty. If you provoke this, it’s just because you want it and you are enjoying to see the suffering. Like a bad child hurting ants with a lens.

    • angelicview says:

      Who can guarantee, though, that they ever promised to help us beyond “behind the scenes” stuff?

    • mike0v says:

      And that, dear Shannon, is the $64,000 question!

    • mike0v says:

      Projeto Horizon, I agree completely.

  11. LidaV says:

    I always liked the old “Golden Rule”: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    Even if don’t reciprocate…at least you have done the right thing.
    My concept of integrity!

  12. Juia says:

    Thanks! I loved your vent. Gave me a chuckle.
    Sometimes funny, sometimes profound, sometimes spot on!

    I also really enjoy reading all the comments. Very insightful & I always learn something. I’ve been studying this stuff most of my life & there is always more.

    Oh, by the way, regarding ‘Then the post goes on to say that thinking in such a way is not helpful and it makes it harder for earth to move forward.’

    Have you ever had someone give you advice when they have NO CLUE what you are going through? When I read things like that, I just think, Huh, you have no idea what it’s like to be here now.

    If we were asleep, it wouldn’t matter. But we are not asleep, we know how this life & earth could be, and we are so done with this ‘chapter’. It’s like a broken record! (Oh, did I date myself! LOL!) a skipping Ipod?

    I am usually more mellow, but you just get tired of the rat race & the rats are NOT supposed to win.

    Maybe it’s good to tell the folks upstairs about caregiver fatigue, because we have it! (Thanks Bill!)

    We need a vacation…a tropical vacation… (sing along with me…)

    • mike0v says:

      “Have you ever had someone give you advice when they have NO CLUE what you are going through?”

      All I can say is Amen, sister! You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Julia says:

      Maybe we need to start ‘Occupy Assention’ to let the folks upstairs know that we have had enough!

  13. There’s something that I want to share with you all here.

    In time that we are talking about big happenings, I have been researching about Nibiru, Planet X, 12th Planet, whatever. I got many opinions about, but I’ll be glad if you tell me what you think.
    In the beggining, I thought that this topic about Nibiro was a lot of crap, total disinfo. But, at the last days this make more sense. Many strange things it’s occuring on the planet and our entire solar system.
    If you want, this links can explain more what I mean:

    there’s more, if you want just ask me.

    Sorry if I mean inappropriate to this post, but I really very concerned about that and we are talking here about big events coming. Could be this?
    Could be Nibiru some kind of mothership bringing our visitors onto this planet?
    (I prefer this one, because, in this case, who’s driving can brake)

    Or is this the reboot of the system to recreate the new earth in 3D?

    • mike0v says:

      This information is quite good.

      A large planetary body that passes close by Earth would definitely cause a major shift, not just a polar magnetic shift, but a complete twisting of Earth onto a different axis.

      This might be how Earth is changed.

      If Nibiru reaches its closest point to Earth on December 21 when the galactic alignment takes place, there will be huge amounts of energy hitting Earth.

      Maybe Nibiru IS a space craft. Maybe Nibiru is where we will stay, temporarily, while Earth is changed.

      Maybe Nibiru is what I saw in my vision when I felt them say, “They’re almost here.”

    • Many people in charge to talk about this denied the information. They just say that it’s not there, there’s none unknow planet-sized object at our system’s orbit. But, there’s many evidences of it. Pluto has this orbit moved, like something has pushed him over, Neptune had huge storms, Jupiter too, we are under a global warming, indeed, all solar system is under a warming because the Sun’s activity. Some astrophysics have been related that’s just happen. The NASA denies this. They put a black box at the google sky’s coordinate to hide something that supposed is not there. They made a video to explain that Nibiru is a silly hoax, but they expended their time to explain that a silly hoax doesn’t exists at the same way that our parents said to us: There’s no monster under your bed, son… Indeed, there wasn’t. But I had to discover by myself. Like today, about Nibiru, but this time I think that there’s something under our beds.

  14. Maybe we can really relate to the deployed military soldiers. They signed up too (at least they are getting a paycheck, even if it is a pittance)and are dealing in stress every moment of every day in one way or another; and they can’t go home until it’s time.

    Never thought of it that way until just now………

    • ksense says:

      Does that make us soldiers for God? I’m going AWOL! BTW….. has anyone here caught themselves typing their email password where their name goes below? Another thing I mentioned to Yvonne on the coronal hole that looks like a portal is that it reminds me of the Eye of Sauron every time I see it. Sorry to be off topic.

    • angelicview says:

      Yvonne and Ksense – I really love this analogy!

  15. angelicview says:

    Well, I like your rant. And it’s great to be human. You shouldn’t try NOT to BE human, because that’s why you’re here! To BE human. This kind of talk is politically incorrect in many places. It has to be all Unicorns and Rainbows all the time. Well, we get frustrated sometimes! I do, too.

    IF you want my advice (and that’s only an “if” – if not then just ignore me) I’d tell you to stop reading all channeled messages. And secondly, stop looking at dates. Live in the NOW moment only! Once you have centered your self, then go back and take a look at a few channeled messages, if you WANT to.

    WE are Human. WE are not psychic. None of us in this group are. It is our frustration at not knowing our future that makes us upset. And so if you live only in the now moment, then you would find you are much more at ease and much less stressed.

    It is not your (or my) job OR specialization to tell the future or to change the future of the world. My message from Spirit has often been that I cannot change anyone else’s reality – only mine and mine alone.

    End of my rant. Love you all :)

    • Your rant was quite gentle and simple. I agree with you, every word. Simplify our lives, everything is all about that. Do what you have to do, do what you chosen to do, feel what you have to feel. Make your way back home more interesting and pleasant that you can.

      Thank you, this sounds very kind and comforting to me.

    • mike0v says:

      Yes, Projeto Horizon, Shannon is a very good soul and I should listen to her message.

      I have stopped reading the channeled posts, which is making a difference for me.

      I think I should drink more wine.

    • What a lack of courtesy… Sorry if I don’t tell you before, my name is Alexandre, you can call me Ale, or Alex, like my friends do.
      I stopped to read chanelled messages three weeks ago. Because they makes me feel dumb. Always more to the same thing and his variations, so sweet, but one too over sweet than other that did my eyes get cavities…

      stop to read and start to drink… I love my 3D life…

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you, Alex.

      I’m glad to have your name!

    • Julia says:

      I stopped reading most of the channeled stuff a few weeks ago as well. Maybe that is why I’m anoyed, but not mad. I do better when I just focus on sending love (to everyone, all the creatures & Mother Earth), and do my meditation. Try to be super nice to the strangers that I meeet to give them a smile for the moment. (And pet the cats!) And drink wine! (I live in a great wine area. That helps!)

  16. Karma007 says:

    There is something celestial happening in the Antartic region. The Russians and the Americans have been there for years viewing two setting suns or planetary bodies. My ex husband was asked quite frequently to engineer parts for the space station, he designed parts back in the 80’s.

    NASA engineers are compartmentalized, so they don’t know what each department is working on simultaneously. There is a very interesting article on Vatic Project this morning. Check it out!

    It’s cloudy here today, so I don’t know how my viewing will be tonite thru the telescope. Will let you know.

    • I need to say “Yes;” We are supposed to have two suns in the newer earth. I’ve known about this for 18 years now.

      I was wondering at the time it was told to me how two suns would work. I do like my evening darkness. I could not live in 20 hours of bright light like they do in parts of Alaska and further north.

  17. Karma007 says:

    Yes Alex, I have been following this since the Russians found Lake Vostyk. You can see video of two things planets, or whatever setting. This has me completely baffled. Last nite my partner Warren saw Mars, then it just disappeared.

    What do you think?

    • I think that there’s something big out there, and approaches fast, but everything that I say to you about what I think that it really is, it’s just speculation yet.
      I hope to know soon, to prepare myself.

  18. ksense says:

    Alex, you said “I stopped to read chanelled messages three weeks ago. Because they makes me feel dumb.” There are some that I believe to be designed for that purpose, particularly the famous GFOL messages. We discussed earlier how they use shame and guilt…. sometimes even a touch of fear to get us to follow them. There are also many I personally like as they do not deal with the ET issue. They deal mostly with internal issues.

    • Yes, I agree, but they have the gift of make the obvious seems outstanding. And if you don’t think it is, you must be in shame, without said to you, shame on you, but treating you like a suggared kid by the comfort of your grandmother’s words.

    • ksense says:

      Perfectly said

  19. LidaV says:

    this is a fascinating line of thought everyone…
    I used to treat all reports as such: reports…rooted in facts and data. Sorry, it was my training in science. Of course this training has also helped me get thru to my friends who only believe what is reported in MSM. Slowly I am chiseling away at this phony facade…only what the news says is true! It can be useful to have a degree in science…but it is tedious. There is such a thing a overkill with supporting documents!! You need to use your intuition too…too much science kills that!
    That is why I gravitated away from a lot of it (hard science), hoping to get my intuitive state back!

    I know of Nibiru, Planet X, et al, and how NASA manipulates…so they keep their funding!! I read all of that. Bill reads none of it!

    I believe my son because he sees with his third eye, or intuits it all, and it makes sense. He is infinitely honest and full of integrity, propelled by the courage of his convictions. He has dreamt of Utopian worlds and did not want to come back. And I can’t blame him.
    He has gone thru the ‘pain’ of all that too…and continues. Yet he feels it is his ‘job’ to honor his commitment to the angel and tell the truth so that more and more people will see for themselves!

    As a footnote…he had a really bad day yesterday, probably due to the nature of his post. You would think there would be a reward for speaking honestly and cleanly…but ‘they’ apparently don’t want to hear it, or to called on the carpet for dragging their feet. Or the bad guys are punishing him yet again for speaking the truth. Or both.

    I think he had a heavenly intervention last night, which only tells me he is on the right path…today he looked better than he has in weeks!! And feels better about everything he is doing. He needs a LOT of rest and his pain meds which help him deal and heal himself. I am convinced traditional medicine will only interfere with and possibly hurt him…if not kill him! A higher source confirmed this to him last night…because he was that close to going to hospital…they told him “NO”!!
    If any of you were there for the intervention, I thank you profoundly for saving him!

    He really is worth it!

    • Julia says:

      Lida, I’m glad that he is feeling better too. I send him love every morning (also send to my ‘blog family’). Maybe Mike posting his messages has made us more aware of him, and I’m sure I’m not the only one sending him light. It’s like we saw his work all in one place so we can recognize him & give him a bit of love and energy as a thank you!

  20. Karma007 says:

    Lida, maybe all of us banding together is helping Bill recuperate after his contact and posting. Just like Mike’s rant, he finally got it off his chest and could let go of the frustration we all feel. Holding emotion in whether good or bad is like poison to our systems.

    I’m so glad he’s doing better today!

    I look at everything from a scientific point of view, then branch out with questions from my heart. I am still learning everyday to use my heart more than my brain.

    I don’t read channelled messages, too vague and they don’t resonate with me. Dolores Cannon is the only one I have found with glimmers of truths.

    • I LOVE Dolores’ books! I have all of them. So much more insight and information collected from a variety of sources. She can’t publish those books fast enough for me!

  21. Karma007 says:

    I must say your likeness in Meimee? Is very comforting. That word just came to me immediately when Mike said you posed for it. Your the Earth Mother to all of us, your knowledge, kind words and encouragement benefit us all. I can only hope we give you the same.

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