A Note on the Art

I feel like I’ve been negligent and have to apologize to any readers of this blog.

The painting in the upper right corner features the likeness of Yvonne, who posed for this artwork years ago.

Meamei and the Seven Sisters is a legendary Australian folk tale. It describes the way in which the Pleiades constellation got its name for many of the tribes in Australia.

There is a great deal of symbolism in the painting and I was going to explore it and then write about it but my plate has become too full.

(And the painting is going with us to the new Earth, Yvonne, so don’t lose it!)

5 thoughts on “A Note on the Art

  1. ksense says:

    Who did the painting?

  2. Sandra Stanton painted it as part of her Goddess Myths series. She asked me to pose for 30 minutes; she made her sketches and from there it took her months to paint it in oils. It was painted around 1994.

    Sandra used to do note cards, she has done a Tarot card deck of the Goddesses as well which was sold on Amazon.com. She used to be interviewed in the spiritual magazines last century and they stopped for some reason unknown to Sandra; but I think it was because Sandra started painting her Goddesses with very elderly features (and you know how youth-oriented our society is). I too was shocked to see how she had aged my face.

    She gave me a miniature and I put it in the corner and ‘forgot’ about it. The only reason Mike knows about it is we were discussing something about the Pleiadians and I ‘remembered’ sitting for it.

    She uses colors so beautifully, and if you see her paintings in person they are even more beautiful.

    Here is her website which is not a complete showing of the paintings she has done. She lives in a rural section of Maine about 25 minutes or so from my home.


  3. LidaV says:

    It really is! And her other pieces are stunning too. What an honor to be painted in such a representation!

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