More Notes

From my dreams last night I remember two interesting and compelling things.

The first is a dream in which I was reading over the shoulder of a man who had a large newspaper held up in front of him.

It was a Russian paper, I don’t know why, and as the man sat there and paged from the beginning sections to the end, I noticed that the entire edition covered the story of the arrival of our galactic neighbors.

Each page featured large, color photographs of space craft and an enormous amount of written material. There were no advertisements.

The second thing I remember is waking up with a nagging thought or a “knowing” that I had been yelled at in the astral realms for posting “Another Vent.”

The feeling was heavy and troublesome the moment my alarm clock buzzed and I opened my eyes.

Is it possible to be disciplined by higher beings when we travel in the astral realms?

I have no idea but it sure felt like it this morning.

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