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From my dreams last night I remember two interesting and compelling things.

The first is a dream in which I was reading over the shoulder of a man who had a large newspaper held up in front of him.

It was a Russian paper, I don’t know why, and as the man sat there and paged from the beginning sections to the end, I noticed that the entire edition covered the story of the arrival of our galactic neighbors.

Each page featured large, color photographs of space craft and an enormous amount of written material. There were no advertisements.

The second thing I remember is waking up with a nagging thought or a “knowing” that I had been yelled at in the astral realms for posting “Another Vent.”

The feeling was heavy and troublesome the moment my alarm clock buzzed and I opened my eyes.

Is it possible to be disciplined by higher beings when we travel in the astral realms?

I have no idea but it sure felt like it this morning.

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  1. Very curious…

    Last night, I dreamed about something that still hits in my head. I dreamed about you from this blog. I saw you all like a transluscent bright shades, in the color of their avatars: Mike was a blue, Yvonne green, ksense pale green and angelic was gray.
    Was a very wearing dream, some kind a looping, that repeats many, many times, from the beggining to the end, all night long. When I awaked my body hurt a lot. And still hurts.
    In this dream, you all are trying to teach me how to project reality that I desired. But this involved to keep my emotions under control, everyone of you was giving me a advice, like the coaches use to do. When I did it right you sent me repeat the task, over and over. I couldn’t see your faces, just humanoid forms in glowing lights with different colors.

    You guys, you almost kill me… take it easy next time!!!

    • ksense says:

      Green is my favorite color. How cool.

    • mike0v says:

      Well, Alex, I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time.

      Maybe in the higher dimensions I do, but not here.

      It will be nice to get our abilities returned to us.

      Yvonne is the tough one, it must have been her.

    • What I remember is very faint now, but I remember that I was trying to create some simple landscapes, a little hill, a small and colored lake, but with low waves like a calm sea, sand…and some kind of vegetation.. was very hard to make it, to create this was needed a lot of power, I felt a great tension at my stomach and arms. You guys sayin to me what emotion I had to control for any object I made. That’s it, in a looping dream…

    • mike0v says:


      This…this is amazing to me.


  2. ksense says:

    Just what we need….. more duality in the higher realms.

  3. Well this is what you are learning to do in the first place (to consciously create)!!

    Alex; I think it is wonderful you had this dream. You are the only one to “get it” so far!!

    And yes; when not consciously focused in this reality on this planet, we do have other tasks we help with. One of mine was (and I am completely surprised at this one) to help pair dogs with the humans they are supposed to be with on earth.

    My spiritual lineage, signature, or frequency since leaving the Void has been to teach. (I was surprised at that one as well)

    Dreams aren’t fluffy little things with no meaning. They actually show you what you do when you leave your human body during the body’s resting period.

    And those colors are important! Without colors you cannot not create, or maintain what is created. They are more important than you know. They also correspond to a “sound” (or a vibration of sound). Everything is created with vibration or sound.

    The blue that you saw represents the sound of the musical note G. It also represents the Throat Chakra and the law of God-Perception. (God-Perception is learning “what” and “who” God is; not information that is given to you in religion)

    The green represents the sound of F. It represents the Heart Chakra, and the law of Growth. It pulls together all the forces or energies necessary to create. It’s a cohesive force. It is why the next step in our human development is to learn to use the heart chakra to manifest on this planet.

    The gray has no musical note assigned to it. However; it is a shade of black, and black has its use in 3D existence. It is a shield or a defense that protects you against negative astral forces.

    So thank you Alex for having and sharing your fantastic dream!!

    • Thank you too Yvonne, your explanation turns a simple dream in an outstanding experience with many subliminal meanings. I have to thank you all that inspired me with your wise comments!

      God bless you all, I’m glad to participating on this blog

  4. If you want to hear what the notes sound like and like myself have no piano experience, there is an online player you can use.

    The keys are plainly marked. Striking each one can let you know ‘where you are’ frequency-wise. If the tone resonates with you, that is your key. You might find more than one.

    Here are the keys:

    C represents the color Red
    D represents the color Orange
    E represents the color Yellow
    F represents the color Green
    G represents the color Blue
    A represents the color Violet
    B represents the color Purple

    Each color represents a Chakra (starting from the tailbone and going upwards)

    Red (C) represents the 1st chakra
    Orange (D) represents the 2nd chakra
    Yellow (E) represents the 3rd chakra
    Green (F) represents the 4th chakra
    Blue (G) represents the 5th chakra
    Violet (A) represents the 6th chakra
    Purple (B) represents the 7th chakra

    When these chakras are blocked for a length of time, you will find the human body will develop disease in that particular area. For example; if the 4th chakra is blocked, the body will develop heart disease.

    Sounding these notes will help the body’s cells function more efficiently. There are a lot of discordant frequencies dancing about our bodies every single second of the day and the body has to try to compensate to stay in health. First comes Sound; then comes HOW you think; lastly comes what you eat in determining body health.

    Hope this helps……….

    • Great, thank you very much!

    • angelicview says:

      Yvonne, that was very interesting to me. And also very interesting that we are even having this conversation. Let me share with you my experience the other night.

      Two nights ago I was laying in bed and relaxing – getting ready to sleep for the night. I felt a feeling of bliss. With this feeling poured on to me colors with geometric shapes (mainly cubes, I think). If I relaxed and let it go – I felt this bliss and the colors. The colors were beautiful Blue and Purple (or violet – I don’t really know the difference).

      If I relaxed and let it flow, I was all good. If I tried to control the vision then my bliss went away and the colors disappeared. And so I would stop trying to control it and just relax and let the colors and shapes pour over me.

    • Wow, this post is getting more and more interesting…

    • mike0v says:

      Shannon, holy smokes, your experience was awesome!

      You know I’m gonna have questions.

      Was there a message? Did you hear anything? See anything?

      It’s like you were being shown how to just let go and become empty, like in meditation, and when you did it correctly, the colors and shapes were your reward.

      How come you didn’t mention that you play the piano?

    • angelicview says:

      Yes, just like that! I think the message was to let go and relax. Not to try to control things or worry about that which I cannot control.

      And yes, I do play the piano. Why would I mention that though? I didn’t hear music. 😉

    • mike0v says:

      You didn’t hear Spirit during this time?

      I mentioned the piano because of Yvonne’s comment above about the musical notes and the chakras.

      I had no idea about any of these relationships.

    • mike0v says:

      And I gotta throw this in there, too.

      I played the trumpet for seven years through middle and high school and got pretty good at it, too.

      I know you’ll agree with this, Shannon-when you play music it can sometimes become so emotional to the point of reaching overwhelming joy.

      I remember many concerts we played when I was covered in goosebumps and filled with happiness as we made our way through a composition.

      There’s nothing in the world like three or four trumpet players getting together and letting it rip!

    • angelicview says:

      No, but you have to understand here that I almost never “hear” Spirit. It is simply messages placed in my head which I have to decipher. Sometimes the message is very clear and other times I have to “meditate” on it. And so, in a way, yes, it was a message from Spirit. The message was to relax and let go and to not worry about things I cannot control 😉

    • angelicview says:

      Yes! I completely agree. I used to be proficient in 14 instruments! Now just about four or five. But trumpet was never one of them. I could get a sound out but that’s about the extent of it! But, yes, I do remember the goosebumps and I still get them when I play piano or my flute. Music is a very special gift to humanity.

    • mike0v says:

      Good grief! 14 instruments!

      Wow, you’re a gifted musician!

      Just picked up the instrument and started playing, right?

      I’ve seen that happen before and it just blew me away.

      Plus, one of the best piano players I’ve ever known was like that. Never took a lesson or read anything. Just sat down and started playing. His family and friends were completely shocked. And he had no idea how he was able to do it.

    • angelicview says:

      Pretty much! I learned the piano first, then the flute in band. Well then my mother had her old clarinet and I bought a beginner’s book and taught myself how to play that from the book (in one evening). Then my brother had his saxophone and I borrowed his beginner book and taught myself how to play that in one evening.

      So… I played the flute in the regular band, the clarinet in a quartet or two, the sax in the marching band and pep band, the tenor sax in the jazz band, the piccolo in the church band, the marimba in the percussion ensemble, then the drum in the marching band (for a change). Those were the “good old days” 🙂

    • mike0v says:

      Wow. That’s all I can say…

    • Julia says:

      That is so cool! I knew about the colors associated with the chakras, but not the musical notes. Colors have always been my thing. It’s the artist I guess. I just can’t get enough of the vivid colors in nature.

      I had always wanted to play an instrument, but I don’t have the long digits requires for most (left hand has fingers about 1/2 inch long, so no go) I found a little string instrument that I have been playing for about 18 months, and it brings me such joy. Now I can play & sing to my hearts content! Such a joy!

    • ksense says:

      During my heart recovery I used several chakra attunement videos that really were a great help. One example is here com/watch?v=tgMQOAWeVs0&feature=related. I also have a cd of all the fibonacci frequencies. Highly recommend it.

    • ksense says:

      here’s another link, if it’s OK with Mike. I love doing this one right after a wake up. It kicks butt!

    • mike0v says:


      Heck yeah, it’s okay with me to put in the links.

      I just went to the Quantum K website and it looks great. Gonna give it a try.

      I have Hemi-Sync music and Schumann resonance recordings that I listen to on my iPod.

      Sometimes, after listening for a while, my head gets woozy and I have to stop.

    • mike0v says:


      The Quantum K website is awesome! Thanks!

      I sat through the video and it was like I was hypnotized. I am most definitely gonna do that again.

  5. The Purple spoken of associated and assigned to the Crown Chakra is the same shade of the skin on an eggplant.

    Anything shade of purple lighter than that falls into the violet range. Its the mixing of blue with red, with more red in it. It’s that pretty easter egg color that represents Spring.

  6. I meant to type: “Any shade of purple lighter than that falls into the violet range.”

  7. LidaV says:

    Bill tells me he sees an aura of deep purple around me…frequently. When he had a Kirilian photo taken years ago of himself, all the colors of his chakra were not only bright and vivid, but perfectly lined up…wonder what they are now??

    Yvonne, would a favorite color have an influence in our lives besides just ‘favorite’?
    I know I love orange, especially the Autumn shades of orange. Don’t know why, it just appeals to me. Must be a reasn there somewhere.

    I’ve also been influenced by music in my life…drum set as a child with lessons later on. Did some piano, but my favorite was singing in the school chorus for 3 years (with 1 in the Madrigals), and 7 years of dance. My Mother took me when she realized I loved to dance around. I learned very quickly and easily!!! I was told that I was good at Math because of the “Music ‘in me”…keeping time, rhythm, that sort of thing. That made sense years later.

    And I love piano and trumpet!!!
    Wow what music you all would make together!

    • The orange color indicates and represents BALANCE. You hold things in balance around you. You do see this don’t you?? Having the deep, richer shades of orange feeds you the energy you must have to maintain Balance in your family and in yourself so that you can serve their needs.

      Wear it as often as you can! Use it in colorful ways around your home. It helps you more than you know. If you can find it; sleep on orange sheets (cotton of course). You will be surprised when you wake up in the morning.

      As a matter of fact; you might just find a little surprise for you in the mail next month…..

    • LidaV says:

      …which is why I am happy around that color! It makes me feel good and then I can pass that on! Hack you for clarifying that!
      I am a huge fan of colorful things.

  8. Shannon, I am so envious of your musical abilities!! I wanted to take up piano when I was about 4. Someone bought me a child-sized classical type piano complete with bench; but that’s all I got. No one had money for lessons.

    But I LOVE music. Wish I could play the violin, piano, flute, harp. The only thing I can really play and play with gusto without having taken lessons are bongos.

  9. Boy!

    These posts are getting very interesting! We’re learning so much about one another and we all have so many wonderful abilities and talents!

    We’re like nourishing little drops of water on a parched desert floor.

    Let me say that I am happy to be in your company, and glad to know each and everyone of you!

  10. Lida,

    If you have a piano at home or any musical instrument, play the “D” note. It represents Orange. If not, go to the website I listed above and play the D note there. Once you hear it a couple of time, use your voice to sound it anytime you need to.

    And don’t forget your voice is a musical instrument. It can be used to heal the body. I learned how to “Tone” decades ago. “Toning” is the process of using the human vocal chords to help tune up the body’s chakras. If you are intuned, the body will tell you what it needs in the form of sound and you make that sound with your vocal chords and nasal passages.

    A lot of times you can sound like a wounded cow while tuning someone up, but that’s the way it is.

    That could come in handy helping Bill. Of course, he might bust out laughing or ask you if you’re ill while you are doing it. But you do feel a difference after it’s done. With him I would start with the “E” note representing the color Yellow, and explore from there.

    • LidaV says:

      I will do that. Keyboard is in the attic tho…lost use of several keys and couldn’t bring myself to throw it out! Husband is tone deaf…seriously. Can make the dogs howl!!! So we try not to do much around him cause he just tries to sing along-badly!!!
      I used to sing around the house all the time when the kids were small…and dad wasn’t home. Bill remembers that. Told me much later how much he liked it! Who knew…
      wonder if he will feel that way now?
      …but it’s worth a try.

      By the way…does being ‘tone-deaf’ really mean your chakras are all messed up then?

  11. Karma007 says:

    Jeeze, did I miss a lot. You all are an astral marching band! I was musical from the age of 8-12. It was pre requisite in catholic school to play instruments. We started with piano, clarinet and I finally settled on guitar. My parents were thankful it wasn’t drums. But I get the bongo thing Yvonne!

    The Tibeten monks chant in a particular key, this helps them achieve a higher consciousness. Thanks for the info on the colors also, that was very interesting. Now I know why my closet of clothes represents the rainbow, I couldn’t possibly choose just one. I am a Taurus, so that represents the throat chakra. I’ll have to pay more attention to that and other areas.

  12. Here is a link everyone might enjoy. Jonathan Goldman is the man who taught me about healing with sound, how to locate blocked chakras using the energy in the palms of your hands. He was in Cambridge, Massachusetts then in the early 80’s. He has since become quite prominent in the music field and has a website where his CD’s, books and tuning forks are sold.

    He also has a Blog, and something new to me which is the “Toning Chambers.”

    I just sat and listened and looked at the visuals, but you are encouraged to tone along if you feel inclined and you can activate your microphone to record yourself to see how you sound if you’d like.

    The visuals are beautiful. Here is the link:

    If nothing else, it will relax you. There are three Toning Chambers available. Enter each one and try them out.

    I noticed he has some tuning folks that enables the sound the folk makes to directly enter into the body when pressed to the flesh. I know for sure I am getting one of those. I have a pair of tuning forks in the key of G and C already.

  13. ksense says:

    Boy, that IS relaxing.

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