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With so much happening and so much information coming in from the comments on this blog, I’m swamped. I have piles of stuff that I want to read but there’s not enough time in a day to get it done.

To take a break from writing I’m gonna post some of my previous entries that readers may not have seen.

Workers in the deep underground military bases get time off, apparently. I have several vivid memories delivered to me in meditation of my duty in one of them as a member of the USAF.

So, one day (or night, how the heck could you know?) I took a walk down a very wide and long tunnel that had many doors, one after another, embedded in the rock walls and  spaced unevenly for as far as I could see.

These tunnels are really something. They’re huge and have very high ceilings and the rock walls are as smooth as ceramic tile. The lighting isn’t so good, but you can still see without much difficulty.

I walked by another man who was opening an enormous roll-up, segmented door, like the ones you see behind a Home Depot. We didn’t speak to each other and he wasn’t concerned with me in the least. Regarding security, if you’re down there, you’ve got clearance.

I ambled along and after a little while, I decided to open one of the hundreds of doors that lined the walls of the tunnel. Mind you, this tunnel went on for miles.

I assume that the doors aren’t locked because the one I came to opened easily.

Inside was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

The room, or cavern, was gigantic and stretched out for thousands of feet. Its ceiling was way up there, hundreds of feet above the floor and the whole thing was dome shaped, like a bowl flipped over.

The size was enough to startle me, but even more amazing was what I saw in there.

It was a farm. Like something right out of Nebraska or Iowa. “Shock” is not a good enough word to describe my reaction.

In the distance, real crops were growing. There was a slight breeze, the air was fresh, sunshine flowed down onto the ground and and the sky was a picturesque blue.

Off to my left was an immaculate house. It would have been a perfect addition to a Norman Rockwell painting. Front porch, rocking chairs, colorful shutters, screen door, hanging plants, nice shrubs, garden hose, two stories; this place was the quintessential farmhouse.

I thought to myself, “now what in the hell is going on here?”

I looked around more closely and began to get the picture.

The “sky” was a holographic projection of some sort and the sunshine was coming from a large, cylindrical device that was hanging down from the apex of the dome. The “sky” even had large, fluffy clouds passing by, synchronized with the “breeze.”

The crops were growing in real dirt and there were many varieties. The air was thick with the earthy smell you would expect in such a scene.

I saw no people anywhere.

Slowly I came to realize what I was seeing. It was a living, working, virtual farm. Everything needed to grow crops underground was there. I’m sure there was a “rain” device that watered all the crops perfectly.

Here’s where it got creepy. For some reason I knew that the farm was worked by mind controlled humans. I don’t know how, but I just did.

Drugged enough, brainwashed enough, conditioned enough, a husband and wife could live there, farming and producing crops for the underground operations for years, believing all the while that they were living in Kansas.

This earth of ours is one hell of an experiment, isn’t it? I’m glad it’s almost over.

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  1. When’s the movie coming out?? I’ll go!!

  2. Karma007 says:

    Mike, north of where I live are HUGE caverns, they store film, paper documents, artifacts, ancient transcripts and a host of other valuables. It’s run by a company called Iron Mountain. Each defense department has a room to store important documents and such. These rooms are as you described, they are carved out of solid rock and are hermetically temperate to store such things. You can tour certain parts as a visitor.

    I have no doubt that your vision is spot on!

    PS: I bought another piece of copper yesterday, to temper chocolate in. A bargain at $5, worth much more. I think I am supposed to make orgonite with the materials that I have. Just read a how to manual on manufacturing these. Coincidence?

    • What a coincidence! Wilhelm Reich’s property is less than an hour’s drive from my home in Maine. I have a friend who until last year used to work at his museum (located on his property) every summer. I first learned of his work on my Egyptian trip in the 80’s.

      What do you plan to do with the organite once made? My friend who worked for his museum makes healing pillows with wool and steel wool inside. It’s the basic components of the generator. Though I have been on the property, when I was there, the museum was closed. It is only open a few months out of the year. Nice, peaceful energy there.

    • Karma007 says:

      I am going to make healing discs and healing towers to clear the air, essentially makes ozone. The disc restore energy, rejuvenate and disapate bad vibes. I have most of the ingredients already, just one more trip for clear resin. You can make jewelry for people and pets which I plan to do.

      You all maybe the recipients of my first creations. If I can create with food, I can create with organic and inorganic materials.

  3. LidaV says:

    yes, I know of Iron Mountain…where all documents are kept…much more than just defense dept things, though!!

    was yours at Dulce, NM? many levels there. I know someone who remote viewed ‘nightmare hall’, where human hybrid experiments were conducted and the “survivors” kept. Ewww…(level 7)
    also a level where soul-stealing & storing experiments were done.
    check out the Matrix series…not the movies, the books, the Branson files, Omega files…so many.
    there are over 100 such bases, including underwater ones, so could be anything/anywhere.

    do you remember a TV series years ago called Surface? A small retile-like critter saved and raised a while by a little boy. The closing scene of the one year series shows an underground rail terminal…several rails…all heading deeper into the earth!!! I knew when I saw that, that the series would end right there! It did!

    always been drawn to and fascinated by anything underground/cavern stories! Been splunking too. Amazing…

    • mike0v says:

      I don’t know where I was stationed in the underground base. That information never came to me.

      But the imagery I’ve seen in visions has been crystal clear and I’ve had several of them. It must have something to do with our most recent past life giving us the best view.

      In one vision, which was as plain as day, I was receiving my orders to report to an underground base by a woman officer. I’ll never forget because with my orders she also gave me a training manual that I needed to study. It was titled, “Taxiing Aircraft in an Underground Environment.” I can still picture that manual perfectly, like it happened yesterday.

      (Aircraft mechanics taxi airplanes all the time. I’ve driven many different types.)

      But something was revealed in this vision that haunts me.

      During my conversation with the woman officer, I told her about the Earth changes that were approaching in the future. I told her about the Golden Age and the end of war and hatred.

      It seemed like I was awake in this previous life. That’s why I asked about it before. Is it possible to awaken on Earth and then come back for another incarnation?

    • And to think Iron Mountain started out storing medical records of hospitals in New Hampshire years ago. The hospital I worked for purged their files every 6 years or so and sent the ‘dead’ files to Iron Mountain in New Hampshire.

  4. mike0v says:

    Maybe everyone has already seen it, but the Octopus Document is easy to find on the web.

    It allegedly details just about everything that’s going on here, from ETs to advanced technologies to black ops, etc.

    I’ve read large chunks of it (it’s very long) and there is a great deal of highly disturbing revelations in it.

    I don’t read it anymore.

  5. claudia says:

    Weren’t we the ones that others pushed forward to come to Earth and do our darndest best to embrace our egos and know we are LOVE and One with All? Perhaps everything else are merely distractions? I took the Red Pill..

  6. Maybe; Just maybe the Lightworkers are the only real humans on this planet and the rest are actors playing roles for our benefit. MAYBE this school is for the lightworkers.

    Maybe it is WE who are supposed to “wake up” and learn how to fine tune and use our abilities; to learn a variety of things about ourselves, our connection to one another, and where we are from.

    Maybe all of the chaos in the world is for OUR benefit because it is supposed to force US into using OUR latent capabilities.

    Maybe things haven’t moved because some of US are still in the process of waking up and are almost there, but need a bit more time.

    We’re complaining about the rest of the world ‘waking up’ when perhaps the rest of the world is not supposed to wake up, but are serving as a catalyst for what WE need to do.

    If that is the case; Yes, everything in this world IS an illusion; because we are not who we THINK we are, and those around us don’t really exist. They are solid holograms like in the Star Trek spin-offs.

    Why do you think the planet’s matrix has been in the process of changing over to a new one these past 3 or so years? The matrix makes it possible to hold what I would call “software;” software that allows hologram programs. Some of us have been involved in helping to change the old matrix, and some have been involved in inserting the new matrix. Others have been involved in inserting coding into the new matrix.

    The old matrix is still in operation. The new matrix is ‘ready’ to come online.

    In my mind, “Ascension” is the moment the old matrix is turned off, and the new matrix is activated. Different programing will be in effect, with a different mindset of the lightworkers who are willing to learn and explore new things. New abilities will be available that were not possible with the old matrix.

    The difference between the new and the old matrix is trying to run software created using the old Windows 98 to run on Windows 7: it ain’t possible and can’t happen.

    • mike0v says:


      I seem to remember talking about this somewhere before…

      You know, Yvonne, this explanation would account for a lot of the “delays” we’re seeing in, well, just about everything.

  7. Yes; it was a conversation you and I shared a few weeks ago.

  8. Karma007 says:

    This is a test, I repeat a test of astral broadcasting system…so much to learn, thank goodness we have deep thinkers aboard.

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